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Last week of Sept! chat thread 9/26 - 10/2 - Page 9

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Lazuli - I hope your day gets better and you figure out the breast issue right quick. Sending you love, and btw, Kallisti is gorgeous!

All of the pictures have been awesome, thanks so much for sharing everyone.

Well I dreamt about pumping last night.... I really MUST do it today....

I so would love to be going to bed at my normal hour, but it seems Nessa would like to stay up late every night. I don't know how this can change, trying to keep her awake earlier in the day is pointless and the idea of it just feels wrong. My hardest times are when I prepared for bed hours ago and I am pacing/rocking/nursing trying to make her sleepy while dh restfully slumbers and I know the alarm is still going to go off at 6am regardless of when we fall asleep and how much time we are awake during the rest of the night. I guess I just miss sharing that schedule with dh, he always makes me breakfast in the morning, but if I need to keep sleeping, I miss time with him and rarely eat very well on my own upon waking. Its just an adjustment I need to make. Anyway, I am way tired right now, just figuring this all out.

Stacy, I wanted to comment too that I think you did a great job, you knew you needed help and you asked for it, there is nothing to regret about that. You could not have predicited your complication and your action proves that you knew what you were doing with the UC because an informed person knows when it time to ask for help.

Its funny that we have slowed down but at the same time have trouble keeping up. Happy Days....
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Oh! Lucy was and IS just beautiful! I'd kill to have that pretty curly hair, but mine's straight as a board.

Originally Posted by 4under6
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Hey everybody!

I too have noticed the slow down in posting... although there were 2 pages for me to get caught up on today! I had avery busy day yesterday and didn't have time to get online.

Saw a dermatologist yesterday regarding my rash. She scratched her head and said " ohh, that looks awful!" She came up with several theories about what was going on with my skin, wanted to put me on medication, but we ended up having a biopsy done. she took a "plug" of my flesh about the size of a pencil eraser, gave me a stitch, and will have results in a few days. She also took pictures of the rash to post online with abunch of other dermatologists. I am using a topical ointment, which seems to relieve the itching at least! I sure hope things turn around soon, the other day I thought it was starting to show up on my face.... I wept over it. Turned out it was a big zit. I have never been so happy to have azit before!!!

I have started a campaign to get Mielle off the breast sheild and directly onto my breast... boy what a hassle! We nursed for over an hour this morning, she was still fussing at the end and 20 minutes later that breast was leaking milk! She just isn't getting much breast in the mouth. I keep having to remove the nipple and get her to latch a larger portion of breast. Her lips get all pursed up and she just has the tit itself in her mouth! Well, I'm just gonna have to stick with it and be more stubborn than her! Now that my breasts aren't aching so badly and the rash is at least bearable, i have the energy to be stubborn!

Jerome is home today, (his only day off in a week) and we are hoping to do some tie-dying. something i have been looking forward to for quite awhile. We bought the kit back before Mielle was born and now 6 weeks later it still sits there waiting to be used. The little white clothes we are planning to dye won't fit her if we wait too much longer!!!

Well my breasts just started to leak profusely, must be time to nurse Mielle! Love to all!

BTW thanks for all the lovely photos everyone, it is so fun to check out all those cuties!!!
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Anna - I'm glad you're finally starting to get some rash relief! Have you seen these tips for weaning from a breast shield?
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one handed typing, someone just doesn't want to lie on his back.

the formula is doing its thing, t has gained 10 oz since monday BUT i still hate it, i hate smelling like formula as it always seems to get dribbled and spat up on me, nevermind the fact that my nipples are always formula-y. surprisingly enough my dr was willing to give me a scrip for a lactation-inducing drug (it's actually a side effect of the drug, not its labeled use) so i am going to try that as a last-ditch effort to nurse my son on my own.

sheryl i feel the same way about night-times. I know that when Jo's alarm goes off at 7:30 that I am up no matter what.

anna tristan has started that pursed-lip suck since I started supplementing him with the SNS, not only is it aggravating (and seems very stubborn, especially when he looks at me all angelically while he does it!), it hurts! Good luck to you!

Stacy the apgar does sound bogus to me too, tristan was intubated and bagged at birth and he had higher scores. hm.

lazuli i hope your day looks up...

well i ought to make some phone calls while boy is still snoozing here. he sure is sleeping a lot more with a full belly and the awake baby time is nice, too.

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Originally Posted by JenInMpls
Stacy the apgar does sound bogus to me too, tristan was intubated and bagged at birth and he had higher scores. hm.

Wow. Yeah, well I guess that number is meaningless, because he sure is doing well! We just came from our two-week check up and he has gained eleven ounces since last week (he's 9lbs. 7 oz. now)!
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Has anyone read an update from Hillary (flowers)? Just wondering if I have missed it...

I took Naiya in today for her 1st checkup at the ped. She is 8 days old. It was pretty pointless though and a waste of $25, but I did get to find out that she is down in her weight to 9 lbs 2 oz (from 9 lbs 10 oz).

We go back to my midwife next week. I hope she at least gets back up to her birth weight. By Paityns 2 week check up she had gained a pound.

Anyways, just thought Id ramble about that for a minute. Mostly just curious how things are going with Hillary...
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Just checking if you know about the noisy/light during the day thing. We did it with all our guys and it worked. Basically you make it bright and noisy during the day and dark and quiet at night. Even when they wake at night you keep lights low and talk softly.
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Lynsey - I painted a box to keep Jack's cord in. I dried his in a spiral. Could you believe how much they shrink???

Lucy had her first fit tonight. Luckily it is over now and she is asleep. I was so worried she would wake Jack up. Our house isn't very big.

My sister comes this weekend and is staying until Friday. It will be great for me, because she is going to stay with us during the day, while I put her to work, and then my mom at night, which gives me a break. I'm finally going to have my huge garage sale. I can't wait to get rid of all this stuff!!!
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Originally Posted by almama
Just checking if you know about the noisy/light during the day thing. We did it with all our guys and it worked. Basically you make it bright and noisy during the day and dark and quiet at night. Even when they wake at night you keep lights low and talk softly.
Hm, I wonder how to make it noisier... I'm not a particularly noisy person and I don't want to crank up the radio. He seems to be able to sleep through everything. he slept through an entire visit to target and schlotzky's deli today, in and out of the car several times, and this evening he snored while I put the dishes away with him in the sling, which was clangy and loud.

Maybe I should just put him in his co-sleeper more often instead of keeping him with me, but that kind of goes against my grain. I'm trying to train him to be ok with the sling because I get a heck of a lot more done with him in it. Jo said maybe more naked baby time. She's feeding him right now off of her finger using the SNS.

We got a huge box of hand-me-downs from Jo's cousin today... huge. Cute. Baby gap and old navy mostly.

I'm going to bed. g'night.

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Well, its 1:15 am, sure would like to be sleeping....its quiet and dim.... At least I got to sleep from 10-12, that helps.... Hoping to see my bed again soon...

On the brighter side, I pumped today, well yesterday technically, got 3oz from one side and 1 from the other and dh gave Nessa her first bottle in the evening. At first it didn't look like it was going to work, but then he got her going. She took about 3oz, so that's good. I'm planning on two bottles a week, so will see how it goes.

Jen, I have been keeping Nessa in the sling for naps during the day as well. I was thinking that would help differentiate night and day as well, only being in the quiet cosleeper at night, and moving around with daytime noises during the day. I think maybe the sling napping is working all too well. She did sleep a lot today, I tried going for a little hike with the sling for some stimulation, but that backfired and she slept the whole time. Poo. I may try slinging her to sleep now once she works out some of her energy, she's not happy in there if she's wide awake, always pushing and fussing to be free and not confined, but once we're sleepy it usually does the trick. We'll see what time that can occur....
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well Tristan has had around 3.5 hours of awake baby time, some of that naked baby time, eaten twice, gone through 4 diapers and now seems to be drifting off to baby nap land. I have to run an errand and it looks like I will at least be able to figure out the best ways to get him in and out of the car seat (in my 2-door hatchback...) with him sleepy instead of fighting and crying.

Lying on his back seems to be keeping his sleep light, it's when he's on his tummy, usually on one of our shoulders or chests, that he goes out like a light. Oh, well, and all squinched up in the sling, too, he seems to like that, actually.

well, we'd best go do our errand if it's going to get done before the pharmacy closes at noon.

hogs and quiches,

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The box was a good idea. I guess I need to get something like that... Did you dry Lucys also?

I was able to make a placenta print as well. Does anyone know what I should spray over the top of it?
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hi guys,
i have been keeping up with reading but my 1 handed typing isn't so good so....

things are really good here. lilah is 1 week old today. she has already changed so much. her stinky cord fell off so we gave her her first bath today. she and i both really liked that. she is the sweetest, calmest baby so far- very unlike noah was. noah is still madly in love with her, though he does have a cold and that worries me a little.

what are you all doing about flu shots? i've never had one and neither has noah, and we p[robably won't but apparently "they" are recommending them if you have a babe in house.

well poo, i know there were questions i wanted to answer and thing i wanted to respond to but my feeble brain can't think of what they were.

love to all,
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I have to go to the doctor tomorrow. Looks like I may have mastitis again. Been running a fever between 101.9 and 103.4 and have lovely red streaks on my breast. I feel pretty good though, just a little tired. I slept most of yesterday. Everytime Kallisti fell asleep so did I. She's asleep on my chest right now. We gave her a bottle last night and she took it just fine then went right back to the breast. Now if I could just pump more than 2 oz.......
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Oh man, Lazuli! I'm glad she's sleeping for you now.
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These darn boards have been running so slow, I haven't had the time to sit here and answer...

Poor Lazuli, you are having a tough time of it.

Chrissy, do you do any immunizations? We don't, so I wouldn't consider the flu shot. There is a ton of info, do a search here at MDC and you will find more than you want to know! I can tell you last year my kids were one of the few who did NOT get the flu shot, and they never got a flu all year..., and all my friends kids that did get it came down with a nasty flu...

Man, Jackson is fussing already...just wanted to say we are doing better...I will write more later or tomorrow..

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Originally Posted by chrissy
what are you all doing about flu shots? i've never had one and neither has noah...
I expect that I and hubby and the 2 older kids will all get the shots. I try to get around to getting a flu shot every year. I've never regretted it. Last year my son got one because he goes to preschool 5 afternoons a week and I and the Dr. both thought he needed the protection. This year my older daughter goes to preschool 2 mornings a week so I'll ask the Dr. to give them both a shot. She'll need 2, since its her first time getting the flu shot. I would hate for Miss Boo here to get sick so young - especially with something as potentially as serious as the flu, so we'll get the rest of the family vaccinated and I hope that keeps us all safe. Sadly, nothing is 100% certain.
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OK, I feel terrible. I have not been able to keep up! I didn't want to reply until I had read everything, but that would take forever so I was skimming stuff, but then I was missing things. So I might as well just say, Congrats everyone!!! I'll try and sort out who had what when and what they named it
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Wow, nothing doing around here today, eh?

No flu shots here, I don't believe that they are helpful.

My mw dried Nessa's cord in a spiral, its so cool. She suggested to give it to her later in life, like when she gets her period or something symbolic like that.

Gotta run, fussy baby....
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