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Anyone in Colorado

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I am in Trinidad, Colorado.

I have found groups in other parts of the state, but nothing close by.
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Wish I could help. I just moved to NJ from CO last winter. We lived in Ft. Collins. I knew of other families in that area who were homeschooling/unschooling little ones but that's about it.
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Hi, I am also in Fort Collins, CO, so I can't help locally, BUT
I would suggest that you post a flyer in your local health-foods
store and/or library. You may find kindred spirits among
Waldorf-inspired homeschoolers. I've met some from your
area of the state, so I know they're out there.
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Thanks for the suggestion and the encouragment!
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Colorado Support


I am not in Colorado but there is an online
CO statewide egroup! Maybe try posting
to them the area you live and there will be
others in your area!!

Homeschool Colorado
< http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Homeschool-Colorado/ >

Vicky mommy to Madison
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