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Nana's Woolies

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This is my 1st ever official diaper-related review. I am so happy to share my praise of Renate of Nana's Woolies. (forgive me if there already is a thread dedicated to her. I searched and didn't fine one).

Finn's new longies arrived today and I love them. They are so wonderful and beautiful. Renate from Nana's Woolies made them.

Renate is great to work with. I knew what I wanted (bright green longies with bright colorful primary dragonflies). She was more than happy to oblige. She was willing to get yarn from anywhere I wanted and so she special ordered some from HSY. I emailed her at one point and asked her to use her judgement & alter the color of the dragonflies (from primary colors to more earthy/muted tones) if the tone of the green was more muted than not. She did and she did a wonderful job with the color and look of the dragonflies.

Renate shipped quickly and emailed me to check to see if I rec'd them the day they arrived.

Hopefully my pennies will pile up quickly and I can have her knit something again soon.
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I have a soaker from Renate. It looks great and preforms wonderfully, too. I've used it overnight with no problems on my heavy wetter. And she is so sweet and has great customer service.
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Both my kids have something from Renate. My ds wore his soaker shorts all summer long. These were an ebay purchase. They are soft, durable and worked very well. They are really cute too. OC has a custom ordered pair of soaker pants (with matching sweater and hat).

Renate ordered the wool that I wanted and knit it all up super fast. The knitting itself is of very high quality and Renate is very easy and pleasant to work with - someone who you can tell genuinely enjoys knitting.
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I have a matching hat/pants srt from Renate that is the hit of the town! She ordered the wool that I wanted and was always emailing me with updates. The wool took quite awhile to arrive and Renate was filling me in on its status while we waited. Once she got it though, she knitted like the wind! She knits beautifully and I adore the set! I will def. order from her again when she opens her store!
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Renate makes some of the most beautiful pants around. Her knitting is perfect. The pants she knit for us look as if she knit them aound DS. Her customer service is perfect. She always e-mails progress and is so quick to answer any questions. She is knitting us a pair of pants with a hat and mittens right now and I can't wait. I will order from Renate again and again. I can't say enough great things. She is fantastic.
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Renate is awesome!

We have a gorgeous capris and tank top set Renate made custom for my daughter.. she did a fabulous job! turn around time was wonderful and she shipped fast!

Our top was a bit too small.. and Renate made us a new one right away in a bigger size! fancy that... a gorgeous product and top knotch customer service! I suspect her overall appeal will make this lady very busy indeed!

I can already think of a handful of other ideas I have for future customs! her ebay ID is Knitter122 and she seems to have auctions on a frequent basis.. keep watch! Hyena bait for sure!

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Another rave for Renate -- the Knitting Nana knits to perfection!! our capri sets! Gorgeous work! And yes, it's like they were knit around my daughter, too. :LOL
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Oh my, I wish Renate was my son's Nana! :LOL As it is, we have ordered from her again and again, for the past year and a half.... we have won ebay auctions from her, ordered from her when she sold as Binky Knits at Mommy's Little Helpers a long time ago, and just keep coming back for more and more custom orders whenever we can afford it for more and more longies! We have some Nana's Overalls (with matching hat and cardigan of course) that we've been testing out all year and LOVE, and want more. We just got a big bag yesterday of 4 Nanapants and 2 one-piece knitted infant woolies for my babe-on-the-way. They are to-die-for perfect and wonderful. The pants look awesome on my toddler with tons of room to grow (we worked together to ensure that), her knitting style with the 3-D crotch gusset, higher rise in the back, and full cut leg style just looks amazing on--fitted where it needs to be fitted but not like leggings around the knees. And her products we've gotten to be guinea pigs for, like the overalls and the infant one-piece suits, are just.... oh my! I'm so glad to be a part of her brainstorming and new-product-development! I want more more more of those button-up one-pieces for my infant this fall/winter, so I'm back on her custom order list waiting anxiously for my turn to get a whole wardrobe of them....
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I just got my package from Nana's Woolies -- full of goodies!! I was on her waiting list (at the recommendation of Butterflymom) and then I picked up knitting myself and ordered a bunch of yarn -- I emailed and asked if she would knit from the yarn I had purchased, and she immediately replied that yes, she would!!! I sent off my yarn as soon as it came and gave her creative license with it. She emailed with me quite a bit until we had a great plan -- and she squeezed my two pairs of longies in while she was waiting on yarn for her other orders. In the meantime, I won a FFA auction from her as well. She had my longies about done, so held the auction to send them all together. Got home this morning and they were on my doorstep -- and they are GORGEOUS!!! Renate is amazing!! The designs she came up with for my kids' longies were just amazing! I love them. And the FFA set (gnome forest) is just amazing. The knitting is flawless, and the woolies are super cute and super soft! Her CS is amazing -- she definitely gets a huge
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i just got a pair of knitted avocado pants and a matching hat from renate that i purchased off of hyena cart. they are beautiful! the pants fit perfectly, the hat is adorable, and the knitting is flawless. my only regret is that i didn't get on her custom list before she filled up!

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I have a pair of custom nana pants for my DS and they are awesome!!! Renate was wonderful to work with and her work is top notch!!! I have another custom in the works and I just can't wait to se them! Wonderful WAHnana
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