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I often wonder as adults how we would feel if we were sad, hurt etc.. and kept calling our husbands name, and they just left us alone and upset? How do we then think an infant feels? Breaks my heart!
Wow, well said. I did CIO with my first, back when I was more mainstream... this makes me sad. I would hate it if that happened to me!

I also let my twins cry more than I would like, when there isn't enough ME to go around. It's hard. And sometimes I have to let them cry because I'm getting agitated and know my limits. Seems like every time that happens, they end up falling asleep quickly anyway, either God giving me a break or they were just too stimulated by me trying to calm them. But never for long, and never in the middle of the night.

I figure they're waking for a reason -- hungry or wet or something. Their tummies are tiny. I'm always amazed when one of mine does sleep through the night -- how can they go that long without starving, LOL? Does your sister in law nurse the babies? That can make a difference. I'm sure most of her twin club moms don't nurse theirs, so she should not make the same comparisons to a breastfed baby. My friend has 3 year old twins who until recently were still waking once or twice at night to eat/snuggle. My babies are 5 months old now. They can go in long stretches, but usually wake 1 or 2 times to nurse in bed. I feel rested. When McKenna fell asleep in her carseat 2 nights ago, I left her buckled there in the hall and she slept nearly 11 hours straight!!!! Without a peep. Even without a super soaker nighttime dipe on. Astonishing. But gosh, if it were my expectation that that should be the daily routine, I'd be one pissed off mama!!! Instead, I pretty much have eliminated all expectations now, and so anything is like a wonderful gift.