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Two year twins here?

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I have twin boys. Wondering if there are others that have two plus two = four as I say, lol.
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My girls are almost 22-months-old and have hit the 2-year-old stage with a fury! Have your boys recently turned 2 or are they closer to 3? I have a 4-year-old and gaging by her...2 was MUCH EASIER then 3. I'm dreading two at 3...LOL!!
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My girls are 23 months. I find that they are getting easier - but then I read that in L. Ames' child development books that the closer you are to the year mark, the easier they get, and the closer you are to the half year mark, the harder they get.
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My boy and girl are 2 1/2. This is NOTHING compared to 1 1/2! Life is MUCH easier now, so much so that I am not having much anxiety about how we'll handle #3, due in 4 mos. My kids seemed to go through the roughest patch before they were really able to carry on a conversation, use language extremely well, do things "all by self" as much as they wanted to, etc. Now that they're older, they are much more at peace and it seems thier abilities have caught up with their desires.
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I think it is getting easier every day. I never tell people that it is "harder in a different way" because it isn't. I cried just about every day until they were 6 months old. Then I was crying roughly every other day until they were one. I cried maybe once a week until they were 18 months. Now I don't cry it all. So if it was really as hard as it was when they were infants I think I'd still be crying all the time.
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MIne are 22 months and things are beginning to get easier in a way. They are listening well and fighting in a more considerate way. :
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Originally Posted by hotmamacita
MIne are 22 months and things are beginning to get easier in a way. They are listening well and fighting in a more considerate way. :
I hear ya, sista!
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The girls are driving me mad! All they want to do is nurse and fight. They both have huge bite marks on their arms and backs. I feel like the only way I can do anything is to put cartoons on. Ugh. If I get up from the couch they cry and follow me and pull on my shirt. I can't even fix a drink without drama.
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My twin boys are 20 months. . . getting closer to two everyday. Things are definitely easier than they were a couple months ago--18 months was really peak misery in our house. Since then their language skills have really developed a lot to the extent that they can mostly tell us what's bugging them or what they want/need. I think their frustration levels are lower than they have been, though they can still get pretty frustrated. Of course, all the difficult behavior is pretty strongly linked to hunger/exhaustion. It is just so hard to keep them both well rested and well fed all the time!

I still have moments of saddness every couple days about the fact that I have twins and all that that means. I hate that I have to bring the twin stroller with me everywhere I go, instead of just popping my tot onto my back (my guys are so jealous of each other being carried that I can't do the one-in-the-stroller, one-on-me thing anymore). I hate that nursing in public is such a huge ordeal (they absolutely have to nurse at the same time). I hate that I get so bogged down with the cleaning and washing and feeding and nose-wiping that I sometimes feel like I don't get to enjoy my children as individuals.

My sister is expecting her first baby, she has the same due date (3/3) that I had but two years later, and I find that I am feeling so jealous of the fact that she's just having ONE baby. It will be such a different experience for her. I thought I would be past all my negative feelings re: having twins by now, but I'm obviously not. It is nice that my boys play together, but in many ways I am seeing less of the benefits of having twins than I used to.

Having twin infants was hard, but I am missing the days when they would just lay on the floor, or slowly crawl from one toy to the next. These days they are like a tornado.
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