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Poll Results: Have you been with an intact male?

  • 49% (60)
    Yes - and I prefer it
  • 7% (9)
    Yes - but it was gross
  • 6% (8)
    No - and I prefer it that way
  • 36% (44)
    No - but I want to
121 Total Votes  
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Originally Posted by Frankly Speaking
Those are the kind of things that are normally said about intact men instead of circumcised men. While we are not *allowed* to complain about this treatment of intact men, it is often seen as politically incorrect to say the same things about circumcised men. That's just wrong. Those kind of things are very hurtful to intact men because it si so often stated and is "common knowledge" while circumcised men readily recognize that this is just the opinion of a single person and don't take it as offense. That clearly needs to change.


exactly. ofcourse you wont say anything about an intact penis being called gross, sweetbaby. I keep my position of finding cut penises unnatural and yes, GROSS. I dont think your husband is, it's not a personal attack.
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How about "yes- no prefence"?

LMB- how about some tact? It shouldn't be said about any man and his penis, circ'd or uncirc'd. Nor should the same be said of women who have been forcively circ'd without their permission.

And Frank- "While we are not *allowed* to complain about this treatment of intact men" We certainly should be, and hopefully many of us DO speak out against such disgusting and hurtful comments.
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see it doesn't make sense. the poll options say "yes, and it's gross" but how come there isn't a "no, I would never because it's gross" option. unfair, if you ask me.
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and for like about the fifth time i didn't say any MAN WAS GROSS.
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I would venture that LMB meant that it wasn't the MAN who is disgusting, but a circ'd penis makes her think of the circumcision itself, how it is embedded in the American culture, how doctors practically force it on us, how everyone thinks it's NORMAL to cut baby boys.
THAT is disgusting.
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You said: They gross me out just thinking about their unnatural foreskin-less penises, YUCK.

We are talking about having been or not been intimate with an intact man.

I suppose we could split hairs and say she was talking about the penis and not the man, but the reality is the penis is attached to the man, and we are specifically talking about sex with an intact or not intact penis. So when she said "gross' and "yuck" one can assume she is referring to the whole person and not just the appendage.

That said, Frank, i agree with your pov.
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well, again, I was not referring to the man, I am referring to the penis. Let me explain... for example, let's say I was single, and dating a cut man. I would refuse to have sex with him even if I he were Brad Pitt. because, even though Brad Pitt is OH MY GOSH so cute, I would be grossed out by the penis. not the man. the penis. I feel terribly bad for what his mother did to him, I do. and I hope he gets over the trauma, I wish him the best, but would *I* sleep with him? NO.
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Probably TMI...

My first serious boyfriend was intact. There was definitely less chafing and he had a lot of staying power esp for a guy that age (16-19 while we were together). Unfortunately he wasn't particularly, ah, skilled so it's hard to make an objective comparison.
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Posted "Yes and prefer it"

But, you know, seriously folks, there is a person attached to the penis. An a$$h**e with a foreskin ( is that anatomically possible?) is still a creep. (Or would it be crepe-y?)

>cough< Sorry. I've gotten like my son who now, at an uncirc'ed 2.5 years says "poop" or "penis" and giggles uncontrollably. My mind is in the gutter.
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Something about this thread makes me sad...
LMB, I do see your point, and you're being very honest. But that's so sad that a hypothetical man is now repulsive to you because of something done to him as a baby.
But I can understand it, nevertheless.
To really see where you're coming from requires a streach of the imagination, though.
I have to think in terms of "Suppose I was a lesbian" (which is already pretty far out, but not inconcieveable)...and suppose I met a woman I liked immensely who immigrated to America from Africa when she was little. But she'd been circed before she got here.
Honestly, I think this would affect my attraction to her. It would just be terribly disturbing...
This might be shallow, but I wouldn't be able to help it.
Sad, sad, sad...
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see, Kelly? it's sad that I feel repulsed by it, it IS sad. I'm sorry but that is the way I feel. I am usually very honest and get in trouble because I say exactly what I feel. I do not feel it towards the man, I feel bad that this still happens to people, I feel for every man or boy whose mother did this to him. I do. but in sexual preferences, I prefer natural men, because I feel, I don't know. It would be disturbing. I would think about a crying baby in agony the whole time we would be doing it, and THAT grosses me out. comprende??
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Two out of the three men I have been with have been intact- including my husband

I can honestly say I MUCH prefer it.
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I get what you're saying to, I was only suggesting tact. Things like that make me hesitant to send circ'd men here for information on circing their children... you know?
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Its not what you say, but how you say it.

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I voted No but would like to, but only if my DF ever died or something. I've only been with circ'ed guys and had never even seen an intact penis until my DS was born. I jut found out last year that my brother is intact, but how would I have known? My mom was surprised that I never knew.

I'm not going to go looking for an intact man to sleep with because I love Fred, but I often wish that he was intact. But I'll never tell him that.
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I couldn't do the poll cause I'd say yes but I don't care whether they are or aren't. Circed/uncirced penis is not an important criteria for me, in a man at least. I wouldn't circ a son but that's another matter. There are other more repulsive physical characteristics of penises than whether they're circed or not IMO, you know shapes etc. Actually all the men I was with were uncirumcised except my current American dh. He's the anomaly - I guess a circed penis looked strange at first but not repulsive.
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ive seen both and did prefer intact, but its the man behind it that counts and i wouldnt care whether intact or not as long as he knows how to use it!!!! lol.
Although i would never circ my son, as i personally dont believe in it.

Some may say im lucky as dh is a half and half!!!! what i hear u say. basically he had a little accident when little and they just removed some of the foreskin. Because he my life partner and the one i love, i would have to say then that half and half is my preference, but thats purely because of the man and not the penis itself
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I've been with both types, and to be honest, I didn't even notice. When erect, they both looked exactly the same.

As for preference, I prefer un-circ'd, because my husband is un-circ'd. He seems to be able to "go" a lot longer while being intimate, and enjoys it more than the other 2 guys I had been with that were circ'd. I definitly have no complaints.
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There wasn't a voting choice for just NO. I've never thought about it yeah or neah on whether or not I want to. And since i'm married to an circ man, I wouldn't dream of having sex with someone else.

I date a guy in HS who was intact, but I didn't know it until years later. He was visiting with his son who was intact, bath time I noticed it. I asked why he wasn't circed, I'm not was the answer. TMI

Of the few men I've seen or had contact with all were circed.

I learned since I've had my 1st son that my father is intact and his brother is not. My father was particularly happy that we circed our boys. I think he has had problems all his life with being intact. And a traumatic experience with retraction at age 13! I feel so saddened by that.

If I knew then, what I know now... I would have cried even more for my sons. My dh made the decision to circ and I cried. PP crying on top of that.
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I think it would be something to experience but I never will. My dh is circed and I have no plans on leaving him anytime soon. Sure, I look at his penis and I am a little sad. I am sad by what he does not get to experience because he was circed but he is my husband and I love him just the way he is . . . It has more to do with the person than the penis for me.

Though, I will admit if he was intact it might be a little nicer. We sure do have a chaffing problem and I produce A LOT of lubrication myself so I assume it has to do with him being circed.
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