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TTC Reunion!

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Hi Ladies, I thought I'd start another reunion to get the familiar faces back together and see how everyone is doing!

I'm going on 20 weeks (I'm in Feb due dates with Shannon, Heveasoul, and Lesley) and doing very well.

I know there are some newly pregnant women from the ttc boards -- Keri, Amy, and Annakiss. And others that have just given birth or are about too. And there are many others I miss seeing on a regular basis (but I can't stalk everyone, no matter how hard I try!). So let's hear from you!
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Great idea Kate! I've been trying to lurk on the other monthly threads when I get a chance, but usually barely find enough to keep up with my own month :LOL

I'm about 28 weeks now and doing well. Lots of bumping and thumping going on here

I'm looking forward to hearing from everyone!!!
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Hi Jessica! I was hoping to see you here! I can't believe you're 28 weeks (of course, I can't believe I"m almost 20!).
Glad to hear your baby is dancing and somersaulting. I started feeling movement a couple of weeks ago and I just can't get enough of it!
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Hi everyone!
I'm now almost at the magic 12 weeks. We had a wonderful ultrasound last week and saw a little hand waving at us. That was very reassuring after our two previous losses & I think we are really starting to believe that all is well. Happily that will be our last ultrasound, as we are now leaving the fertility clinic & going to our midwife! Very exciting that we can say goodbye to them...it feels like a graduation! My belly is already appearing. I will be posting some belly pics on the link below tonight...I can only imagine how huge I will be later on.
AND I LOVE every minute of it! Feels great to be relaxing into this pg even more & having so much fun....can't wait to start wearing mat clothes all the time!
Great idea to start this thread Kate...how fun that both of you can feel your babes moving! How fun is that?!
Glad all is well with you too, Jessica!! Hope these last few months are great!

looking forward to seeing other former TTCers soon!
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I'm here!

I never thought I'd get to hang with you guys!

: for more TTC grads.

ETA: great pics Jesse! Congrats on the milestone.
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OMG Amy!!! I missed your bfp!! Huge congrats!!!!!!
I'm 20 weeks and a few days, hanging in, feeling lots of movement which is really cool. Glad to see everyone here!
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Hi everyone!! Good idea, Kate, thanks! Although, wasn't a similar post moved last time to "finding your tribe"? shhhhh...

Awwwww, Jesse - I thought that link was going to take me to belly pics!! How wonderful, seeing those u/s, though - yay for you and your graduation!!! (and...ahem...I haven't quite got around to documenting this pregnancy with belly pics, either, so I am noooo position to complain!)

Jessica - wow - you are our senior mama so far...!! December, wow....

I'm at 19 weeks...I think I feel movement, but can't yet be sure. Set up with a mw, planning for a hb...dealing with the whole u/s decision, reading like a fiend...my regular pyjamas and loungewear/workout wear still fit comfortably, but I've definitely outgrown my regular bottoms and most of my tops. Although I don't quite fill out my new maternity tops, they're soooo comfortable, so I'm prettymuch all maternity, all the time! :LOL

Shannon and I still are in touch IRL - thankfully she's feeling better, and we just got together for lunch last Thursday!

Who else is out there?!
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Well, I was in TTC a long time ago (almost a year now) with Shannon...Letia...adventuregirl (in Sept mommies with me)...who else??

Hmm...not only have I graduated from TTC..I guess now I graduated from ""I'm Pregnant" too...

Now where will I go?? Congrats to all you newer grads!

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Don't know if anyone remembers me. I wasn't particularly active over at TTC.

I'm happy to hear about the recent positives Sometimes I go over to the one-thread just to see if anyone I recognize got a positive, or see how others that I remember are doing.

I'm at 26 weeks, I'm huge, having a wonderful, uneventful pregnancy (ok, well, I did have a real bad time with morning sickness, but that's over now).
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I remember you, Niki, and Caroline! Congratulations Caroline! You were the one who told the funniest story about your little one ("I'm gonna kick you, baby!"), right? Has that materialized?
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Originally Posted by heveasoul
I remember you, Niki, and Caroline! Congratulations Caroline! You were the one who told the funniest story about your little one ("I'm gonna kick you, baby!"), right? Has that materialized?

Oh my..I had forgotten that!!! Actually, my three year old fawns over this baby. She is so sweet and loving to him!! When he cries and I don't get there right away, she will sing to him or rub his back...no kicking YET!!!

That may start when he gets to crawling and gets into HER things!!

Congrats on your pregnancy!!

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(ooohhh...is that where the thread got moved Hevea?shhhhh)

Jesse -- I love that your little one waved to your during your u/s! That almost made me teary (hormones, you know).

Caroline -- I've been following you and other sept mommies -- Congrats on your newest little addition, Jackson!

Nikirj -- Of course I remember you. I lurk on the u/c thread and see your posts frequently. Glad you're having an eneventful pregnancy -- mine has been blissfully so as well!
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Hello there, former TTCers!

Congrats to all of you, it's great to hear some news. Way to go Jesse on your little one waving at you! Kate, Shannon & Heavesoul, I remember you all and am so happy for you.

I'm at week 16, feeling good except for occasional headaches now. Spent the whole summer nauseous and suffering from heartburn and with major food aversion. So I ate a lot of comfort food (spelt and kamut toast, organic mac + cheese) and now I seem to have gained more weight than I thought was possible in 4 months! I'm actually a bit confused about what the proper amount to be eating is, but I may post that somewhere.

We've had an u/s which clearly showed us that w be are expecting a baby boy (not the purpose of the u/s, but it was clear as day; we did want to know anyway)! I can't wait to feel him moving around.

Started pre-natal yoga and loving it!
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Hidy-ho! I'm at uh - week 5. :LOL Feeling no movement. But I've been ultra headachey, nauseous, dizzy, pimply, exhausted, and of course very irritable. So thrilled to be preggo again though! My husband said the other day, "I may just have to drop out of all my classes and spend all my time kissin' your belly!" It was so cute.

Glad to see you other grads!!! I recognize you niki!

Shannon - thrilled that you're feeling so much better! And congrats on your little girl if I didn't say so before!

Jesse - lookin' good!

Jo - It's amazing how much fun it is to get fat when you're growing a little person, ain't it?
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I'm here too...30 weeks! I was hanging out at TTC last winter/spring - my very first introduction to MDC Things are going well with the pregnancy - I absolutely cannot believe I only have ten weeks to go!
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I'm here too

I wasn't over at the TTC board for too long, but I recognize almost all of you.

30 weeks today, and feeling freakin' fantastic. I'm loving this!!
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Hi ladies! I'm here too, but new as I'm only 6 weeks along! It's great to see everyone together here and doing well!

I've a rough past few days as I have seen some spotting, but everything looks great on paper - bloodwork, cervix, etc. so "someone" is just messing with me and they better quit it!! :
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Keri, I had a few cases of spotting at the start of this pregnancy, but all is well
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hello...i doubt anyone will remember me, but i was in TTC in Feb...we were blessed to be preg. right away...i am 36 1/2 wks and could *technically* deliver anytime...i will a c-birth on Oct. 22nd if i don't go earlier. i feel basically pretty good...i just don't feel right complaining about all the aches and pains, b/c i know that is what comes with my gift at the end...the ONE thing i will complain about is the dang carpal tunnel i have from the pregnancy : *THAT* can go away anytime

shannon and heve were there when i posted....i kept track of the thread for awhile and was so excited for you too when i saw your BFPs...shannon my heart really went out to you when you were soooo sick, i hope that you HG is letting up...Letia is in my due date club and is doing awesome as well. i, too, still peek in on the One thread to see if anyone i recognize has gotten a BFP...mostly watching for chiromama to get hers and alexis, too. anyway...i hope you are all blessed with happy healthy pregnancices, beautiful births, and strong, healthy, beautiful babies!

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Congratulations Caroline! I just saw that you had your baby (I'm eaither self-absorbed or having pg brain, probably both!). Best of luck to you!

Shannon, good to know about the spotting. I have all fingers and toes crossed! Nausea stepped up this morning - yay!!! and yuck!
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