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awwww Tina!!

We will KNOW if there's something in the water if I turn up pregnant, :
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Thats wonderful ! Thats the same spacing as my 2 and it worked out perfect!
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Mine are 19 months apart!It can be done
I change diapers all day though-but its okay 'cause their cute!
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Its ok Tina. I know how u feel, Im in the same boat, completely unexpected, sad, yet, excited in a way. Now that its sunk in, Im excited, but it really was terrifying news for me at first. Congrats, and mine will be like 21-22 months apart. WE CAN DO IT! We'll get through it together.
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Yeah! I couldn't be happier for you, Tina!

You'll have a full quiver in no time.
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congrats momma! My first was a long time in the trying and the second one was a surprise - 24 months apart. It's not easy but it is worth it
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And you know, the other night I was reading some thread (can't remember what it was now), but for some reason I looked in your sig line to see if you had put in that you were pregnant because I was thinking you were! Weird!!
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Congrats! How exciting a lil one to CD!
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Congrats Tina!!!

My single friend has two babies 11 months apart, it CAN be done! Alas, she uses sposies, but I still guess the rest of her mothering duties are just as busy!
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Tina Congratulations
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That is so exciting Tina! I'm so happy for you (and I'm putting my water down and picking up some milk just in case ). Bring on the newborn dipes!
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Woohoo congrats!
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Wooo hoo! Congratulations! My boys are 13 mo apart. You'll be fine with 23.
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Now, can y'all ship some of that water over here? I'll take any help I can get with my history! Now that I think about it maybe DH should drink the water....hmmmmm (we have severe male factor infertility)
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Oh what a blessing Tina
Congrats! My first two were 17.5 months apart....time so flies by!
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...and if I end up pregnant a certain urologist is gonna be in BIG TROUBLE! LOL!
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Originally Posted by blazfglori

...and if I end up pregnant a certain urologist is gonna be in BIG TROUBLE! LOL!
: same here
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Congratulations Tina!!!
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