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Any thoughts about the Sutemi Pack?

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I have a 23lb 9 1/2 month old that is just too heavy for me to carry for any length of time in the Baby Bjorn. I'm looking for something I can carry him in front, on back and on hip with. Looking at a Sutemi pack, but would love some feedback on this or other options.
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My friend loves her.........and every time I see her she is using it. I guess I like more earthy non constructive looking slings....like the asain style & there a lot to pick from especially from WAHM moms Plus I love how small they are to carry around in a diaper bag I am sure any of the wahm's would put padding in the straps if you want it

My husbands like the Ergo or similiar ones like that for hiking or long day trips
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The Sutemi is ok. The straps are really wide and padded, which is comfortable, but bulky. Also, you should be aware that compared to the Bjorn, any of these carriers like the Sutemi, Ergo, Patapum, or ABC styles have a much wider seat. This is because it's generally held that the baby's legs and hips need to be supported up in a seated position, rather than the baby hanging by the crotch. So outward-facing positions are pretty much out. I personally think that's a good thing, but if you feel the outward facing position is crucial, your only similar option is a Babytrekker or their First Journey carrier.
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I love love loved my Sutemi when my DD was too heavy for her Packababy, around 1 year old. Right now she's a bit too big for the Sutemi at 2 years. It was so comfy, I would carry her in the front mostly. The back carry is comfortable too but it gives you that "turbo-boob" look with the criss-cross. You couldn't really put much in the pocket up front, and I also never used the head cradle. But I really liked the padded straps and bottom, and I used it a lot.
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I used the Sutemi for a few days, then returned it and bought an Ergo instead. I have never looked back. the Sutemi straps were too wide and yet the padding didn't go down low enough. You can't put the baby on your back unassisted, the X straps between the breasts is unflattering to say the least. My daughter also whimpered every time i put her in it, which i thought maybe was because she wasn't used to anything but a sling. She fell asleep in the ergo the first time we tried it, though. She loves the Ergo and brings it to me sometimes, asking to be carried around the house in it.

Both have a return policy, so i'd recommend buying both and returning one. that's what I did and was able to find the one that worked best for us.
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