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jessemoon, how was your haircut? Can you post a photo of before and after?

I did 5 miles today. And I've upgraded to 5-pound weights. That makes it a LOT harder.

I ordered a few more DVDs, for variety's sake. After hearing the same banter for 2 weeks, I know it all by heart. Each person seems to have their key phrases they've been told to say.
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I walked 3 miles today and have been eating well. I like the haircut. As soon as I get the photos loaded onto my computer I'll post some pics. What other DVDs did you order? I will be interested to hear your reviews.

I have also been trying to drink far more water. I think I sometimes eat when I am thirsty.
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6 miles today. It was tough but I am really proud that I kept moving for so long.

jessemoon, the DVDs I just ordered are: Tamilee Webb's "I want that body" and Denise Austin's (evil %$#@ I know) "Shrink your female fat zones." Oh, and one that just uses the stability ball, because those seem pretty cool. None of them are supposed to take up a lot of room, which is key for me since our living area is pretty cramped.
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Walked a mile and cleaned house with a 23 lb baby on my back.. Other than that...slacking. I'm doing better with portions, though and my 5 lb loss that may or may not be water weight is still in effect.

Elphaba, How are the new videos? Any good chicken recipes? I'm bored with my options.
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I don't have the new videos yet. The selection on post here consists of3 yoga DVDs and The Firm series. That is it. Seriously. So I order through Amazon and wait patiently for them to ship. Sigh.

Congrats on your weight loss!
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OK, today, I ate poorly, but did go to the gym. Why can't I do both in the same day?

Elphaba, where do you live? Your posts always come up as coming in at ungodly morning hours where I am (Oregon).

I am signing up for a weight loss class at our local YMCA...it looks like it is reasonable (information, setting goals etc.)....maybe that will be good incentive too.
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I'm in Germany. So I'm 9 hours ahead of you.

I only did 4 miles yesterday. Slacked off. I guess I will make up for it today and try to do 7. Merde.
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Slacking off a bit

The last week has been pretty stressful for me in terms of work, personal life and family.

My body is telling me I"m pg, but the tests are all negative, so that's confusing.

I had some really, really bad client feedback, followed by several phone calls with potential business, so THAT's confusing.

Then I tried to go roller-blading, but the new used jogging stroller I bought had flat tires, so I filled them up and tried to go again the next day, only to discover that one tire must have a hole. :

I haven't done situps or weights in the evening because I've been building an office space for myself and moving furniture and cleaning, in preparation for our new furniture that arrives today (or rather, that I have to go get and haul out of a 2-story apartment).

SO, all in all, exercising has not been a priority and my body's rapacious hunger has meant that I've eaten more carbs than I otherwise would have. Consequently, my weight bounced back up a bit. Oh well. I still feel much better than I have in ages!

Keep it up everyone!!!
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O.K...went missing for a couple of days. Boy am I sore today...I did a scavenger hunt for a friends birthday and we ran and ran. I was very tired.

Has anybody heard of the Get Real courses about nutrition weight loss etc.? I'm considering joining one at my local YMCA.

This week has been mediocre in terms of my eating..but I'm doing pretty well on the exercise front.

How is everyone else managing?
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Checking in

Hi Everyone,

DH and I celebrated our anniversary this weekend - so lots of food I wouldn't normally eat, but also several hikes, so we each gained one pound. Not too bad.

Other than that - I'm feeling pretty good. Need to try to get back to a workout routine. I might take a break today and go skating, then do some yoga later this week.

It's tough, though, because I am SOOOOOO tired. See my new signature!!
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Melina, Congratulations! Wow! How great!0
Today I was lazy in the exercise department, but ate pretty well.
Tomorrow is a gym day, though.
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Thank you!!

I decided that since I might have a rough time again and find it difficult to exercise, I better take advantage of these early stages. Hence, I pushed my butt off the chair and went skating. I went about twice as far as I did last time, and that's with sore legs from hiking. I'm so proud of myself!

I guess I figure that if I can maintain my weight through the next few months, I'll be totally psyched. At any rate, I'm going to see if I can limit my gain this time to 20 lbs., max. I don't know if that will work, but I really don't want to put 55 lbs. back onto my frame like I did with the first. Whew! Still, if I can just remain active with this one, that will be a major accomplishment. Here's to a minimal-effects pregnancy!! :
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Hi Everyone!
Am I too late to join? I don't have too much weight to lose (10-15 lbs) but I am
C O M P L E T E L Y S T A L L E D.
I've been working away at getting 1500 minutes of exercise in this month but I'm only on track to do about 1200 and I know I need to watch my diet more.
So can I join?
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Welcome, plady! I think I need to start doing a food diary again...I'm cheating a lot. Anybody else want to join me?
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Hey, sorry I've been MIA. Had the big birthday party for my now-3-year-old on Saturday, slept all day Sunday, had the sniffles yesterday, and today had a blood draw which resulted in fainting so spent most of the day reclining on the couch.
Tomorrow we leave for 5 days in Italy. I'll see y'all next week!
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Can I join too?

Hi ladies!
I have been looking for some support group that ISN"T my regular group of friends. The people I work with won't be so honest with me or tell me to turn down that margarita....

I am 5'7" and last time i checked i was at 250. I am way too overweight and have brokenheartdedly decided that I MUST put off TTC until I get near my goal weight. And this is for so many reasons:
1. Want to have a low-to-no complication pregnancy with a midwife.
2. Want to look good in pregnancy photos!!!
Okay so number two isn't so noble.

I'm 28 years old and have never been able to dress "young". I want that.

I have a gym membership and I can only go in the afternoons because I am a teacher.

I want more energy, and to eat less crap!

Ladies! help me!

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Can I vent???

Hi Everyone,

Ok, I kind of bitched about this earlier (like yesterday! ), but I ate breakfast with my in laws again and it is such a pain in the A$$!!!! Here was my MIL's order:

"Do you have skim milk for the coffee? No?? Oh. Well, can I have an egg white omelete? Just egg whites, no yolks? Ok, and I want the veggie omelet, BUT with NO CHEESE, NO onions, no green peppers. And it has to be egg WHITES. Ok, and it comes with toast? I only want ONE slice and dry, no butter. I don't want more than one slice - JUST ONE. Oh, and do you have Canadian bacon? Because I can't have regular bacon, I can only have Canadian bacon." Mind that we were at IHOP.

JEESH!!!! I just can not handle the need to annouce to everyone your particular dietary needs. ARRRRGGGGHHH. It's like she wants everyone to stand up and applaud her for being so freaking noble or something.

Ok, and I'm being really mean, I know. Hell - I'm on this thread; I struggle with my weight. But it's just so annoying! She still ate a 3 egg omelete and 4 pieces of canadian bacon, along with toast and coffee. I mean, come ON!!

There is no easy solution. If you want to lose weight you have to eat less and exercise more. I know that's really hard to do and I know that eating less can take a lot of different forms, some of which work better for some people, but I just get so tired of having it be the whole focus of everyone's lives. Maybe it's just that I live in LA where people are obsessed with their weight and the way they look, but it's just annoying to me.

Sorry. Rant over.
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It's not even so much announcing the dietary needs aloud, but going to a mainstream chain restaurant and torturing the not-paid- enough- for- this waitstaff!!!!!!

I know your concern..... I teach highschool. The only thing anyone cares about is looks. I can't tell you how many of my young ladies I have "yelled" at for saying they are fat. you should see these girls. They are GORgeous. Makes me ill. Makes me think they had dads like mine (now reconciled) that said "No one will love you when you are big".

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sinsaratea, Welcome!
What do you teach? Until DS was born, I taught English, American History and Theatre at a public high school. I had such a hard time with my girls and thier body images. It broke my heart to see them so upset over such little things.

So, anybody gonna take me up on the food diary?
I'm going to post mine tonight or tomorrow morning.
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Hi guys!

I teach English and the yearbook class. Just administered the PSAT to my baby spohomores today. I am brain dead.

Which is why i could not make good choices at lunch today.
Let's start the food diary:
Slice of school pizza (FATTY)
Extra small serving of salad (took two bites)
Baked Potato (major glycemic thing)
With butter and cheese (.......)
And Corn (yet another glycemic nono)

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