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I see where you're coming from momsgotmilk4two. It just made me think, do you think kids would know the difference between learning about fairies and learnig about God? Just wondering because the other day my 6 year old daughter tells me that she believes God exists (we are not a religious household by any means). I asked her how she came to this decision using Santa Claus as my example since she had it figured out he didn't exist (as well as the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy) at 3 years old. She didn't have an answer for me, she just said it was different.

I may have answered my own question. :-) You said that the teacher's believe it as well. Now, that is different than Santa, Tooth Fairy, etc. as I personally don't know any adults who believe they actually exist. Thus apparently children aren't easily fooled, they'll be on to us, unless we actually believe. Which then means that your analogy between the fairies and God makes sense.

Just some thoughts, I am in no way trying to turn this into a religious debate!
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No worries, no religious debate from me We're agnostic, although if the kids end up believing then that's fine with us as long as they can accept that we think differently.
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Our Waldorf is a charter too We are in CA. We feel very lucky.

Re: the statement that Waldorf teachers "actually believe in fairies" and teach it to children, not sure where this came from but I wouldn't quite put it this way! It is not that literal. Someone also mentioned finding it strange for a teacher to present an imaginary figure to children, that only children should come up with imaginary figures. Have you ever read your child a fictional children's story, such as Goodnight Moon, Goldilocks, The Gingerbread Man, etc., these are all imaginary characters that we present to children! Just like the kids in my son's Waldorf kindergarten love the classroom gnome, they love being sprayed with magical fairy potion (lavendar water), and they love the tricky things the naughty hobgoblin does. It is so sweet and wonderful to see, and the children learn so much from it and they love it!
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I live in San Clemente. Would you mind telling me the name of your son's school? I am interested in Wadorf education and I like that we have so many options in this area!
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I think this is a very interesting and useful thread. Perhaps a sticky could be made?
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Originally Posted by momsgotmilk4two View Post

With all of the discussion of Waldorf school, I am curious- what is with the fairies? I have heard that Waldorf has created controversy so I hope no one is afraid to answer questions- I'm really just very curious and can't find much on the philosophy behind Waldorf on the internet
I understand *what* they do, but not all the whys. I've seen lots of wool Waldorf dolls and fairies for sale in catologs but I never really thought about or understood what these specific dolls had to do with Waldorf education. Also, what is the controversy with Steiner? I'm just kind of wondering how this schooling could be controversial since I've never heard anything *bad* about Waldorf before
We're not looking to send our kids there because we are just too much of a tecnological family for it, I think- dh is a computer programmer so I'm not sure how we'd keep computers away from the kids, but I'm still curious about it. I'm not at all wanting to get into a heated debate about it, just looking for info because I like to know about these things and I know someone in rl who is planning to send her child to a Waldorf kindergarten. If someone could point me in the direction of a website that explains these things that would be nice too
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