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Katie~ that's so cute Lucy wanted to check out your yoni!
Miles asked last night at dinner "so, is your pubic bone still hurting mommy?" they sure don't miss a thing huh?

What is everyone else who's doing Cd's going to do about meconium? I'm thinking I'll hit the thrift store tomorow and buy some cheapo prefolds for the 1st couple days. I think they sell 6 for $1, and tom. is half off day!

welcome to Ekatherina!!! A new thread will be started tom. We're all super chatty and checking in all the time to see who's gonna pop out some baby's!
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Momadance - I heard it washes right out. Some mamas on the diapering board said it didn't even stain their diapers.
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Just popping in quick to let you know that nothing new is happening here yet. The bh contrax aren't even as strong as they were on that night last week. I'm trying not to think of Oct 4 as my due date anymore. (That was the date that I came up with) Now I'm thinking about the 8th (the date the midwife came up with) I just thought this would be a good way to avoid that "due date stress".
I've been feeling really good this weekend. Slept in late both days which really helped. Bought some really groovy novelty yarn to make a scarf for my daughter and I also got arnica, calendula nappy creme and some shepherd's purse tincture just in case the midwife doesn't get here in time for the birth and I need something for bleeding. I feel like I have pretty much everything set to go. I'm cleaning house like a maniac (for me, which isn't really saying a lot, lol) everyday," just in case ".
Rainy, cloudy weather puts me in the mood to make food! So I made a huge pile of samosas last night!!! My kids were delighted since they loooove samosas. Then spent the evening being couch potatoes with a stack of rented movies.
I'm feeling like watching romantic epic movies to help pass the time . Any suggestions? I've watched Cider House Rules and Legends of the Fall. Anything else that would be similiar? Anyone else looking for distractions to pass the time? That might be a good QOTW for next week!

Katie - hope you and your family get better quick!

Piglet - I also hope you are doing well. Hope you find out what's going on with the itching and that it isn't anything serious.

Ekatherina - welcome! Wow, language barrier, I could see that being a problem. Good Luck!!!

Letia - Have you ever found any instructions for wrapping crib mattresses? I remember seeing a website ages ago from Australia or New Zealand with instructions. Supposedly crib deaths decreased hugely in that part of the world once people started wrapping the crib mattresses. I'll look around and if I find anything on it I'll post a link next week, okay?

Okay, that was a little longer than I planned. Time to eat samosas for lunch. Then I need to sit outside. It's gorgeous, sunny, cool and golden out there!!! I can't believe I feel so good this weekend!

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Katie- That is too funny!

Welcome Ekatherina...better late than never

Looks like the new thread is up so I will head on over there!
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36 wks
Ack! I don't know if it's my computer or the boards but it's soooo slow! I just got home from our Portland trip (very fun) and trying to skim quickly to see if anyone had baby! Looks like not yet but there's always tomorrow!
Sounds like we have some "in the home stretch" blues going on so to all of you who are in need!
It's late so will check in tomorrow!
Happy contracting...
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thanks for the warm welcome everyone...I just came back from my 70-year old japanese mw and I was soooooooo touched when i found out that she had bought everything for me already (napkins, tissue...etc etc) many many things and didnt accept to take a penny ...and when she proposed some baby formula we just said we want only breastfeeding ..she didnt insist on anything at all...so i guess maybe i was wrong about worrying that she will insist on back labor...she is just sooooooooo adorable......
kathy, I love watching moveis too..but here we dont have a TV... but yesteday when i talked to my mom she said she had me 3 weeks earlier (her waters broke) because she watched some romantic movie and cried over it... so please take care.... to everyone...waiting for the new thread to catch up again with all the news...
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