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anyone else battling yeast?

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I'm trying to make some dietary changes imy battle with candida, but I am discouraged by all the "dont's". Everything I've read says no kind of sugar at all (no dairy, no fruit, no sweetners of any kind), nothing with yeast or gluten, and a whole list of other things (peanuts, caffeine, etc.). Is there anything out there that tells you what you CAN eat? Or better yet, a cookbook with recipes and menu suggestions? I need help!
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I don't know if this book has the things you are asking about, but see if you can find The Yeast Connection. When I was having chronic yeast infections, thast just cutting out refined sugar was enough to get rid of them. I would suggest ant dietary changes in baby steps.
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I definitely second that idea. My husband borrowed that book from a friend and it made us really think about what we were putting in our systems. It is easy to find and read, check it out! Namaste - mtn. mama
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You might want to just cut out the sugar and dairy and yeast breads for a couple of weeks and see if it makes a difference. How far you go probably depends on how severe your health conditions are. I was such a sugar addict I can't believe how I gave it up at all. I went back to some comsumption of sugar after a couple of months and found I can have some without any adverse effects. Dairy I have mostly stopped using although if I eat someone else's cooking I don't worry about it. Yeast breads I do eat almost daily and they no longer affect me. I hadn't thought about it recently, but I am now remembering how many conditions changed in my body when I detoxed from the yeast products. I find I must actually be grateful for my thrush condition that made nursing so difficult!
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I don't know how good a web searcher you are, but Susun Weed had a different spin on this. PM me if you can't find it on her website: http://www.susunweed.com
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Okay, I checked out the susunweed website and saw some of what she has to say about candida, but I found it confusing. She seems to be reccomending repopulating the "good" bacteria to get the yeast under control, but I don't understand how eating yeasty, fermented foods is going to do that (?). I've been taking probiotics for months now, and it doesn't seem to be helping.

I just finished reading a book called The ph Miracle--has anyone else read this? It all makes a lot of sense in theory, but the dietary guidelines recommended are pretty drastic (at least from my standpoint ) It's mostly green leafy veggies, sprouted seeds/grains, no animal products, very limited fruit.
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I know what you are saying about Susun's suggestions. . .

I just want to say that I trust her and thought that if you had tried everything else you might try what she suggests to see if it makes a difference for you.
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My mom and I both had problems with yeast infections and she passed this trick down to me, maybe it will help. Drink 1/4 of a cup of aloe vera juice a day until the symptoms disappear. We mixed it with lemonade and it disguised the flavor. I did this on two seperate occassions and have never had another. My mom did it once and never had another one. Maybe this would help your candida?! Good luck!
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I had a 2 - 3 year struggle with systemic thrush after having antibiotics for the first time ever by IV in hospital, ugh. I found that I had to stop ALL alcohol & refined surars, and pretty much all yeast (bread etc). However I did not and would not stop eating any fruit or vegetables. Cutting out the alcohol, refined sugar & yeast, plus being sure to get enough protien did it for me, and pretty quickly.
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i was wondering if you did the aloe vera while bfing? i have been battling with yeast for years, and now that ds is here, i am afriad to eat anything!! (I think he has a sensitive tummy-he's 9 weeks) i also have been told to cut out refined sugars and yeast foods, but then what do you eat?? with ds i have a hard time actually cooking a well balanced meal, or snack..also,
kezia, have you ever trid yeast fighters? there pills you can find in the nutriotional section of the store..i am on my second bottle cause the first seemed to help, but not fully....and you can tell if you are detoxing cause the yeast craves sugar, so you will probably crave sugar,(I did, and i ate awhole box of cookies!!) also in another thread, it was mentioned to take grapefruit seed extract...sorry if this post went in to many directions...
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The good news is you can use stavia to sweeten things up. it satisfies your sugar craving without feeding the yeast. The brand i use Stavia Plus also helps boost your good intestinal flora. So it is like a one-two punch.
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