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AP friendly MOMs clubs?

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Hi everyone,

I'm just wondering if any of you have experienced any AP friendly mothers of multiples clubs in your area. I'm a little frustrated with mine and kind of feel like a freak because I try to be the best AP parent I can be with my twins. Every month, invariably, there is a thread on my local club's website bulletin board about how to get the babies to sleep, which always follows with some CIO advice. I got flamed one time when I tried to offer an alternative perspective.

I guess I just want to know if there are any other MOMs clubs out there that are mostly AP. It's really hard having 2 (or more) babies--and practicing AP with twins (or more) is really challenging, but there must be more of us in the real world that do it, right??
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It's been a very long time since I participated in my MOTC. But when I did, the members never were ugly to each other about the way we did things. Everyone had their own things they did to get by, but we were always respectful of one another. Back then I had never heard the term "AP" so I wasn't really sensitive to that specifically but I do know nobody would have been flamed for anything.
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Amnesiac, please tell me I'm not dreaming--have I found a fellow Iron Chef fan?

I never went and found a twins' club, for a few reasons (I'm pathologically shy about first contact, although once you meet me I NEVER shut up ; was determined to "do it myself"; felt bad vibes from this state--was sure that I would be the only "freak" to even consider gently parenting my girls), but two months ago I found a moms' group that is all AP (except one woman whom I've just discovered is a big fan of Debi and Michael Pearl--but that's a whole other thread) and even though they don't understand the unique situations of twins, they are all extremely supportive.
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Although that's not really why that quote is there, I do indulge in a little Iron Chef now & then!
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