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Argh! Posted a semi-long post yesterday and it got swallowed into the ether.....

A big Hello to everyone! A HUGE congrats to all the new babies! Yippee!!!!

Still entertaining the in-laws here and will have friends staying with us immediately after they leave, but looking forward to that. Somehow, friends are easier than family.

I have so much to say, but I better goo so I can get a shower in today, and some lunch too... I'll be back soon!
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I hope you all get a good laugh out of this one.

So, our friend Sara brought over little filled puff pastries last night for dinner - really good, chicken, carrots, broccoli, green beans, etc in a parmesan sauce. YUM. I had to eat it one-handed while nursing, but they cut mine up for me and served it to me, how nice! Well, I didn't notice that there was asparagus in it. Must have been quite a bit, too.

Now, I don't know how many of you are familiar with the phenomenon of asparagus pee... asparagus is one of those foods that excretes itself in all of your body fluids, along with the other major ones of garlic and curry. Well, I woke up this morning finding that i had *leaked* (THREE CHEERS!) a little on the sheet where T was trying to latch on (I was even a bit ENGORGED, three cheers again!) and I could not figure out what the odd smell was. Would you like to take a guess?

Asparagus-flavored breastmilk! Yum yum!!

Luckily, T does not seem to care one little bit. Doc says that he'll probably like asparagus when he's older if he doesn't mind it in his milk now.

He is happily napping right now with mummy (as opposed to mama - that's me) downstairs. I got to actually do some housework which cheered me up - cleaning off the kitchen counter and putting clean dishes away - and our dr appt this morning was good, she is encouraged that he has had 2 messy diapers in as many days and that he's peeing more. He was technically down an ounce but she said considering the two poops he's probably actually up in weight. Yay!

Welcome to Maya! Congrats on your labor, it sounds like it was wonderful.

Blessings on your baptism Finn! Danielle, those are almost exactly Tristan's times to be a fussbudget, too.

Best to all, I'm going downstairs to keep being productive while Jo and Tristan keep hanging out together -

xo, j.

ps: Savannah - no word yet from my friend in Germany as regards the translations...
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We'd like to introduce Daniel! He was born yesterday, 9/29, weighing in at 8 lbs 9 oz and 21.5" long. He is healthy as can be and is receiving lots of love from big brothers Alex and Liam. http://share.shutterfly.com/osi.jsp?i=EeBs27Fw3ZP3g

We had to skip the homebirth and have him in the hospital. The main concerns were that labor started (just early labor) on Tues morning and then stopped and that he was completely engaged and then not. With worries of a short cord or something worse we headed to the hospital for the dreaded pit drip. He was absolutely fine and the delay in labor was attributed the water bag slipping down. So he was just happily bouncing around while we worried! We couldn't be happier that he is fine and doing well.
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Welcome, Daniel!

Great picture of him~ he looks so determined!
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How wonderful that 2 more babies are here! Congratulations Mamas!!! : :

Caroline, we "got together" for the first time when Arowen was 9 or 10 days old. It didn't hurt and it was nice to fit together closely again instead of working around a big belly.

Arowen weighed 8 pounds 6 oz. at the mw on Monday, she was 25 days old then. (She was 6 pounds 14 1/2 oz. at birth, so she's doing really well.) She's got big chubby cheeks which are a bit rashy at the moment-heat rash I think. For those who suggested cutting out citrus for helping with the diaper rash, that was a big help. Thank you. I'm also doing EC with her so she isn't sitting in poopy diapers much. She used to do it silently, so I wouldn't know. I was changing her constantly, but those poops were so acidic I guess. She's the 3rd I've done some EC with and we fell into it very easily.
Kids are here demanding my time and apparently there is a mess in the kitchen that I didn't make, so...
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OT Help please!

I made a goof. : Unfortunately, it was on the TP on a FS thread - it was the second time I'd posted the items and forgot to write "each." I had no idea until I got payment for the items at half of what I expected.

This is only the second TP transaction I've been involved in, so I'm not sure what's best to do. Do I go forward with it and lose half of what I needed to get for these? Do I send the money back and tell her what happened? Do I offer a deal somewhere between the two?

Hoping some of our experienced mamas will have advice ASAP...
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Congrats Almama!! Your son is a cutie!

I have my home visit with my mw today and am going to try to get some times and other details from her before I write the birth story. I could just watch the video, but dont feel up to that. Pushing is always very hard on me and I dont want to relive it this soon!
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He's Here!!!

Miles Xavier was born on Thursday morning at home after 31.5 hours of active labor He weighs 8lbs2oz and is 21.5 in long-so beautiful!!!!

I can't wait to catch up with you mamas and I'll post pics soon!
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Congratulations Meredith! I love the name Miles.

David is 3 weeks old today and right now he is smiling in his sleep. I bet he is dreaming about "momma milk". We went to our first baby playdate today and he spend the whole time snoozing. Maybe he will be awake at the next playdate.

BTW if anyone has some small diapers they want to part with, I could definitely use them. Poor David has a small stash and I am doing laundry every other day to keep him in cloth.
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My birth story....

I had a very bad experience with my OB with a miscarriage last fall, and couldn’t change docs due to insurance issues, so I decided to try UC. I went to my OB initially to confirm pg and authorize my insurance for coverage in the event of an emergency transfer. I had the initial blood work, and a u/s at 24 weeks, and then I just stopped going to my appointments without formally notifying them. I had met Sue, the CNMW at my initial visit. My dh was on board with the UC idea. We were ready, and I always told my family (who was very worried) that I was not going to stay home just for the sake of staying home, and I assured them and dh that I would go to a hospital if I felt anything was wrong. I would not risk my life, or the baby’s.

I had very strong BH the last 4 weeks and lost part of my plug 2 weeks before the birth. I know I was about 3-4cm dilated the last month, (I remember how it felt after my m/c and I had a two inch red stripe on my rear, supposedly an indicator). I had no internal exams, since no one had seen me since 24 weeks. I was awakened suddenly at 3:45 am Sunday Sept. 19th with a very strong contraction that was NOT a BH. I instinctively ran for the toilet, and my water broke with a SPLAT all over the tile and half in the toilet. It was clear with flecks of vernix. I was 40w 4 days. I called for dh, and he started setting up towels and tarps on the floor from the bedroom to the bath, and started to fill the pool. My next contraction came ten minutes later, very strong. They were about ten minutes apart the first hour, and I walked a lot. Then things suddenly picked up in intensity and speed. I was about 5 minutes apart, then three minutes. I was singing through the contractions, “Ohhhhh OOOOOOO Ohhhhhh” but they were coming so fast and hard it was like I couldn’t catch up. I labored standing, leaning on my hands over the kitchen table for a bit, then on my knees with my upper body over the side of the bed. Then I tried to get in the pool, but it was cold! We have a rental, so maybe the water heater was auto-set to shut down at night or something. I tried to get in the tub after the hot water came back a little but I couldn’t fit in any kind of comfortable position. I went to the toilet and stayed there.

Suddenly, it was just like one LONG contraction – just never ending. I couldn’t get any rest. They were so powerful and intense. I could not be left alone for a second. I just held my dh’s hand as he stood in front of me, as I roared and screamed. But it went on and on and on - for about two hours. I began to pray aloud over and over, “Jesus, have mercy on me... Jesus, have mercy on me.” I was totally incoherent. I began saying. “I can’t do this, I can’t do this, I can’t have this baby!” My dh just kept saying, “You’re doing great honey.” I had this totally irrational, yet very real desire, to be instantly placed unconscious and have the baby CUT out of me. I did not care. I would have gladly had a c-section at that moment. The pain was so intense. Then I said, “I’m going to be sick,” and dh ran for a bowl. I threw up hard twice into it. And then suddenly everything STOPPED. It was like flipping off a light switch. I became instantly clear headed, and coherent, the pain was gone, and no contractions. I sat there for a while then started to wonder if this was normal, and told dh to go get me a pg book. I was in the resting phase! So, we sat there and waited. I think I dozed off for a moment. The contraction came about a half hour later, but was so powerful again, and very quickly picked up speed. But something was different than before. I was having what I knew must be back labor. That pain on top of the regular labor pains was absolutely excruciating, and unbearable. The only word I can think of is electrocution. It felt like a 12” strip on either side of my spine in my lower back had a lightning rod attached to it, and I was being electrocuted every two minutes. Then my body began involuntarily pushing SO HARD. At least three pushes on every contraction, which were now 60-90 seconds apart. But I knew something was wrong. I looked down with a mirror, and everything was quadrupled in size with swelling, and I knew that was wrong. I put my finger inside, but couldn’t feel up far enough to feel anything but swelling, no cervix, no head. I couldn’t feel the baby in my canal. It felt like my body was pushing against a closed door. I knew this was very bad and every alarm bell in my body was going off, saying I needed help. I told dh, “Something’s wrong. We have to go – we have to go NOW – call 911!”

The ambulance was pulling into the driveway literally 60 seconds after he made the call, (there’s a fire station 200 yards from our house) and suddenly there were 4 medics in my bathroom and me sitting on the toilet in my bloody night gown in AGONY! They gave me oxygen, and realized I was already pushing and they all yelled, “DON’T PUSH DON’T PUSH!” and I said, “Stop yelling at me!” They couldn’t get me down the stairs on a stretcher so they tried this chair device which didn’t work because it was too painful, so this medic carried all 170 pounds of me in his arms down the stairs, and he was very patient to wait the seconds between ctxs/pushes to do it.

At the hospital, a nurse checked me and said I was 7.5 cm, but my body wouldn’t stop pushing. My OB’s CNMW, Sue, arrived 30 minutes later - she was not pleased when she realized they hadn’t seen me since 24 weeks. She checked me and I was 9 cm with unbelievable swelling in my vulva and perineum, and a very swollen lip of cervix. Meanwhile, I was still dying from the back labor. I asked what my options were for pain, because I knew I wouldn’t be able to push this baby out with that electrical feeling. I got an epidural. I tell you what, that epidural was my best friend at that moment. It killed the back labor, but not the feeling of contractions, just dulled them a bit. Sue said she didn’t think it would be possible for the massive swelling to go down. Sue said she would let me rest for 30 minutes then we would have to discuss “options.” I knew that meant “c-section.” Just then, our priest arrived and gave me a blessing. When Sue came back, ALL the swelling was gone and she said it was a miracle – I think the blessing did it. I was complete and could start pushing. However, my epidural had been turned up, and now I felt NOTHING. After two hours of feeling ALL pushing, I was like, “Push WHAT?” so they turned off the epidural. They had me on my back, in the C position holding my legs up and I tried to THINK “push!”

I ended up pushing for three hours – mostly on my back, sometimes on my side. He wouldn’t come down. The whole time Sue kept saying, “Wow, the baby looks great, he’s tolerating this really well!” On the monitor his heart rate was always 135, 140, 125, etc. It took forever for me to crown, he was at the entrance of my vagina and wouldn’t budge. I was totally feeling again, and I had an instinct to turn on all fours, but Sue wouldn’t let me. Finally, he crowned and in the mirror they had set up I saw Sue reach up with scissors in her hand, and I screamed at the top of my lungs, “No!!! Sue, PLEASE don’t cut me!!!” And she yelled, “Then you better get this baby out on the next push!” And I said, “He’s coming NOW!!!” And I pushed with all my might through all the pain. He came out to his ears, and on the next contraction seconds later, Sue grabbed his head with her right hand and pulled, and pressed down on my belly with her left hand, and he came flying out all at once. It was so violent, that move that she did.

Sue yelled, “I’ve got MEC!” and immediately cut the cord and Alex was totally limp like a rag doll. It was the most terrifying sight. She yelled for NICU, and took him to the other table and started rubbing his chest and waving oxygen under his nose. My dh held my hand and we prayed the Hail Mary over and over while they tried to get him to breathe. Five minutes later, the NICU team arrived and continued working on him, and he started to pink up. His Apgars were 1/1/7. They took him away to NICU, and my husband broke down sobbing at my bedside.

I tore a little – a first degree labial tear, and a small vaginal tear, and got about 3-4 sutures. We went to NICU an hour later, and I got to hold my son. He had an IV in his head where they were giving him some fluids, but he was breathing room air. They kept him there for two days. I felt like I had been hit by a truck. I shook violently on and off for two days. The neonatologist wouldn’t let me put him to my breast, even though my milk had not come in, and they said he couldn’t eat anything for 48 hours. This made my lactation consultant very angry, since she knew it would help baby and me. She said docs make her job very difficult. Meanwhile, I had been chastised privately by my midwife and the resident neonatologist for what I had done – i.e. trying to have him at home alone. All the guilt was laid squarely at my feet. My LC asked if it was true what I had done. I really had a good sense of her, so I told her my story. Turns out she is an advocate of homebirth, and she was the only one who applauded me for trying, even though it didn’t work out. She said, “Good grief, you didn’t have a homebirth – you had a home labor!”

NICU sent him to the next nursery down, not the general one, for another four days, before he was released. My milk came in on day three, so he only got 1 day of formula, and then I put him to the breast on day five. He nursed like a champ! I refused silver nitrate eye ointment in Alex’s eyes at birth, and refused vaccinations (had to say that one more than once) and circumcision. He was kept there about two days too long, and we think they were being overly cautious as there was literally nothing wrong with our son. Every check or test was negative, and he was 100% healthy. Overall, though, all the nurses were wonderful and gave us great care.

My midwife did a good job, I think, given that I didn’t make her job very easy by “surprising” her the way I did. I would never attempt a UC again because of the type of labor I had. I would want a midwife there to help me through it, if I had such a tough labor again, since my dh is really not equipped to be a good labor partner, though he tried. And I would not want to be at home with a baby coming out looking the way Alex did. Maybe next time I will do it at a birth center, I don’t know. I have a lot of conflicted feelings about this right now. My husband was angry initially, and blamed me a little too. But he apologized, and he doesn’t fault me for having tried.

I totally cannot relate at this point to women who describe puttering around the house, etc. through labor, or kissing their husband, or having a pleasurable birth since mine was so intense and hard. It's just unimaginable. Sorry this was so long. I would like to hear any comments, since it may help me to process this. I’d particularly like to hear from pamamidwife and Linda (blueviolet), but all are welcome. Thanks for listening…

Here's pictures:

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Wow, Stacy, I'm so sorry things didn't turn out the way you wanted them to.
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Stacy..... man, I'm not sure what to say. That sounds so INTENSE! I'm so sorry to hear that Alex's birth was so very difficult. Thank god that he is here and safe with you now! Enjoy your little one, and take pride in doing your absolute best for him.

In regards to your comments regarding labor experience of other women being more pleasurable.... I must admit that giving birth to Mielle was the greatest most powerful and wonderful event of my life. BUT, It did hurt, alot. I don't know if you recall my thoughts on labor before giving birth, but i insisted on referring to all pain management stuff as "sensation" not as pain. I was convinced that if i believed it wouldn't hurt.... that it wouldn't.
Well when labor began, I learned that it did hurt and that nothing I had done, nothing i had planned, nothing i expected was as I had hoped. I had to find out then and there, how to deal with what i was feeling and how to find my path to giving birth.
I'm very grateful for the ease of my birth and for the support team that i had around me. I was adjusted by 2 different chiropractors during labor, had a wonderful tub to labor in and found pushing to be super satisfying.
Reading your story was heartbreaking, to realize that in spite of the best laid plans, the best of intentions and expectations.... birth can be agony. I wish i had the right words to give you, but know that I believe you did everything you could to have a joyful safe birth. Please don't blame yourself for the things that went wrong, give yourself credit for being strong and capable.
Kiss that baby and let the joy of being a mother fill you, and try to get some sleep.... your gonna need it!
With love
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health update

Had to go back to the doctor's today. The mystery breast rash, well it's spreading. I know have terrible red itchy rash on the backs of my calves, and my hip as well as on my breasts! Keeping from scratching, is a nightmare and no one knows what it is or what's causing it.

Trying to figure out if there's some new product in the house that I'm allergic to or if it is some sort of systemic thing. I t started over aweek ago on my breasts and has just gotten worse. So far the only thing that gives me any relief is aloe vera gel, every other product I've used seemed to make it worse!

Well the front of my shirt is soaked, I guess I should go feed my daughter!
Later all
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Oh Stacy, I can relate to so much of your story - the limp baby, the team, the attitudes... We sought balance in the hospital and had a hard time finding support too - and experienced that franticness and panic that can't have anything but a negative effect on a birthing mother. It sounds like your faith really helped you through your situation.

At this point I am unwilling to consider birthing another child, as my labor/birth experience left me so physically and psychically drained and disappointed. It (along with this whole milk not coming in thing) shattered my faith in my body to do something that I thought was natural and instinctual. HOWEVER, and this is something that I have to tell myself daily and I think maybe you might too - I constantly remind myself of these things:

1. I did the best for me and my child based on my gut feelings. Trust your gut. You trusted your gut and knew when it was time to go to the hospital. Folks in the hospital don't go much for gut instinct, I found - you can't really chart or quantify it, so it doesn't really fly too well with them, but it's usually right. It was my gut instinct to go to 42 weeks 2 days, and I did start labor on my own, which I can only assume was a better thing for my body than doing an induction with no dilation or effacement at 40 weeks.

2. I tried my hardest to bring this child into the world naturally (in your case, you did!). I got to a point where it was not a possibility without taking bigger risks that I was not willing to take. When you give your all - and it sounds like you REALLY gave your all - no one can ask any more of you, including yourself! Give yourself credit for doing the hardest work on the planet.

3. No one is to blame for the path that led to the outcome. Blame does no good to anyone.

Trust your gut - give yourself credit for the hard work you did - accept and place no blame - and gaze at your son and thank God that he's here, regardless of how he arrived, that is the most important thing.

My boy is howling, Jo has been walking him around, we aren't sure what his deal is, if it's gas or he's starving and I have no milk or what it is. I needed the break at the computer to feel sane again, I had so little sleep last night and my mom and sister were here all day. I couldn't get much of a nap in because T kept waking and needing to nurse. Maybe he's approaching a growth spurt. That would be nice considering he's down in weight from leaving the hospital.

Nearing the end of my rope,


ps: congrats Meredith and welcome Miles!
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in labor....

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So much to catch up on!

First and most immediate - GOOD LUCK CHRISSY! Blow, blow, blow and that baby will be here soon!

Stacy -what an overwhelming experience for you. I am so glad you and your baby are well. As Jen said, we all do our best when we listen to our gut reaction. You are not to blame -You saved yourself and your baby by ending the UC and getting to the hospital. If it had worked, it would have been beautiful. How strong of you to take the necessary steps when it did not go well. Having now had a natural HB sandwiched in between two pitocin ones, I have to say that all are painful -but the added sense of victimization that I felt in the hospital colored the experiences and left me feeling raw. I hope you can find peace with your experience.

Meridith and Lynsey - CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Lynsey, your little girl is beautiful!!

Melanie- I'm also a huge EC fan. I caught my first poo today, so we're on our way. Not having to deal with diaper rash is such a plus. I EC'd my 2nd starting at 10w and love that I had no poopy diapers when I was in that preg nausea stage.

Heather - Haven't heard from you and my fingers are crossed that the castor oil worked!

I should try and sleep - last night was crazy. My babes have the neat trick on their 2nd night of nursing all night incessantly -no exaggeration- to bring on the milk. It worked, but I'm exhausted.

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6 Days Old

Wow so many new babies!!

Welcome... Naiya Abigail, Maya Leigh, Daniel, and Miles Xavier!!!!

: :

I've been behind on posting (been trying to read though), I'm out of practice on NAKing. :LOL :LOL

~*~*~SENDING SMOOTH EASY LABOR VIBES~*~*~ out to Chrissy!!

To Stacy
While it wasn't the birth that you had planned, your son is healthy and safe. And so are you. There is no blame. No one could for see that you would run into the complications that you did. I seriously doubt that being at home caused any of the "risks" that happened. Remember, the medical community has been conditioned to believe that the only "safe" way to birth is in a hospital. And you DID birth in a hospital, you just didn't labor in for most of yours IN the hospital. And they look at liability. It wouldn't have made a difference if you'd been in the hospital from the first contrax, the MEC would have still been there. They won't know if it is until the water breaks and/or at birth. Nothing would have changed that. His apgars being low at birth were not because you labored at home. His HB rate was fine all through the labor while THEY monitored him. I'm sorry that people have tried to make you feel like you were doing something wrong. I'm actually surprised that the NICU team took so long to show up (5 minutes). There was a Neo-natal team standing by in the background waiting "JIC" for each of my births at the moment of crowning. We've been lucky and never had to use them, but its standard practice at our hospital for the team to be waiting right there in the corner.

Give yourself time to heal. Birth of a child even under "ideal" circumstances can be full of conflicting emotions and feelings. Cherish the little boy that you are now blessed with and try to not dwell on the exact "how" of how he got here.

Lots of great pictures of babies!! So many cuties. I took a bunch of pictures this week, since hardly ANY of the ones that were taken at the hospital are any good. Why is it so hard to take a non-fuzzy picture with a DIGITAL camera that shows you how the picture looke?? And unfortunately since I am the resident photographer... hardly any pictures where taken. For some reason my mom was "unable" to take them because... "I don't know how this camera works..." Point, push the button halfway until the green square appears and the picture looks in FOCUS, then push the button all the way down, presto picture taken... apparently that was too difficult. And because she wouldn't take more than about 3 pictures and then kept handing the camera back to David (who was trying to coach me!)... he got annoyed and just put the camera down. So very few pictures. : : David decided the download all the pictures onto his computer (and not into the shared documents folder) and I can't access them right now because he's back in Austin. Hopefully tomorrow when he gets back, he's move them so I can access them and post some pictures of my little guy.

He's a sweetie. Very laid back and easy going. And a Nursing Fiend!! :LOL Thankfully my milk came in Wednesday night. I don't think we'll have a problem regaining any lost ounces from birth weight. I'm guessing he'll follow his siblings and gain a pound+ over birth weight by the 2 week checkup. And he snuffles like a little piggie sometimes too. :LOL :LOL

Tori loves the new Baby. Thinks its great that he's here. Jackson isn't too sure though. MIL kept the kids until Wednesday to give us a chance to had a little quiet time with Aidan after we got home on Monday. They were waiting at the house when we got back from Aidan's Ped appointment on Wednesday afternoon. Aidan was asleep in his bucket when we brought him in the house and set him on the floor so they could see him. Tori was so excited. Jack was curious and kept pointing at him in the carseat. He slowly reached out and lightly touched Aidan's head. I said very softly "gently gently". Jackson looked at Aidan, looked at me, looked back at Aidan. And walked over to the other side of the kitchen and sat down in the corner and just looked at the floor. Tore my heart out he looked so sad. He is soo attached to me, so we are making a strong effort to not let him feel displaced. He's such a sweet little boy, and has such sensitive feelings sometimes. David took Jack to Austin with him last night and they are coming back in the morning. A little special one-on-one time with Daddy.

My mom came by today to help out. She and Tori played some so Aidan and I could rest and nap some. I got 2 naps today!! Everyone napped this afternoon, even my mom. :LOL I really needed if after last night. Aidan decided to wake up for an hour and a half about 20 minutes after I laid down to go to sleep. He woke up several times during the night but overall slept pretty good. Tori decided to wake up BRIGHT and early at 6am though. Child picked up that nasty habit at MIL's (she's an early riser) need to break that habit quickly. :LOL Child needs to sleep until 7:30+ like she was a week ago. :LOL

Okay it's really late and its only taken me 1.5 hours to get this typed out :LOL, time to go to bed... means Aidan should wake up in a few minutes and want to nurse... AGAIN.

I'm going to try to use some time tomorrow to write out Aidan's birth story before I forget some of the fun details. :LOL
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News on Chrissy

Hi mamas,
I'm a friend of Chrissy's and she wanted me to let you all know she had her baby last night at 11:30pm (less than an hour after she posted!) at home, in the water. She had a girl, 8lbs14oz and 22" long. They think her name will be Lila Elizabeth and she is just beautiful. I saw her this morning and she has a headful of beautiful dark hair and gorgeous blue eyes. The midwife got there about 10 minutes before she crowned and the birth was smooth but Chrissy lost a lot of blood afterwards and passed out. The mw gave her a shot of pitocin and got some clots out and both mama and baby are doing great now.

Chrissy and Brian are just thrilled!
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nak, as usual.

congrats chrissy!

have an uncomfy pokey feeling in my right breast, as if it's behind the nipple. was wondering if it's a duct or something but i also wonder if it might just be a really sore nipple; t keeps startling at the breast and yanking his latch away quite violently. and always on the right. the left side is his best friend.

spoke too soon; he just took the left nipple for a yank right now. yow.

i sometimes wonder what he dreams about that makes him react so violently. birth?

had a bath last night; he hated it. dr thought it might help with gas pains, get him to relax. guess not.

decided against an art festival today given his age and the fact that the high today will be around 50. besides, baby shower is tomorrow. t needs his energy to gain weight.

xo j
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big boobs!

could everyone who is struggling with milk supply please bring their babies to my house so I can nurse them???? My freaking breasts are so dang engorged.. it's miserable! If i could just get these dang things empty!
Pumping only seems to make things worse, the milk just comes in fuller and faster, so I'm trying not to pump, or only pump the breast that was just nursed on... to try and clear my poor ducts! I swear as soon as i get one breast pain free the other "locks up"!
I was up last night doing weird nursing positions to try and free up the pain in one of my breasts. What do i need to do, stand on my head while in the tub with Mielle suspended from the ceiling????? AARRGHHHhhh!
Isn't this the reason i broke down and started antibiotics???? If I am still in pain what does this mean??? We really thought it was an infection, not clogged ducts, but the antibiotics should be working by now!
Mielle's thrush is all cleared up, the gentian violet, while messy sure did the trick! So, i really don't think the pain is due to lingering thrush!

She's gaining weight like crazy, it can't be an issue with her. she nurses every 2 hours all night long. She's getting all dimply and chubby, such a looker i tell you! I took some awesome photos today of her, can't wait to get them developed!
She's changing so rapidly right now, it's amazing. She was totally lifting her head last night, and holding it up. Jerome had her on his chest and she kept lifting her head and looking him right in the eyes... he was floored. We can prop her up against a pillow and she maintains the position quite calmly. Just big eyes looking up at us calm and interested.

I've started using my maya wrap alot more, we seem to have found a position that works for both of us. I'm so glad to be a little more mobile.

Congratulations chrissy! Welcome little one, I'm so glad you came to join us!
.....And you thought you would be the last to give birth!!! P.S. I passed out after the birth too... and nearly flushed the placenta down the toilet! I really have to get around to writing my birth story one of therse days!!!

well, no rest for the weary, must go!
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