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Holy moley! I can't even begin to reply to all of this!!! Okay, mainly wanted to say hi to all, and I'm buried right now with the work stuff, so I may be in lurk-only mode for a few days or so. I finally managed to order my pampering gift, so I hope the mama enjoys it. It was so much fun trying to pick things out for her! It made me want to grab a girlfriend and go shopping.

Ekblad, I read your other thread, and i will be thinking of you. I know the next few days will be rough for you. PM me if you need anything.

Joy, Is your day okay now?
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Subscribing! you guys have been chatty today!!
Have a headache so I haven't read much, going to go to bed early and hope for sleep
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Hey everyone! I'm so tired today! I didn't get to take a nap because I babysat for a 1 year old. I babysit for her every Mon and Tues so tomorrow is out for a nap too. Chloe woke me up at 6:30. Way too early and I've felt like a zombie all day. I know I shouldn't complain after reading what some of you other ladies nights were like last night. Hopefully I can get Chloe to sleep early and we will head to bed.

I have my u/s in 2 weeks and counting. I have an OB appt on Wednesday. We will hear the hearbeat and that is always a nice sound.

Take care.
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Yes, Lesley, thank you it got better. I did Yoga, had some dinner (Taco's with CHICKEN tonight, NOT tempeh. Bad Tempeh. Very Bad), am gonig to go meditate for a bit, then perhaps go to bed early I think.
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Wow you gals were very chatty today! Forgive me for not being able to respond to it all. :

We ended up going to Lowes and Home Depot to get home repair stuff and spent a few hours fixing the house. It's actually almost done and we didn't kill ourselves so it was a nice productive day. By the weekend it will be ready to show to potential buyers. I'm getting nervous about moving...so much to do!

Everyone have a wonderful night and I'll jump on here tomorrow and hopefully be able to catch up on the chat.
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kate - i took a bradley class. loved my instructor and i really believe it enabled me to do an epidural-free childbirth despite more than 24 hours of labor and pitocin. it was really great for dh, especially. he knew what to expect and that was great. also really hammered home the idea of being at my beck and call for the duration.

letabug - ouch!!!
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Hi! You have been mighty chatty today. Just thought I would say hello. I am not even going to try to respond to everyone. Hope everyone is well. I will check in tomorrow!! Hoping to head to bed!!
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Letabug - before deciding one way or the other on the flu shot, I'd go read a bit about it on the vaccine forums. And someone here started a "what are you doing for flu season" sort of thread right here, too - maybe go read that as well.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes, everyone!
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: Happy Birthday Mehndimama! I turned 30 a month ago. Do you feel any different not being in your 20's? I still can't remember how old I am sometimes

Anyone know what I can take so as to be able to breathe? I am ready for the drugs now. But not the kind that will give the baby flippers or a tail. I just want some air!

Dh has informed me that I am stuck with a clogged/runny/sneezy nose until the baby is born. He read it in a book says he
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flippers and tail : my catch phrase is gaping cranium...

There isn't much you can take for that nose. I wish to god there was because I've found out that I'm either very allergic to my dog or I'm very allergic to my state. I got off that plane and started sneezing. I got in my house and my nose started to explode...I HATE allergy season...and I HATE PINE TREES!!!! **rant ahead** in my opinion every single pine tree should be ripped out of the ground and burned! They're good for nothing and all they do is crap all over my yard! **rant over** Okay, now that I sound like a total tree killer, I really like pine trees, just not when they're in my yard or within 50 miles of me...I'm extremely allergic...I can't wait for the rivers of yellow pollen.

I had a baby dream last night. Actually dreamed about the baby's birth and I even got to see that it was a boy. Now I'm wondering if that's going to be confirmed at my u/s on Friday. On a down note, DH will most likely not be able to come to the u/s. He will be out in the field and might not be able to come in for it. I cleared this date with him when I made the appointment and he said that he would be fine, but he didn't take into account that they may not be coming back from the field until Friday morning :
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SadKitty, Sudefed is safe--just the plain, non fancy sudefed. I found for me that one dose put the stuffiness back to a managable state for a good 2 weeks. You can also try Olbas Oil (but by the sounds of it, you've already tried all the non-medicinal stuff) I also recomend sleeping with those breath right strips on--big help!!
Don't you love the husbands that read?? Mine has this big book on "becoming a father" it's amazing how he skips over all the "massage mama's feet", "cook for her", "clean the house" and concentrates on "Don't eat Feta Cheese!" and "you can't colour your hair"
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Sadkitty, My mom also said Sudafed was safe. You might want to ask your Doc/MW if there are any allergy medicines that are okay. I think that Claritin might be, but not sure.

I was going to lurk, but I had the coolest dream last night so i had to tell you all. Even though I am planning a hospital birth with an OB, I had a dream that I had an unintentional HB with my mom coming over at the last minute, as the baby was crowning, to help. I totally felt the pushing, but it was only pressure, not pain. And then, we discovered that the baby was breech. I was squatting to push. In fact, I was hanging on to something, I think it was the doorframe (but I was low to the ground?) with my hands up above me, and squatting. Also, it wasn't my house. It was some homish type place, but I actually think it was a barn or hayloft!

This must be because my mom and I had a really long talk about homebirth, uc,vaginal breech birth, Ina May, and the Farm the other night! Isn't that funny how my brain sort of merged it together until I was actually having a homebirth on a farm?

Anyway, it was the first vivid dream I've had about birth or the baby in a long time. I wish i had more time to just relax and think about this little girl in here, but it is so different with her being #2! Ekblad, I gotta say, I don't know how you do it, you're a superhero!
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SadKitty - I second Shannon's suggestion of sleeping with those "breathe right" strips on. I actually started using those about a year ago when due to my thyroid being out of control, I'd gained an obscene amount of weight and was snoring like a truck driver (seriously, I was waking not only DH up, by myself - thats just bad). I took them off when I took the weight off, but put them back on a few months ago. They feel weird, and take some getting used to, but they do help me wake up able to breathe. I also will mention that benadryl is okay during pregnancy, it'll just make you sleep. A neti pot - with salt water and like HALF a drop of tea tree oil will clean you out if you think you're getting an infection. My dr. yesterday offered to switch me to Claritin for allergies because its class B. But it doesn't work for me so my allegra is still on the shelf.

Happy Birthday to Stell WOOHOO. I'll be 29 in a few weeks (oct 10), it seems we're all very close in age? Or maybe just the ones who've piped up.

Traci - hope you guys have fun househunting... I forgot to tell you that house I mentioned yesterday has a completely xeriscaped yard (ie rocks) so might not be that great for lil ones... otoh, if you don't do gardening....

Shannon - My DH hasn't read preggo books. He has however, been certified in Prenatal Yoga, and was the only male in the class. The female instructor told him what labor feels like - she said, imagine someone kicks you in the balls really hard, you double over, breathe thru the pain, and just when you can stand up again, they kick you again. So now he's wigging out about the pain factor.

Monica - neat baby dream

So, I *really* look pregnant now. I was poking around last night and the top of my fundus is a good finger above my belly button. WOW.
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I love that this Due Date Club is so active! It's a lot to read but it's so nice to hear how you are all doing.
Speaking of allergies, I just read (like 5 minutes ago) that people allergic to ragweed should avoid chamomile because they are of the same family. Who knew?! I'm very allergic to ragweed. Now I'll need to check all my teas.

It's official. I'm a HOWSE!!!!!! A dilapidated house at that! My hips are so so rickety and sore and useless. DH and I can't even have proper relations because my hip locks up or my belly is in the way or I get exhausted in two seconds. It's so sad. : I just ordered ZenMama prenatal yoga and I'm going to call about using the pool at the college down the street. I'm also going to start getting massages very soon. My lower back has this weird burning sensation. I wasn't impressed with the chiro and he was supposed to be the best in our area. He didn't seem to know what I was talking about with the pubic pain. (which, btw, is worse every day) Oh, well. I'll manage.

Otherwise, things are good. I have completely changed my mind and decided I do want to find out the sex when I have my u/s Thursday. I really can't wait! We probably won't tell anybody what it is though. I don't want a house full of pink or blue outfits the baby will never wear.

Anybody else getting a little psychotic? Man the teeniest little thing sets me off and I'm raging! One little glitch in my day and I'm in a pissy mood for hours. It's so silly! I haven't gone off on anybody yet, but I have a feeling I will before February. I've also turned into a crybaby. I've never been a crier. It's a little bizarre not being able to control my emotions.

Welp, I better go shower. Hope you all have a wonderful day! And a very happy belated Birthday to Mehndimama! :
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Tracie, since you mention it... : I've cried a few times for apparently no reason. A couple of weeks ago I was in the kitchen and cut my finger with a knife (it wasn't THAT bad!) and started crying uncontrollably over the sink. Poor dh came up, all alarmed, asking me what was wrong -- and I said "Nothing really. I don't know what's wrong with me!"
Thankfully he's very comforting and supportive and doesn't make fun of me! It is embarassing though, not to be in control!

Can't wait to find out if you're having a girl or boy!
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My goodness so much has been said here I don't know where to start!!!! Hope I don't confuse people here and say the wrong thing to the wrong Momma... :LOL

Joy - your rough night post totally cracked me up (sorry I know it sucked for you but think of all the joy you brought us!)

Jen - maybe Katie will start nursing again when you are farther along and your colustrum starts to come in? I've read in some tandem nursing books that a lot of babies will wean for a couple months during pregnancy and then start back up again. So you never know.

Stell - HAPPY B-DAY!!!!!!!!!

Periwinkle - will your OB not do a VBAC or just wants to cover her *ss by making sure you know all possible risks? If she will actually do it and is just being annoying then I would stick with her since it sounds like the maternity center won't consider the VBAC at all. KWIM? Hope it works out for you.

If a happy baby shows less movement then my poor baby is positively miserable in my belly because s/he is in constant motion!!!! I sure hope the theory on that is wrong

Would you consider a Momma psychotic if she is constantly going from extreme happiness to immensely p.o.'ed to balling her eyes out throughout the day????? If yes, then I guess I'm rather psycho right now....

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You know, Chloe didn't move very much when I was PG with her and she has been such a relaxed, layed back little baby and toddler. My sister (she's has 4 kids) said that the personality that a baby has when you are PG is the personality they have on the outside. She has had 2 really active PG and 2 with little movements and it fits their personalities today. I've heard that from other friends also. So something else to think about.

Hope everyone has a great day. I have an OB appt tomorrow morning. I love to hear that little heartbeat. I'm babysitting today so won't have much time online. I did get to bed by 9 which was great, but dd woke up a few times in the night and I had to go potty a few other times so it wasn't exactly the most restful sleep. Take care!
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All of my kids were very active in-utero. And you certainly could not call a single one of them calm or laid back - I have a family of in-charge bossy busy-bodies (And yes, they totally take after their mother. I admit it. I get it from my mother, so it's not my fault ) I can't have nice furniture in my house, because every single item of furniture is used as jungle gym/building material on a daily basis. My kids don't sit & watch TV, they watch TV standing on their heads, or trying to get their feet wedged under their sister, who is watching TV while reading a book.......uh, yeah. A little like me?

Anybody else getting a little psychotic? Man the teeniest little thing sets me off and I'm raging! One little glitch in my day and I'm in a pissy mood for hours. It's so silly! I haven't gone off on anybody yet, but I have a feeling I will before February. I've also turned into a crybaby. I've never been a crier. It's a little bizarre not being able to control my emotions.
I was an absolute total wreck from Wednesday to Friday last week. Things were a mess around here, and that didn't help, but I'd find myself going off on the kids for the stupidest things in the world, and then bawling my head off. I watched Cheaper by the Dozen on Thursday, and cried through the entire second half And Friday was a mess because DH wanted to surprise me by taking me on a trip out of town for my birthday......leaving it up to me to find people to take the 4 kids overnight, get one to his play rehearsal, get all their stuff together, baths done, hair washed & combed, church-clothes ready.......it was a nightmare. I spent the whole day crying, which in turn made DH pissy because I was totally not appreciating his "birthday present" I've been fine since I got everything worked out Saturday morning, but man - I felt like I was going to just dissolve away in a big puddle of tears for a while there!
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Any cat owners? Have your cats become obsessed with your belly? My baby kitty (Si) cat get away from it. He is either rubbing his face on my belly or making biscuits on my belly. He's even talked to it! It's so weird. I wonder if he knows there's a little baby in there. In fact he's sitting on my lap purring and kneading my belly as I speak.
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on movement in utero vs out:
My first was a wiggly baby who HATED the doppler (which is a form of ultrasound). The mw and I only listened to his heartbeat very briefly, and sometimes she used a fetascope instead (I didn't get an ultrasound) because it was so clear it bothered him. He'd wiggle and flip until he was so far from the doppler his heartbeat was too quiet to pick up.
And oh, is he an active one. I have a picture of him at 6 weeks, standing up and pumping his arms while I balance his hips, and a video of him just turning 7 months and he's running after a ball for a couple steps before he falls. And loud noises make him cover his ears and complain, "Mama, that noise!" Not that he has a problem when HE makes noise...

Anyway I was shocked the first time we heard this new baby's heartbeat - nice and steady, and the baby didn't move ! Doesn't seem to mind at all. And I'm definetly getting movement (even reached the Alien stage, where you can see the wiggling from the outside) but really not anything like ds.

soo.... I'm hoping for a baby a little less... frantic this time!

As for emotions. I'm really not sappy. I don't tend to cry at movies or books or anything - but pregnant, all bets are off. I read an ad for OnStar help system for cars, about a woman who was in a car crash with her two kids, 2 and 4, and she was mostly unconsious and her boys were frantic... but her boys were calmed down because the OnStar operator could hear them crying and could talk back and tell them help was on the way.. and I teared up, came so close to crying. Over an ADVERTISEMENT. *sigh*
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