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Hi all,

I found out about shirret when I was browsing around one of the crochet links. Here's the link. It looks wonderful and sounds like it's fast, but I can't really find much else about it. It looks like you have to buy a special needle and learn from a teacher? Anyone have any experience with this?

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Wow! I have never seen that before. Beautiful but it looks pretty pricey to get started. Plus, it looks like this site is the only place you can get the cord you need to do it. I think you can learn from their book though. If you were gonna buy area rugs anyway, maybe it wouldn't feel so expensive, especially if you had a thrift store that sold bags of reject clothes, which I'm sure would work.

I am wondering if you could make stuff that beautiful just by crocheting strips of fabric with a huge hook. I think it would make an awsome gift... Hmm...

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I have no idea what it is, but I posted to my Crochetlist (yahoogroups). I'll post any info that they send me

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