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Share pics here!

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I was thinking that it would be really cool to have a thread where we could post pics of ourselves and of our families - its a great way of getting to know each other better!

I will go first

Here is me

Here is my daughter Amber She is 4 now - will be 5 next July. Here is
one more pc of her

This my son Noah and one of him sleeping and one I like to call do you have boob? :LOL and here he is with big sister in the garden

Dont have any pics of DH yet but will get some up asap
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Hey Raven, thanks for sharing. your kids are so cute. those pics of your son are so cute. they really show off those cheeks!

I'd post pics, but right now all my photo cds are in storage.

i'll have to get them out or find my digi cam first!
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cool idea! raven, i love your pictures!
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Plum you are STUNNING!

And your dd is SO ADORABLE! She looks ultra cute in her birthday pic!

Too cute!

Claire - PLEASE try post pics - its wonderful putting faces to names!
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My pictures are at www.kaiden.aboutmybaby.com There are weekly belly pics (I need to do this weeks) and pictures of my entire family. My oldest dd is in Oregon with her dad so she's not in the September folder but you can see her in the August folder.
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Beautiful pics!
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Here is me

Here is DH

Here is the little Dude
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It's nice to put faces with names.

Here are photos of Audrey and I, I need to get one of DH.

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How did we end up with such hottie moms?!?
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This is me pregnant the first time. Here's my first belly shot this pregnancy (about a week ago).

Dh and Buddy are in my sig.
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anna, i LOVE that first picture of your husband. i don't know, he just looks so happy.
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Thanks jamie! Those pics are from this summer when my little sister and her friend dressed him up. Their makeup job was really bad. I guess that's not a great way to see what he looks like though.
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Good idea, Raven.
Very fun to see everyone.

Here we are on a family vacation...

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im so lazy ....i really need to scan some pics!

everyone (and there tummy's) are looking awsome!
raven...good idea
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I'll play...

Here are our twin girls, Avery & Natalie

Here is Me & Avery

Here is DH & Natalie

Avery & Natalie 10/14/02
EDD 5/08/05
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Well, aren't we all smashing.
Hockeymama... My little girl is also 2 and her name is Lucia Rose...
Just made me smile
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WOWSA! You said it, Wendy, everyone and their families are so gorgeous its not even funny! Looking at these pics is SO fun. A lot of you have some really cool websites and fun vacation pics!

and here's our our famiglia (over a year ago!)
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I wanna play!

Here's all of us!

I love the belly pics! In fact, I'm sending dh out to the car to get the camera so I can start on my belly pics. Hopefully, with all your help, I'll actually DO it this time (only have one set from when dd was born and it was only because I had to do a piece for an art show!)

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