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I am sending you thoughts and prayers. May you have the strength and support you need and the wisdom, too. Sending a hug, susan
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I am so sorry you have to go through this..........you and your babe will be in my thoughts!

I also hope you have the strenght to walk through these next weeks.

Here's another
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WE went had had another Ultrasound done. The tech wouldn't allow me to look at the screen except at the very end GRRRR! Baby measured 18.5 weeks- could well just be on a 42 weeker insted of 40. He was moving his arms and legs but made no large body movements. Tech commented that he looked squished and didn't have much room. Everything they saw looked normal, however they we not able to visualize all 4 chambers of the heart or either kidney. We are taking it as they just couldn't see them. Report wanted me to come in for a repeat ultrasound in 2-3 weeks, don't think we will---no insurance and usually struggle to buy groceries so this was a big strain already. Will probaly wait until the 3rd trimester and do another in office ultrasound to find the heart and kidneys then go form there.

Thank you for all the well wishes. No we still don't KNOW its a boy, but the tech could easily see the sex and baby never opened its legs, so now we have a good guess that it is a boy.
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Jen, I'm sorry you're still left with questions. The outlook does look better now than it did originally though.
Is there anything we can do individually or as a group to help you out at all??? Other than just the usual sending out of good thoughts of happy boy??
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Jen, thank you for giving an update...I've been thinking of you. It's definitely good news that the baby was moving. I will keep you in my thoughts.
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Sending prayers and happy thoughts your way! :
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Sending you thoughts of strength, peace, and a healthy baby.
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Sorry to be so late in letting you know that I've been thinking of you! I am glad you were able to have a more positive follow up u/s, but sorry that you're still left with unanswered questions. Best wishes to you, regardless. Keep us posted and know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. susan
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I had lots of problems with the pg early on, I am happy to report everything is sunny skies now. I hope the same for you. My OB told me this pg, not to even count kicks, because my placenta is really big/thick and I just wouldn't be able to feel them regularly. Now, though, things have moved around a bit, and I can feel kicks if I lay down for a few minutes.
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jen - i just wanted to send you some encouragement. my baby is also measuring small but the last doc to do an ultrasound said to stop worrying. small is okay. and like you said, yours could be a 42 weeker (so could mine, come to think of it). my ds did not move that much it seemed like when i was pregnant the first time and he is fine. in fact, he is a very calm, sweet child.

wishing you lots of luck. i agree with meg that it is hard to have a "not perfect" pregnancy (i'm having one too), but many of them turn out fine. take care of yourself and your sweet baby.
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