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February mama chat Sept. 27th- Oct. 3rd

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Whoo hoo I get to start the thread. I hope that's okay.

What? doesn't anyone else have insomnia?

Kater07 February
3 Little Birds due Feb 1
Chiku due Feb 1 birthing center
Parker'smommy (Heather) due Feb 1
Lisashepp (Lisa) due Feb 1 homebirth
Sadkitty. Due Feb 1st
Dandylion (Stephanie) due Feb 2
Truvie due Feb 2
Lasofia due Feb 2, homebirth
PeacefulVegan (who also answers to Tracie) due Feb 3
Lou due Feb 3
Orange due Feb 3 Birth Center with OB
Twin Mom (Deb) Due Feb 4, VBA2C homebirth
Free Thinker (Mandy) due Feb 5
Wtchyhlr (Joy) due Feb 5, homebirth
HelloKitty (Kitty) due Feb 6
Letabug (Arleta) due Feb 6
LianneM due Feb 7 homebirth
TexasSuz (Susan) due Feb 7
Happymamajenni (Jenni) due Feb 7 hospital/OBGYN
LesleyLuu (Lesley) due Feb 7 hospital/OBGYN
Parthenia due Feb 7 home waterbirth
DeirdreAlison (Deirdre) due 1st week Feb homebirth, maybe waterbirth
New Life Due Feb 8
Shannon 0218- due Feb 11 hospital birth with great OB
ella-makes-3 (Jasmine) - due ~ Feb. 11 midwife/natural birth at birth center
Tug due Feb 12
Firefly due Feb 13
Christi due Feb 14 hospital birth with fab OB
Periwinkle (Karen) due Feb 14
Fairymomma (Pamela) due Feb 14
Jorie (Margorie) due Feb 14
AmBam (Amber) due Feb 14 homebirth
rose angel (Karen) due Feb 16
mama2m&m (Denise) due Feb 16
HydeParkB due Feb 17
Karennnnn (Karen) due Feb 17
Coopsmama (Kristen) Due Feb 17
Shyly (Monica) Due Feb 17
Bella'smamma (Cecily) due Feb 17
luvmytwo (Karen) due Feb 17
Gretchen Due Feb 18
weesej (Jen) Due Feb 19 homebirth
Ekblad7+ (Amy) due Feb 20 Homebirth
heveasoul due Feb 21, h/b with m/w
veggiemommy (Holly), due Feb 21
mehndimama (Stell) due Feb 22 unassisted homebirth
Emmama due Feb 22, homebirth
Mainemon (Susan) due Feb 23 homebirth w/midwife Mama2Chloe (Tricia) due 25 Feb #2
Threeforme2005 (Traci) due Feb 25
artgirl (Kelly) #2 Feb. 26
woolfairy (Elle) due Feb 27, baby #2 homebirth
KateSt. Late Feb. Homebirth
4Given (Stacey) due end of Feb
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Okay, so here's how my night went last night

1. I made Tempeh Taco's. Great recipe, tasted wonderful.
2. I discovered that Tempeh + preggo me DONT mix and puked my dinner up at about 9:30 (right after i'd laid down to go to sleep)
3. I had shut the dog in the bedroom so he wouldn't hover while i was puking, and he got so upset by the sounds that he pooped in my bedroom.
4. I cleaned up poop
5. Went back to bed, with DH. Dog in crate.
6. Awake. Very Awake.
7. Dog has to go potty at midnight.
8. 4am - I go pee, come back to bed, dog cries, DH slams his way out of the bed because he's pissed that he's awake, takes dog out to potty, then comes back, puts dog back in crate, and then goes to read a book in the living room
9. I get up because i'm awake now, eat some peanut butter since my stomach is growling, and determine that the dog has a sore tummy, so take him to bed with me
- dog is so pathetically happy to be in bed with me he licks my face for 5min. then puts his head on my pillow and zonks out.
10. DH is still reading, dog has all 4 paws fully extended into my back, and is hogging the covers
11. 5am. DH comes back to bed.
12. 6am. I go back to sleep

I am now up, and showered, and yes, wearing said cute maternity top i mentioned last night. And cranky.
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I feel movement!!!

I feel movement!!!

Finally!! Last week I started feeling flutters that I was pretty sure were the baby. By Friday and Saturday I was sure!! I am so excited!! I felt like I was never going to feel anything!!

I have to work this week! Uhggg!! : My aunt is a real estate appraiser and the lady that works in her office is going to Italy for a week so I am filling in. I used to work for her so she has me fill in whenever her help is gone. It's not too bad and I get to take ds with me if I want (I may leave him with my mom for a while today just cuz I get a whole lot more accomplished that way. ) But I would much rather be the one going to Italy for a week!!

sadkitty ~ not full blown insomnia but when I get up to pee at night it seems it takes forever to get back to sleep. I told dh last night that I want a bed made of clouds!!

Gotta run! Have a nice day everyone!!
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Joy, that sounds positively awful! What a rough night! Hope your day gets better from here on out. Hugs to you.

Monica, thanks for starting the new thread.

Nothing new for me. Oh, DH felt the baby kick for the first time a couple of days ago.

Also, my ultra scary principal is giving me my first evaluation for the year next week. I have 2 this year, one now, one in January. They have to go well so I can get tenured. I'm so nervous.
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Joy ~ We cross posted. Sorry about your awful night although, some parts made me giggle a little! You probably aren't giggling are you??? Really though, I am sorry you had a rough night. I hope your day goes better!!
It is annoying when no one notices your pregnancy when you want them to huh??

Hope ya have a good day!!
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it is actually funny, Amber, in a pathetic sort of way.
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Happy Monday everyone

Joy I'm sorry you had such an awful night I have to admit I chuckled at your dog a couple times only because we used to have a dog and I know it can be rough when they are so young.

AmBam that is so cool about feeling movement!! I felt the baby kick for the first time last week and it was surreal. Now I feel him/her every day. It really assures a woman that everything is just fine in there

Well my husband and I can't decide what to do today. Mondays are like our Sundays we both have it off from work every week so it's our errands day usually. We need to finish the house to get it ready to show so we can sell it. But there is more work to do than we can do today so it's frustrating. The repair list never seems to end and it's all minor picky stuff. Grrrr. So do we waste our day off repairing the house and wearing ourselves off or do we do useful errands and catch up on stuff we've had to do for a while now? No time to do both...so we can't decide which is higher priority. :

Hope everyone has a fabtabulous day!
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I'm doing well. I had a good weekend of garage sale-ing. I managed to pick up some good gear and some maternity tops.

If you all could keep my sister in your thoughts, I would appreciate it. She is a few weeks pregnant and has had some spotting. Her doc has put her on bed rest for 24 hours after any bleeding. They've checked her hormone levels, and they seem fine.

She's doing pretty well mentally and emotionally, but she'd appreciate any prayers anyone has to spare.
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Good morning all! Joy, I totally empathize with you. I had a terrible night last night. Fought w/ DH and ended up sleeping on the couch. DH got up at 3 am to go to the field for the week to play army and made me go to the room. I may have been lying down for ten minutes when he came storming into the house cussing up a storm. He let the dog out and didn't check to see if the gate was closed. So I had to drag myself out of bed, get dressed, and drive through the neighborhood searching for the dog. I found her pretty quickly (she was in the ghetto apartment complex across the street) and when she saw my car she headed right for me and jumped in when I opened the door. She was so pleased with herself.

I sat up and read for an hour or so and finally passed back out again. 5 am comes and a "friend" text messaged me on my cell (to let me know just how F-ed up he was on morphine : ) which then set off this really loud and annoying beep. I tried to ignore it and it did it again so I was wondering if my sister or other family members were trying to reach me. I got up and read the stupid message then the second message which just had his name...uh...thanks I think I knew who was TMing me...

So I was up. I've been very busy this morning. Made an appointment to take Ash kitty to the vet (he's been gasping and wheezing as well as peeing all over the place), went grocery shopping, put groceries away, scrubbed carpets, and started lunch marinating. I've been busy and I haven't even started yet...sigh.
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I am doing good here! Might get more flooding tommorow, well see??

Almost 20 weeks----halfway!

Katie baby weaned, last week was her last nursie We made it 10 1/2 months and halfway into pregnancy. Saddens me though since Cass nursed 2 full years with no bottles and it was so nice for us both.
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just checking in quickly...

...to continue the discussion of last week's thread...I have also read that happy babies show less movement...but then again, movement doesn't have to mean agitation, right...?

Well, I'm still not convinced that what I've felt is kicks - I'm hoping I'll know for sure at some point. 18 weeks today.

Oh Joy - what misery!! We had a bit of a rough night last night, too, but nothing like yours, or Monica's! s to you too, Monica!!

How's the new garb working out for you, Joy? I have been wearing mostly mat clothes for a while - sooo comfortable, and some items say "pregnant" a lot better than my normal tops, which just say "chubby".
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Hi all,
Sounds like some of you have had a tough start to the week! I can relate about it taking forever to fall back to sleep when I do wake up in the night. I am a side sleeper and lately have been waking up with back and hip pain if I'm on my side too long. Ugh. I folded a king sized vellux blanket up and put it under the sheet on my side of the bed. Seems to help a bit.

Someone on the other thread mentioned childbirth classes. I recommend them. I was able to have classes with the midwife who delivered our son. It helped us to prepare and to really know her and for her to know us. I also encourage you to get as much information as you can so that you can make informed choices about what works for you and what doesn't when it's time to make a "birth plan". We also watched a lot of birth videos, which was helpful, even if just to see different positions and environments for having baby. I made my husband sign a contract not to video/photograph after watching one of the videos. I realized that I wanted it much more private than that! (The woman was birthing in a hot tub with her entire family and some neighbors who had dropped by, all in there with her! no kidding!)

Our son weaned at 101/2 mos. too. By then, he was drinking from a cup throughout the day and only nursing before bedtime...I had to supplement early on with bottle because I could never pump enough to leave him for any length of time and I was working. That was a nightmare! I'm hoping this time is different-- hope the transition goes well for you and your family.

Hope you're all doing well. I will send good thoughts your way for sweet slumber, healing for sil/pregnancy, safe families and stress-free Tuesday!

Speak with you soon. Be well. susan
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Good afternoon, everyone
I turned 30 yesterday - got to have a weekend with just DH & me, and I got to go shopping at the Motherhood Maternity outlet - I got 2 pairs of no-panel jeans. Those things are AWESOME! I can wear whatever shirt I want, without having to worry about whether it's going to cover the belly-panel! And if a bit of skin peeks out, I don't care - it's not hangy-over flab, so it's obvious it's not fat that's poking out. I may end up flashing a stretch-mark at someone or something, but frankly, I don't care. I now have more than 2 pairs of jeans & 3 shirts I can wear, and I'm happy
My mom got together a surprise birthday party for me when I got home from my trip - she & my oldest son cleaned the house & washed the dishes. She & my youngest daughter made me a cake, and a book. She helped Davey make me a card, and helped him write "MOM" on the envelope. I tell ya, I had the best birthday ever!
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oooh, i want panel-less jeans. i have decided that the panels make me crazy, as do the granny panties. i really think they make my hips hurt. just them being there.

sorry about the bad nights. i remember reading during my last pregnancy that this was nature's way of getting us ready to be moms. doesn't make much sense too me. i think we need MORE sleep so we don't start off sleep deprived.

monica - at 5 am, i have no friends.

susan - i haven't bought the dining set yet, but i think tomorrow is the day. the couch is on hold because dh decided that he must have a new file cabinet right now (some organizational improvement book he read). i'm gonna try to repair the couch... yup, the nesting has set in. i'm going to patch and redye a 40 year old leather couch. good idea!

actually, the nesting really is kicking my bum. i spent yesterday doing a budget for us, reorganizing files, and putting more stuff in the charity boxes after sorting junk (clothes). yay!! needless to say, there's not been much bed or resting recently , but i think it's ok since the baby and i are both doing well.

hope everybody has a good day with minimally discolored boobs and clouds to sleep on toninght.
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20w 0d

La la la! 20 completed weeks today!

I had an OB appointment today. I think I frickin hate my OB's office. Well, I love my OB, but I'm not guaranteed to have him and so started the whole rotation of OBs today. And... I brought up VBAC... AGAIN. I got to hear for 20 minutes (more time than I've spent with them for 2-3 previous visits combined) about all the risks of uterine rupture, hemmorhage, emergency hysterectomy, blah blah. I'm like, oh, wow, I didn't realize c-sections were totally risk free.. that's great!! It was fun seeing her backtrack and choke on her words. Groan.

So I'm checking out the Maternity Center. It looks great, but they don't do VBACs there either - i.e., I'd be delivering at the same hospital where I would with my OB. My insurnace covers their midwives 100% just like my OB, so it's not money, but just trying to figure out if I want to switch providers right now, or if I can get the VBAC I want with my OB's office. Decisions, decsions...

But heard baby's heartbeat which is always a lovely sound.

Also, I had a Glucola test today. BLECH. Yes, I know 20 weeks is early, but I developed "borderline" GD at the very end of my last pregnancy. No wonder, with TWO placentas!! But the office says anyone -- from full blown GD to being borderline right before delivery -- needs to have that damn 1-hr glucose tolerance test at 20 weeks. I know it's ridiculous to give a woman who doesn't eat much sugar a giant glass of orange syrup and expecting that to tell you something about her day-to-day, but I did it anyway. I get the results tomorrow. :


(sorry I'm not using some real names below - just cut/pasting from username... yes... I'm LAZY! )

wtchyhlr - hope your day/night goes better today. How awful. Though I must admit when you said "tempeh tacos" I got a twinge of that nausea which has been otherwise long since passed!!

AmBam - YAY! Movement!

threeforme2005 - Happy "Sunday"! It's a beautiful fall day here - hope your day is beautiful as well.

HydeParkB - thoughts on their way to your sister right now.

shyly - another terrible night. Oh no. And what's up with YOU sleeping on the couch! I'd tell dh from now on, you're taking the bed!

weesej - Congratulations and for your dd's big milestone. I know how hard it is not to be able to nurse as long as you want (my milk crapped out on me finally after 1.5 years of twins). But I know so many women who's little ones wean during pregnancy. Any chance she'd hang on til the end? or that it's just a nursing strike?... what a reward she'd get when your milk comes in !!

heveasoul - This is just the thing to reassure mamas who aren't feeling movement or go a few hours or days without. Little one's just content!

mainemom - what type of class did you take? I'm thinking of signing up for one but not sure which to do.

mehndi mama - : : : What a wonderful way to usher in a new decade, being pregnant!
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Wow, mendhi, what a wonderful-sounding birthday!! :

I've signed dh and me up for prenatal classes given by someone associated with the mw centre - as in, all of her participants are using mws - I've heard good things about it, so I'm looking forward to it!

Another note about the less active babies...not to make anyone feel bad about having u/s, but one reason given (I read this somewhere) for why they kick so much during an u/s is because it's noisy and disturbing to them...that may just be someone's interpretation, dunno...nonetheless, it is one of the reasons why I'm not so sure I'm going for the routine 20-week u/s...I'd better decide soon - it's scheduled for this Wednesday, yikes!
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Stell, what a perfect birthday! Happy 30th! I am 33 and still celebrating--so far, 30s are sooo much better than 20s in many ways. I hope it gets better and better for you, too. Enjoy!

Tug, you'll have to create some sort of "nest/rest" schedule for yourself so you don't over-do it! I've been on a tear, myself. We are in the midst of finally finishing our upstairs bathroom (it's been gutted for 2 years and dh finally agreed to hire someone to do the work since he's not getting to it!) I've reorganized two closets, completely cleaned the fridge and freezer including taking out every shelf and compartment and scrubbing the whole thing and scrubbed the oven, too. Whew! It helped to have all of that done when dh got home from his trip. He appreciated it and I think it helped ease the blow when I told him I'd overshot our budget this month...oops.

Periwinkle, My midwife put together her own class with a variety of materials and "guest speakers" and videos. It went for six weeks and we were with one other couple who were also doing a homebirth with this midwife. I saved all of the material from it and am prompted now to go re-read it. She also recommends reading everything you possibly can get your hands on to educate yourself...My current midwife recommended Women Giving Birth by Astrid Limburg and Beatriis Smulders and I recognized some of it from our first midwife's materials. If I come across anything more specific while going through the materials from the class, I'll let you know. Most lay midwives and many certified midwives can give you recommendations for classes to take and materials to read. Good luck figuring out the vbac dilemma, too!

I'm off to veg out before ds comes home from school. He's got a beginner skateboard clinic today that he's so excited for! It's so fun to see him all padded and helmet-ed and jazzed about kick-turns...

Be well. susan
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Kissaluvs on sale!

Hey, if you are planning on using kissaluv's fitted diapers they are on sale at the outlet store and they have size 0s!!!! I just bought a dozen ($89) and now that I've secured my order I figured I'd let you all know . I've been keeping my eyes on that site for three months now and they FINALLY had some size 0s.

Kissaluvs Outlet Store
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Oh so much to reply to!

Happy Birthday Stell!! : : Sounds like you had a fabulous day! And I also love those no-panel maternity pants. Great find!

Heve -- I've heard that too about baby movement and u/s. That's one of the reasons I'm opting out too. I think if I wasn't feeling movement I'd be tempted, but since I am, I'm confident everything is okay. And in my humble opinion, if you think you're feeling kicks, you're most likely feeling kicks -- congrats!!

AmBam -- congrats on your movement too. It's just wonderful!!!

Periwinkle -- great comeback you had in regard to c-sec! Good for you! I'm sorry your ob's office is such a pain in the a**. But I'm so happy for you that you heard your baby's heartbeat! Yay!

(BTW, I mentioned this on the previous thread, but I just started a TTC reunion thread for anyone who's interested!)

Joy, your night sounds like a real comedy of errors! I can relate to those sleepless nights! Usually about 2-3 times a week I can't get back to sleep after using the bathroom. I'll lay there awake for an hour or two -- last night was one of those nights. Hopefully we'll all sleep better tonight!

Monica -- I agree with Periwinkle -- always dh to the couch!

Susan -- thanks for the tips about childbirthing classes (it was me who asked). I really don't understand my reluctance -- I feel like I've read and researched so much. But I'm sure a class would do me good too (and esp do dh good).

Tug -- I envy your nesting urge! Looking forward to mine kicking in because I definitely have stuff that needs to get done!

Weesj -- I imagine it must be bittersweet weaning your dd. Hope it continues to go smoothly...

HydeParkB -- I will definitely keep your sis in my thoughts. I know there's nothing more frightening that bleeding while pregnant. Please keep us posted on how she's doing.

Lesley -- good luck with your eval. Let us know how it goes.

Threeforme -- hope you and dh are enjoying your day off -- and that it's fun and productive. I think I"d be tempted just to veg out and read a book....hmmmm...maybe I"ll go do just that!

Sadkitty -- thanks for starting this thread!

I think that's everyone!
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Well I had my 22 week ob apt this afternoon. At first he couldn't find the heart beat but he was trying in the wrong place DS and so for DS#2 have always been very very low and to the right, DS stayed that way the whole time I was preggo with him so we'll see on this one!!! Doc changed my due date to Jan 31 by says I will probably go sooner b/c of my ordeal with Korbin. I have to do the sugar testing and have an ultrasound of my cervix in the next few weeks. Argh. I was so excited he didn't push any other test on me he just informed me and said ultimately if I don't want an amnio then he wouldn't waste the lab's time, or my time and and blood!!! He also said he would recomend a flu shot for me but he said good luck getting it b/c they do the sick babies and the sick old retirees and then they do ALLLLLLLL recruits and people leaving for deployment and then pregnant people and then everybody else. So I probably won't get one as well as DS. He did stay in and talk to me for an hour he also said he doesn't like to do episomotemies (sp?) and he said unless this baby comes down hard and fast like ds did he does the stretching thing with oils so I shouldn't tear this time. But I actually hope I do b/c I still have 2 stitches stuck in scar tissue that hurt and if they get infected will have to have surgery. Any who this is long and dh is at a lecture today so I had to tell somebody!!!
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