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cravings much?

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this is one of my favorite topics. i almost wrote tacos instead of topics! After I finally indulged myself (one too many times) in my cravings for Filet o Fish (gag me!) I have craved:
chocolate chip cookies

What about you?
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yummo! :LOL
anything sweet which i'm trying so hard to stay away from :LOL
thats about all i can think of at the moment
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I'm presently in the "foods to avoid" stage -- I have to just go with whatever sounds tolerable at the moment. Normally I love fresh tomatoes but I actually pitched the last few from my garden yesterday because the thought of eating them makes me want to hurl. With my dd, I went through a two week phase where I wanted nothing but potatoes - fried, chips, baked, mashed - just give me those spuds.

I anxiously await real cravings....
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With this baby as with the last I crave anything from my childhood which means mac and cheese and grilled cheese sandwhiches. I have been eating eggs benedict almost every day for the last 3 months. Just in the last week I can not stand the thought of it.
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Tropical fruit! Papaya, mango, pineapple!! that's about the only thing that makes me happy.... I can't stand the smell of "regular" food and the thought of fish makes me sick, even when I normally love fish
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Very Berry smoothies from Booster Juice. I shake with craving for them!
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avacados for me now.. yummmmm
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Well .. now I'm craving filet o fish & berry smoothies *L*.

I've mostly been craving potatoes & oranges.
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in the beginning, all i wanted to eat was bacon. i went to costco and bought a bunch and now i cant stand the thought of bacon.

after that it was pickles and cheddar cheese. i thought this tasted great but it made me sick. now i cant even look at pickles.

i dont have any cravings now. i am just getting sicker by the day and hope that i will be able to cope since i already have ds and dd to take care of.
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to you, cakes! I am definately having aversions, too! Any health food (which I normally ate constantly - tofu, whole wheat breads and tortillas, soy cheese, etc) is just not cutting it. Tofu doesn't sound good at all, I want meat! And soy cheese has now been replaced by sharp cheddar. I'm still eating the whole wheat stuff, even though all I want is white trash buscuits and stuff!

And I must say, you ladies are having some very yummy cravings. Avacados, yogurt smoothies, potatoes, PINEAPPLE _YUM!, and definitely mac n cheese!
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fried food

any kind of deep fried food is what the baby is asking for now.. yesterday I had deep fried bread rubbed with garlic for breakfast...mmmmmm.... I would mind a few pieces of fried bread right now.

At first it was sauerkraut- constantly- that is how I knew I was pregnant. Now it is orange juice, chocolate soymilk, chips... not too many- yet. I am still kind of in the "what dosen't make me nauseaus" stage. Oh yeah I was also craving cheese, sour cream, soup of all things and saltines constantly. I seem to be over the soup and saltine thing, though. Also craving pizza. Our family is macrobiotic/ almost vegan-vegetarian except the whole eating fish thing- which kind of excludes us from that catergory. So my cravings have definately been out of line with our dietary practices.

Has anyone else been getting this thing where you feel nauseaus but then when you actually eat you feel better? It's a really weird thing which dosen't exactly inspire eating but eating actually helps me...
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CHEESE!!!! Anything with cheese-Mac and Cheese, the Hash Brown Casserole from Cracker Barrel and I know its horrible but I want McD Double Cheeseburgers!!!! Would that be sooo bad for the baby? All that hormone filled meat and toxic grease!!!!
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Hehehehe.. oh man.
My cravings are always changing.. hehe. Cream of wheat right now, and homeade "egg" mc muffings (we are lacto-veg, so its fake ham, and a slice of baked tofu and cheese with vegenase but still! they are SOOOO bad for you) hehehehe.. fried rice, ice cream, hehehehe..

I think the wierdest one i've had so far was pancakes with wasabi and maple syrup on top. hahahhahaa
What are your wierdest?
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Hi! I am absolutely in this scarey white trash mode right now! I actually bought Smuckers Uncrustables frozen peanut butter and jelly sandwiches! I ate a large order of french fries from McD's (we are veggie, so we never go there!) So yeah - I am avoiding most foods. Baked potatoes are ok right now, wheat thins are ok...it's funny - I never ever shop in main-stream grocery stores (I LOVE Trader Joes) but I find myself at the regular store when pg. It seems that weird overprocessed food is easier for my tummy to deal with right now...
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I know what you guys mean! I have really been avoiding all my usual faves (tofu, soy cheese, sprouted bread). I don't know WHAT the deal is, but it makes me feel poopy, like I'm really letting go when I should be cracking down.
My most recent craves have been
oatmeal (organic instant with flaxseeds is SO good - and Easy!)
homemade hot chocolate
french toast
and soup
and cheese for me, too!

I really haven't had any wierd ones, umefey...
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Mmmmm, ruby red grapefruits, I could eat three a day. Orange juice too.
I went throgh a weird filet-o-fish craving last week too, I bought one though, and the bun stuck to my teeth - Gross!
I find that I'm craving fast food quite often but I can just as easily satisfy it with a sandwich, I think it's just low blood sugar.
I have definitely fallen off the low carb wagon though! GIVE ME BREAD!
One thing that's pretty consistent for me is an aversion to lettuce when I'm pregnant. I find myself picking out the tomatoes, cucumbers, avocado & whatever else out of my salads and leaving the lettuce on the plate.
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