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Wrap ?'s

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Hi all,
I've just started to use my wrap because i think it would make long trips so much better on my back then ring sling or kkafp... but while i'm using it i think i have dd to HIGH in it... is that possilbe, i've heard of other having the baby to low and it killing thier back, can they be to high. i'm stilling in the rocking chair with her and her head is almost in my kneck, but her butt is at waist, i do have a very very short torso, and allie was just at the dr today and is 23 inches long (very tall for 5 weeks!!!) any tips, is there any other way to carry a nb in a strechy wrap other then tumy to tumy???
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At 5 weeks you can try the Tibetan back tie (with a stretchy wrap bring the cloth all the way under her feet like a little bag), cradle holds of various sorts, and a sideways reclining position, also a mamababy-type burp position.

You may just have her centered so that you are holding your neck at an awkward angle, try moving her to the left or right a bit. She should be wherever you would naturally hold her in-arms when you are finished tying your wrap.

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