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Getting sick baby to eat

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My nine moth old dd is sick, sick, sick. She has a miserable cough, runny nose, and I am guessing sore throat. I was really sick last week and I was hoping that she wouldn't get it- no such luck. Yesterday was an absolutely miserable day- she only slept six hours the night before and then was up all day long. We couldn't get her to sleep for anything, and we tried everything! She's feeling a little bit better tonight, but I'm concerned because she doesn't want to eat anything. She's almost exclusively bf, but everytime I put her to the breast, she arches her back and screams. I've only nursed her four times today, and none of those times lasted longer than three or four minuts. I had to pump this morning because I was so engorged, and I get sixteen ounces in ten minutes! It just shows me how much she's not eating! Anyway, my question is, when do I get concerned? She won't take a bottle, period, and she wouldn't touch any solids whatsoever. She's a big girl- off the charts for weight and stuff, but I get so sad thinking that my little one isn't eating! Any suggestions? I'm hoping that she feels better tomorrow and spends the whole day at the breast...
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Oh I'm so sorry I missed this thread!! I hope your baby is feeling better now!! It is so scary when they won't eat because of illness.

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I would use Tylenol a few times a day. If pain or fever is causing her loss of appetite, It will soothe her enough to let her eat. You don't have to use the Tylenol constantly throughout the day.

I've done this before with my guy when he had a flu or mystery virus. His fever was very mild, so I only gave the Tylenol to him once or twice a day, just so he would eat and drink (mainly drink). I was worried about dehydration, so it seemed like the best choice, and it worked.
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Stacymom, so sorry to hear your dd is sick....
maybe she is having problems with bf'ing due to runny nose. dd had the same too, I had to bf her almost upright- ie, with her sitting upright, so her nose does not get more stuffed when she's sucking. I also use the nasal aspirator to suck out her mucus from time to time. You cld also try to offer bm from a cup to keep her hydrated, which is important.
From what the old & wise always told me, the body will only be burdened by food and the digestive process when ill, which is why it;s better to just have fluids and easy to digest foods. So, there is no need to worry too much abt her nutritional needs, it will be made up. Just keep her hydrated and comfy.
Hope things improve real soon. Take care.
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If she is crying while you try to nurse her it may hurt. she may have a sore ear or throat or anything or just plain achy. I know when my dd had a sore throat she wouldnt nurse just keep trying to offer it to her because the b milk is the best for her now also she may be suffering from a stuffy nose and it makes it hard to nurse hope she is well soon
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I would nurse ds in the extremely steamy bathroom, holding him as upright as possible. Sometimes that would let him drain enough to eat. My husband was brave enough to use the snot snatcher or suck the snot out of his (ds's) nose with his (dh's) mouth. Sometimes I'd have to express some milk and rub it on my breast to entice ds to nurse.

It's so terrible to watch your baby sick and feel so helpless. I hope she's feeling better.
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Thanks everyone for your suggestions-

DD is feeling better, slowly. She's still not eating a lot, and I'm still pumping a ton, but it's getting better. I don't think that it was so much that she couldn't eat because of a stuffy nose, she would actually arch her back and scream whenever I layed her down to try and nurse. Even last night when I tried to take her in to bed and was holding her, she woke up screaming because she was in a nursing position. I tried to nurse her with her sitting up, or even standing and she just hasn't been interested. She didn't have very wet diapers today either, although she did nurse well before she went to sleep tonight... I'm just keeping my fingers crossed!
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Sounds like the ears, if she doesn't want to be in a horizontal position. I know I'm not alternative enough, but I'd use a decongestant and/or Tylenol so baby would have pain relief long enough to nurse- and stay well hydrated. If it is the ears, a decongestant would relieve some of the pressure and Tylenol would relieve some of the pain.
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