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I'm glad to see there is a solution in the works I haven't checked my post ratio, so I'm not sure where it stands, but I am sure I'm probably in banning danger as well. I lurk a lot but don't post as much in some of the forums because I don't feel that a "same as the above posters" or a "me too" response is worth posting and tend to only post if I have something new or different to add. Because of this issue, and the fact I can't seem to stay away from the trading post, I've gone to checking MDC about once a week rather than several times a day.

I read through most, but not all, of this.. and so I don't know if this has been suggested or not.. but on several other boards I'm on, only one post counts per thread. So if you start a thread (reguardless of whether it's trading post or otherwise), you don't get "credit" for any responses as you've already gotten it for that thread. So maybe it could be done based on threads rather than individual posts? That way if you're selling or buying something, and questions are asked/answered, etc, it doesn't count against you because it's the same thread? That way, you could have no more than 25% of the threads you post/respond to be within the trading post, but it wouldn't hurt you to ask or answer questions...

Just my two cents.
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I can bump, PM me. I have 700 posts before I get banned.
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Originally Posted by Diaper_Addict_Jen
I can bump, PM me. I have 700 posts before I get banned.
Oh are we suppossed to still be keeping track of that? I have gone back to bumping my TP posts :
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Not me, I am clearing a wide path of the TP until they get it fixed. :LOL
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We have reached a solution that we think benefits MDC and relieves us and the community of the posting percentage rules.

Next week we will be closing posting access to the Trading Post to all members. Access for posting will be gained by making a payment through your UserCP Paid Subscriptions. With this in place you will not be restricted by percentage of posting to other boards.

Reading of the board will be open to all members so you need not pay to access the board to browse or make a purchase. You can contact the member selling an item by PM.

The paid subscription posting access applies only to the Trading Post general board & Trading Post Diapers.

Feedback, Co-ops and Swaps, Giving forums will remain open to all with the standard 60 days registered and 50 posts to your name as the criteria for posting.

The fee is set at $5 for 3 months of access and should start on Monday, barring any technical problems. So please use these three days to finalize whatever transactions you may have in progress in the TP or the TP Diapers forum.

We hope this solution is acceptable and beneficial for everyone.
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Good solution I am willing to pay $5 to not have to stress about my post count
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Can we please move diaper fairy to diapering please?

I think that resorce & archives could be combined. There are 31 in one forum & 10 in the other. All subs under one forum.

Maybe even put review in daily diaper? They both deal with WAHMs.

Diapering advertising & guidelines
resources, FAQs & Archives
Daily Diaper & Reviews
Diaper fairy
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