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Recurring Strep throat

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DD (6) has had several bouts of strep in the last year. Today she was again diagnosed with strep and put on antibiotics. She had not pain or fever, just horrible bad breath (I am not exaggerating here, it was so awful!) and a few little white spots. I thought she has those things on her tonsils where food debris get stuck, but the culture was positive. Usually when she has strep she vomits a lot and has a wicked sore throat. She does have big tonsils and is a restless sleeper, but no apnea that I have noticed. 22I heard somewhere that you can be a strep carrier -- ie have it all the time. Anybody out there know?
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I used to be a lot like your dd when I was her age- I got strep 6-8 times a year. Yuck! I haven't ever heard of someone being a carrier thoug. I ended up getting my tonsils and adenoids out when I was eight becuase I was getting strep so much and my tonsils were huge. Large tonsils and/or adenoids can do a lot to impare breathing at night- I was a horrible snorer until I had the surgery. It's helped, although I still get strep once or twice a year. Good luck- I hate strep!
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I already posted in the tonsils/adenoids thread, but before you resort to surgery I do have some other tips:

If your daughter isn't allergic to penicillin, request penicillin injection rather than another antibiotic. For me, this was a much more effective treatment than amoxicillin and such, in terms both of getting better quickly and of not relapsing so soon. The shot is painful, but I preferred it once I'd tried oral penicillin (big pills of MOLD, blech!), and it does work faster than oral medication. Of course, these days the strep going around may be all penicillin resistant.

As soon as she begins recovering, replace or wash anything she's been using in or near her mouth: toothbrush, bedding, bathroom drinking cup, winter scarf, etc. Took me YEARS to realize I was reinfecting myself that way!:
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Experienced something similar!!!

When I was young, my tonsils were HUGE! (I had one doctor jump up and down in joy when they were golf ball size! I think they are suppose to be peanut size)... I also was getting a lot of strep throats (don't remember details since I was 5ish at the time) EVERY doctor my mom took me to said surgrey, my mom's gut was allergies, and I was glad she went with her gut!!! I ended up having a dairy allergy, where I would eat a small amount (1 bite!) and my tonsil would swell more and I would get strep throat. I also had (ok bad spelling here ) epsteanbar and silamegaly (told ya!) with it. I saw a ND (one that is a doctor of Chinese medicine, that also does homapothy) and took several years, but got them down...

I would investigate allergies as a cause, also with all that antibiotics her immune system is problem in shock! An Acidophlis or something similar would help her, they put the good bacteria back into your system... I hope you find something to help her soon!
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Yikes! The toothbrush! I never even thought of it. Thanks everyone.
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Cats can be carriers as well as humans. I had strep many times as
a child although I didnt have the text book symptoms. I am now allergic to penicillin due to taking it everytime I had strep.
Turned out my Grandmother was a carrier.
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Momto l&a, where did you get the info that cats can carry strep strains that can be transmitted to humans? My husband is a large animal vet with a M.S. in preventive medicine, especially the study of zoonoses (diseases that transmit between species). He couldn't remember ever hearing anything about cats carrying strep that transmits to humans. I'd really like to know more about this.
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