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Me too

I felt April's apology was heartfelt. I felt she really just got in over her head and paniced. So when it was posted that she was open for orders again I gave her a second chance.

I placed my order on March 9th. Paid via paypal, received an order confirmation and receipt from Paypal. I did not receive my order. I e-mailed April twice asking about my order. No response to either e-mail. The website then was changed with a note saying it had been sold and the new owners were to take over on March 13th. I also filed with Paypal and I'm waiting to hear the result but it sounds as if I will not see a cent of my payment or my merchandise.

"Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me"

I have e-mailed the new owners to see if they know how to contact April or if they will be honoring the orders placed right before they assumed ownership. It appears she's left them with a bunch of customers who are out their money and merchandise. I wouldn't be too happy if I were the new owner. I wonder if they knew of the business' recent reputation?

***UPDATE*** I finally received my refund. Paypal found in my favor after I filed a claim but April had closed her account so they were not able to recover any money. I started e-mailing April and still got a complete runaround. Said she moved and had no Paypal account and hadn't opened her checking account yet. She said she'd mail me a check the next day. I waited 2 weeks and when I e-mailed her, she replyed saying she mailed the check and "someone had cashed it". I never got it. I had enough and told her I didn't believe she ever mailed the check. I stated that I wanted her to send the check with delivery confirmation or I was going to file charges. I FINALLY got my refund last week.
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Today I received my order from Northern Essence! I was never contacted about it, and had no idea that I would ever be receiving my order. I am still disappointed with the lack of customer service, the fact that there was NO communication, and realising that I would not be able to recover my money via paypal. However, my order has arrived, and I am glad that the issue has at least been resolved.

I would also like to say that I recently spoke with the NEW owner, who offered to correct this problem, although she is under no obligation to do so. I was very impressed, and am also glad it turned out that it would not be necessary!! I'm satisfied that I finally received my items, and I would not hesitate to place an order with the new owners.
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I placed an order on Monday April 25th and got it today Thursday April 28th!!! : :
The new owner is doing a wonderful job. I am so happy to see the products that I love so much avaliable again! I was so worried I was going to have to find another rash cream. Now that they are re-opened with a new owner I could not be more thrilled!

Thumbs WAY up for northern essence!
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Another RAVE for the new owner of Northern Essence, Traci!!! She is helpful, answers e-mails SUPER fast, and is just so sweet to deal with.
I placed an order on Wednesday, and it arrived on Saturday!!!! The products themselves are OUTSTANDING. I am in love with the wool wash and diaper salve.

I am so glad to see the new owner doing such an amazing job. Way to go Traci!!!
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The new owners are doing a great job. I got my order quickly, with lots of yummy stuff inside! I love all the products I purchased from them - healing salve, diaper cream, foaming soap/shampoo, lotion, breast pads, and more!

I highly recommend them.
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WOW!!! I placed an order with Northern essence and received it SUPER FAST!! This is my first time to order from here so I had some questions before I ordered, which were answered within an hour of me sending an e-mail. The soaps are super yummy and the wool wash works awesome! I will DEFINITELY be shopping with this wonderful company again!!

Two thumbs WAY UP!!

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Another rave for the new owner!
I got my products within days and they're all intact and smell great!
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