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Monica, Yes! I have 2 kitties and one has taken to mothering me. She follows me everywhere and kneads my belly (she's never been a kneader) and any chance she gets she curls right up next to my stomach. I'm sure pets have a 6th sense about this -- it's so sweet!

Lasofia -- crying at commercials...I hear ya!

Well, my baby hasn't been moving around all that much today...so he/she must be feeling contented!
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I'm so glad I'm not the only one! I was starting to worry over it.

Okay, now I'm really going out on a limb here with the whole commercial thing, but there was some diaper commercial some years back that played "Forever Young" and had video footage of mother animals with their baby animals. I would bawl my eyes out everytime that commercial came on. Does anyone remember that one? and please don't laugh at me...LOL.
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Wow! You guys have been chatty! I won't try to respond to everyone, cause I know I'll forget someone. I've been lurking and reading, but Will won't let me get much typing done - I guess reading is okay, but typing is a big no-no.

Ummmm, yeah, I've been crying at commercials (and everything else). There was an OnStar commercial (what is their deal? Are they trying to target pg women, lol) the other day where the lady was 31 wks pg (I think that's right) and thought she was going into labor. BAWLING my EYES out, just thinking about...oh, everything - how scared she must be, what the baby's chances would be, all the interventions she would be in for both to stop the labor now and for the rest of her pregnancy....THEN I started thinking (again) about all the women who don't educate themselves about pregnancy and interventions and have TONS of interventions and don't know that there's a different way..... Cry, cry, cry!

Hey, Monica - are you in NC? I ask b/c of the pine trees and you mentioned a river of yellow pollen - I remember that! Horrible, DH was wanting to wash his car every other day and I wouldn't let him b/c what was the point? It would just be covered in pollen again!

About the movement/ happy baby thing....I don't know, Will didn't move very much when I was carrying him (of course, that may have been b/c he just didnt' have much room, lol) and since he was born, he's been fairly active. I remember a couple of different times when he kicked and I KNEW it was b/c he was happy, and a couple of times that he kicked and I KNEW he was ticked off, lol. Just different types of kicks for different stuff.

This babe still isn't moving much....at least not that I'm feeling. There have been a couple of "bubbly" type moments that I suspect were baby, but I haven't yet had that "Aha! That was definitely baby!" movement yet. Which is fine with me - there will be PLENTY of time for this babe to move around and keep me awake at night or kick me in the ribs. I didn't feel DS until late in the pgy, in fact the OB was bugging me and starting to get worried about it, so I lied and said I had felt him. I wasn't going to do anything differently anyway, and I KNEW he was fine.

Cats and pregnancy - With Will, one of my cats would NOT leave me alone! Plus, both of them HAD to lay on anything baby-related that they could get on. This time, they're leaving me alone and we don't really have any "baby" stuff out for them to get on, yet, so time will tell. We still have to keep the door to Will's room closed (not sure why he HAS a room, since he sleeps with us, lol) or they'll sleep in his crib (that he doesn't use, so I'm not sure why we care). We do have a bouncy seat out that Will likes to put toys in, and one of my cats sleeps in it - so funny!

Well, I guess I'm going to do some house-cleaning.... Yesterday, I shop-vacced our stairs. They were gross! We moved into this house in January, and the stairs have been vacuumed once since then (I can't do it easily b/c of my back pain, so it DH's job - riiiiight). Now, we have four cats and a dog who sheds a LOT. It needed to be done, so I took advantage of my "pre-nesting" and did it. I also cleared off our kitchen counter - we canNOT keep them cleared, and it drives me nuts! We'll see how long this time lasts....

DH gets home tomorrow! He's been gone for a week, and was gone the week before that! I'm ready to have him home.

Oh, and one last thing: Last night, I happened to glance out of our office window and saw a big black dog meandering down our street. I thought "Huh, I haven't seen that dog before, I wonder whose it is?......Wow, that is a really big dog.....Holy crap, that's a BEAR!!" Yup, a BEAR was wandering down our street. It walked right our neighbor's driveway, like it knew where it was going, lol! Jeff is gonna be MAD when I tell him - he's been wanting to see a bear since we moved up here, and there it was just walking right down the street!

Has anyone else got their swap package yet? I can't wait to hear what everyone got! I know, I know, I'm nosy....but it's so exciting!

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Oh man, I'm beat!!
I have to go back for my follow up U/S tonight because at the last one Molly kept sticking her bum or her head out to us and we couldn't see the heart well enough--which would be no big deal if dh wasn't born with a heart defect that can be genetic. I just read everything and it's gone from my head already. Except for the physco part and yes that SO fits me right now. If I'm not angry with something I'm crying about something else and the rest of the time I'm just too damn tired to care about much of anything.
Ok, I'm pooped, I gotta lay down until I leave for my U/S
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Kinsey, yes I'm stuck here in NC. I'll tell you...I'd rather live in FL with the hurricanes than here in NC with the pollen...and people. I hate it here and can't wait to move away, but it doesn't look like it's going to be for a while yet...sigh. Oh well.

DH has been gone for two days now and I can't believe that I have only two more days to get this house spotlessly clean. My goal is to have the house so clean that he's amazed...like he'd notice anyways. I kind of wish he'd do one of those two week stints in the field...I love it when he's gone. I get so much done around the house and I feel so peaceful.
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Hi everyone,

Just checking in to say I'm still here, and still reading. Just not keeping up very well.

Ditto on the crying thing. All the time, and I normally never cry.

As to the baby movement theory, I buy it. Ds was crazy active, and still is. My friend, pg with me, due four weeks after me, had a very calm baby in utero and now has a very calm son. This baby is active in the morning and at night, but seems calmer than ds. Could be the fact that she is a girl...who knows. Time will tell.

Joy, all I can say is enjoy meditating while you can. I am jealous.

Cheers to everyone.
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Hello fellow Chattie Cathies...
Just checking in here. Hope you're all doing well. I finally dragged my butt back to yoga today after missing most of the summer (between ds being home and being fatigued constantly, it was too easy to just quit going!) I was glad to be back and surprised at how much my body remembered--but boy, am I sore now! In a good way, though.

I'm not feeling too psychotic right now (or should I say, yet)...I hope I didn't just jinx myself! I had severe depression during and after my last pregnancy, so my mood swings are mild compared to that hell. I'm not feeling fragile emotionally, which is so wonderful, even though I've always cried at commercials, sappy songs, random thoughts...but I can laugh as easily or get manic and silly. I did cry (but not so anyone would know or ds would have been horrified!) to see ds come in third place in the kids' fun run over the weekend. I was just so proud of him!

This babe doesn't kick every day that I can feel and doesn't kick a lot, so I'm hoping that what Mama2Chloe said is true and it's just a mellow, happy babe. Ds had his foot wedged under my right rib and loved to kick my lung--especially when I was driving. When he was born, his foot was flexed back against his shin in a strange way. Dh was concerned that something was wrong, but I just reassured him that that was the foot which had been under my ribs for so long! It straightened itself right out and I was relieved!

I got my mama her gift today and will mail it tomorrow. I hope she likes it. I had a nice time picking out some presents for her, and got some for myself, too!

As for the stuffy nose conversation, my dh had amazing results with his naturopath. He made dietary changes, takes specific supplements and sometimes uses a saline wash (or warm water and baking soda in one of those nasal bulb things). He had allergy induced asthma and since he's been following the naturopath's recommendations, he rarely uses his inhaler...like maybe twice in the last three years. Good luck dealing with the pregnancy induced and/or allergy induced symptoms. I hope you find relief!

I'm off to read some other posts and then go to bed. I had a little snuggle/nap time with dh in the middle of the day, which was so wonderful! He came home for lunch and we both curled up on the couch for 20 minutes after eating. What a treat for us. Both of us are wondering if we'll regret it once we go to bed, but after finally working out in yoga class, I bet I'll sleep. Sweet dreams to you all.

Be well. susan
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Thanks for all the advice. Talked to my naturopath today and she said she doesn't recommend any OTCs but sudafed would be fine if I can't sleep, which I can't! My nose itches sooooo bad. Its weird that it is most annoying starting around 7pm. Maybe I'm allergic to night?

My dad is also visiting and I've been snapping at him for three days now `cause I feel like total poop. But he's been cleaning my house and taking us shopping. Wheee! He is a mega chatterbox though...

Scallywag is a cat that could care less about us having a baby. He has tried to commandeer the co-sleeper, which I keep set up to change diapers when I have childcare babes. So we've piled it full of toys for now. I'm sure it will be an adventure to keep him out of it once the baby comes.

DH doesn't actually read books without a large amount of coercion. He's been plugging away at Kitzinger's pregnancy and birth book forever! He started on the expectant father and never finished that either. :
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Morning all. I was up at 5:30 this morning!!!! I can't understand this! I'm also having a very emotional day due to not feeling supported (see post on I'm Pregnant board) and I've just been bawling my eyes out. I don't think I'm going to have a good day today.

Better run, the dog is pacing frantically and really must need to go outside and chase squirrels...er...use the bathroom...right. She thinks she has me fooled, but I know her game
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Wow, I can't remember waht the pp have written, but it is great to see that everyone is doing ok and are or almost halfway there!!!
The insomnia really affected me during the first trimester, but luckily so far not too much. Same with the stuffy nose, it has kind of gone away for the moment. Maybe it will rear it's ugly head again soon though!!

We are doing potty learning with dd, who is 21 months old, and was showing all the signs. She is doing so well, telling us when she needs to go, then sitting on the potty. I just love her little bottom in the undies!!! We are on day 3, and have to venture out this morning to go to her swim class at the YMCA. I am hoping for no accident in the car on the way there or back! Wish me luck!

Have a good day ladies , Jasmine
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Morning LAdies....
Just waiting for the dog to do his business then he's gonig back to bed w/DH and I'm going to work.

Will try to post later.
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Re: allergies

If you're not freaked out about the alcohol content in 1/4-1/2 tsp of tincture, see if you can find someplace that sells Nettles & Eyebright tincture. 2 dropperfuls takes away the itchy nose and dig-your-eyes-out feeling almost immediately. My oldest son has horrendous allergies, as does my dad, best friend, MIL, and SIL. They've all taken it in desperation (because that's the only allergy medication I give Ian, and thus the only one on hand), and were absolutely AMAZED at how well it worked.
(Look into the safety of eyebright first though, as I'm not 100% on that one. I know Nettles is perfectly safe, though.)
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Good morning mamas! Just saying hi real quick! You ladies are hard to keep up with!!

I was soooo exhausted yesterday. I don't know how you ladies who work do it!! I worked a full day yesterday then thought I was going to die!! (I am just filling in for a week to help my Aunt out.) Do you know what my house would look like if I worked full time all the time?? And my kids??? They would hate me!! Anyway, I am very grateful that I am able to be a SAHM!! And I admire those of you who work and raise families!! Your awesome!!

I also came home with an awful headache. Dh did give me a nice massage!! He was very sweet. He fed and bathed the kids and got them ready for bed. Then rubbed my back with lotion. It was very sweet of him!!

Gotta run! I will check in later. Hope everyone has a wonderful day!!
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morning everybody!

shannon - how did the u/s go? did you see the heart?

monica - hope you are feeling better today. i'm sorry dh is listening to folks who really sound like they don't know much about the subject.

we had a scary day yesterday. ds was home with the remains of a virus. he stayed up until about 1 without napping even though he was pretty clearly tired. well, when he finally went to sleep, someone came to the door and rang the bell and then pounded on the door. stupid me. i thought i would just walk down the first few steps to indicate that someone was coming, thinking this would give my dad time to get to the door. i slipped on the step and fell really hard a few steps later. i ended up in labor and delivery for monitoring for six hours. luckily (and i can't begin to imagine how), the baby was fine. i had no contractions, no bleeding. even the stupid subchorionic thing didn't do a thing. the baby was happily spinning and kicking away at the monitoring thingy. i am so mad at myself and still so scared and dh was soooo mad at me (he said he would never have forgiven me if something had happenned to the baby). it was really scary and i feel like a better mother would not have done it. so i guess i'm feeling pretty sad today, as well as pretty bruised up from the fall. one really weird thing, my ob said that women who have hard falls miscarry less often than less traumatic falls. she said she didn't know why that was.

anyway, i'm not telling people irl. i don't want all of the weird attention (and pity about having so much difficulty in this pregnancy and how i might lose the baby) so it's really nice to have a place here to talk about it.

hope everybody has a nice, uneventful day.
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Tug - I'm so glad you and the baby are fine! One of my biggest fears is falling down the stairs or hurting myself in some other way. I hope your bruises fade quickly.
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Oh Tug, that would be scary! For what it's worth, I don't think a better mother would have done anything differently--you didn't toss yourself down those stairs did you???
We did see the heart yesterday. The tech also pointed out how Molly is hanging out completely in the lower half of my uterus and showed all the empty space she could be using, but no, she's all curled up against my terribly sore hip joints. Oh well.

Poor dh had a problem with the daycare dogs today, I feel bad, I'm sure that if I had been there it would not have been the problem it was. We have one of Havoc's sons in the program. He is constantly causing problems, he's a bully. Problem being, the owners can't handle him at all, without the excercise from daycare, I'd guess they couldn't keep him. The reason he's such a jerk though is because they are just far too soft with him. Anyway, he started fighting with a dog in the back of the truck. Steve had to stop, he wouldn't stop when he was yelled at, so Steve had to open the back of the truck on the bridge over the highway, one of the other dogs jumped out and he had to chase it to catch it. I don't know what to do. I can't take a chance on something happening to a daycare dog, but by the same token, I can't take a chance on one of the big dogs jumping on my belly or more importantly, I can't lift any of the idiots into the back of the truck. I don't want dh to feel I don't trust him, but well, I don't trust him. Not cause he's done anything inherently wrong, he's just not been a dog guy all his life, he doesn't anticipate what could happen next and I don't want to get sued while he learns KWIM?? (I'm not only worried about getting sued, but you know) I don't know what to do, I know if I suddenly tell him I'm able to do the pick ups and drop offs, he'll know it's because of what happened today. For now, I've suggested that Shadow (the trouble maker) will have to be stuffed into a crate that while too small for him, would allow the other dogs to still have some room.
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shannon, i think you're right not to try to take over picking up the dogs now. really, it sounds like maybe steve could not have prevented the dog slipping out. i think the kennel for shadow is the best idea. he's only in there for a bit so it doesn't matter if it's kind of small. he'll be fine and everybody else will be fine.
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Good morning (afternoon?) mamas!

Just checking in to say I passed that d*mn 1 hr Glucola test with flying colors! Bring on the ice cream.

I'm still annoyed I was made to take it after I only developed GD in like the last 5 days of my TWIN pregnancy and after being on terbutaline for 4 weeks (it also intereferes with insulin absorbtion). But good news is good news.

Speaking of which here's a little happy dance for Ekblad's healthy babe (from other thread)

My 20 week sono is scheduled for tomorrow morning. I have debated back and forth whether I want a sono. But I finally decided that knowledge is power and if there's something I can learn now that would help baby's chances at delivery, or give me time to do research and get support, then I'll do it. We're not finding out the sex (I hope!) just looking to make sure all looks well.
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tug - take care, mama, and please don't beat yourself up over this. You were NOT being a bad mother.

Shannon - hugs to you, too. Breathe. I think you've thought out some good solutions. You need to protect your business, but you also need to protect your baby. If you can put in some measures that will make it less likely for accidents to happen while Steve's on duty, then everyone will breathe easier.

Yay, Peri, on the GD test!! And btw...today i am going through the end of my decision-making process wrt the 20-week us. I have an appt scheduled for 6 pm tonight, and it is 12:15 here now. Still undecided as to whether or not to cancel it...

Yahoooooo ekblad!! I am so happy for you, yippeeeeeee!!!! Enjoy your day, mama!!!
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Ok, I'm gonna cry. Then when I'm done crying I'm gonna get rid of my dogs and buy hamsters--hamsters are cute right??? You can train them to do stuff right???
Yesterday I had both dogs bathed--I actually paid my groomer friends assisstant to bath them for me (yeah, I was a groomer for years and I paid someone else to deal with my dogs) Why did I do this, well, you know, they didn't smell nice--they didn't smell bad, but they had a chiro appt this afternoon and I wanted to make a good impression. Last night they were both so pretty and nice smelling. So I let them out 10 minutes ago, I go to check on them and I see Bedlam rolling--I call her and before she even gets to the door I can smell her and it's disgusting!!!! Havoc was equally disgusting!!!!!!!! I have no idea what on earth they were rolling in but my god it's gross. So I sprayed them both with some nice smelling stuff, but had to run and puke half way through, now I will have to bath both of them with the hose--which they will not enjoy--but tough!!!!!!!!!!!!
So here it is.

father and daughter german shepherds, one black, one black sable. Very sociable but a little stupid. One is trained to do everything, the other only knows how to come when called and get dirty.
Both come with expensive dog beds and full bags of food.
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