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april amas chat thread, sept 27-oct 4

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thought i'd start off the week (ok, a coupla days late) with a great big hurrah for serenity's nephew! home at last. and <--cause i wish i could have some. sound like she even thinks maybe little guy is going to train his mom to co-sleep.

so how are the rest of us? feeling better i hope. today i've had an awful case of the grumpies, but am feeling in better spirits now. wow, it is so frustrating wanting to do stuff but being too sick to do it. i am pulling my hair out around here. HOWEVER, i had an awful miscarriage dream last night and all of a sudden i am not so ambivalent about this pregnancy, suddenly i really want this babe to stick. i am finally beginning to gain back all the wieght i lost, and i think even though my jeans are still saggy on my butt, the belly seems to be snugging up nicely. maybe just bloat, but a girl can hope.

jesse has promised to do her best to get us a side view of that fabulous belly, please give a shout when you get one, jesse.

so how about a question of the week? i'll shoot: one of my first pregnancy symptoms is always super vivid dreams. some of them i cant share but lots are just weird. what about you? what pregnacy induced dreams have you had so far? i cant think of wich one to share right now, but i'll post as soon as it comes to me.
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PG Dreams

I have crazy ones all the time! One wsa that my mom and i went for a want through this shopping district (where, i dont know!) and all of the consignment stores where closed and empty, a furniture one, kids, and women's clothes. And the antique store had been turned into a victorian museum, with all these mannequins dressed in vintsage clothes from the closed store, sitting around tables, like a tea shop, with china place settings. As we went up to peer in the window, I realized the mannequins were actually women posing!

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Dreams! Oh man, I had some crazy ones when I was pregnant with DD. This time, my sleep is interrupted so regularly, I don't have or remember as many. The ones I do remember are usually sex dreams but I did have one a few weeks ago - I dreamed I gave birth in the house where I grew up. On a mattress in the kitchen. Nobody else around as far as I remember. The baby was a boy and he had two teeth already - two of his top front ones. I took him and showed him to my dad at some point - "Look, he has teeth!"

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Oh yeah, I just remembered I dreamed I had twins, and they were laying on the bed next to me (on this huge 4 poster bed) and I was trying to figure out how to pick them both up and still be able to support their heads! :
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thanks for starting this thread sunbaby

As for the side shot, I swear I'll post it soon...maybe I'll ask my wife to post it today b/c she's home.

I'm really starting to feel better and better...more good days than bad...I had a burst of nesting type energy last night (oddly enough, after caving in for my craving for a root beer! in fact I felt so good after having it I 2x checked the A&W website to make sure it had no caffeine : ) So I totally cleaned up the downstairs of our house...including washing walls!!?? and made a nice dinner for Beth who had a hockey tryout last night. It felt good, and despite still sleeping badly (I almost always wake up having to pee around 3-4 and stay awake for 1-2 hours) I am feeling generally more energetic today. Last night was my very last night of taking progesterone vaginal suppositories....and let me tell you I am THRILLED to be done with those! And also glad to be moving more out of m/c risk zone too....

Of course after doing that cleaning and carrying a dozen cobs of corn home from the market yesterday, my back is killing me! Ah well....

Great dreams you have all shared! Weirdly, I haven't been having as many weird dreams that I've been remembering, in any case...last time I was pg I had more. Maybe I'm not getting enough sleep or not remembering them....

time to end this novel!
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Excellent question
Yup i'm having crazy dreams. Oddy many of them involve me just going off and yelling at people.

Last night I dreamed that someone driving through a parking lot backed up without looking and almost ran over dd #1. In the dream when the lady got out of her car, I figuratively "ripped her a new one." Swearing and yelling like you wouldn't believe until she ran way.

In IRL I've been kinda PO'ed at my gym's daycare for letting the toddlers watch TV, I guess I've got some pent up anger issues.
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Hi Everyone...
This is Beth, Wan2bemama's wife. I've been lurking around MDC for ages and they finally made me sign up for a profile... I was wondering if you'd let me join the group too (Jesse said it would be okay with her... Hi Jes!) there aren't really any good groups for the non-pregnant wives of pregnant lesbian women out there (go figure!)

I just want to assure you, Jes really does have a GREAT little belly going on and that she's doing a faboulous job coping with feeling icky and while I'd LOVE to post a side shot of Jes on our baby web page, I can't figure out how to do it so you'll have to wait until she gets home (and how do I get a cool signature like you guys all have?!?)

on the topic of the week... I keep dreaming that I'm going to drop the baby when I try to catch it when Jes is in labour and then she's really mad at me cause I can't find the baby. I know I'm not supposed to be dreaming but I think the pregnancy vibes going on are affecting me too...

Hope you'll all let me play! (I'm really nice! I promise!)

ps- Jes, you washed the walls? i'm going to have to go look at them! sorry I missed it! That's SOOOO impressive!
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Beth- Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! Glad you have joined us and we will look forward to hearing from both of you as we all progress. I do have a question for you and Jes, if its not too personal - if it is just say so! How did you guys decide who would carry the baby?

Beth, if you click on "UserCP" on the left hand side of the tool bar, you will see a thing on the left nav bar that says "Edit Signature" and you can create yours.

As far as dreams go, I have not had any out-of-the-ordinary ones, but I'm curious to see if I have my recurring dream during pregnancy and how it is different. For the last 10-12 years I've had a recurring dream (once every 6-9 months or so) about being on an airplane that has a serious problem. We all think that we are going to crash, but somehow the plane always lands safely, usually on a freeway or just a regular street somewhere, and then the pilot just "drives" us to the airport. Some of them have been in bizarre locations, and there are usually several people on the plane that I know, and most times my husband is with me. Weird, huh?
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YAY! Welcome, Beth! I fully support you coming to play and am happy to see you here!

Dreams: Yeah, I've had some doozies. Normally, I don't remember my dreams, but lately I have been waking up remembering my dreams perfectly. Last night I dreamed about going to a hotel, which turned out to be hosting the AMAs (American Music Awards). I was unable to find my hotel room because layout was soooo confusing. I ran into the Osbornes but didn't really pay too much attention to them but got "bumped" (shoved really) by one of their body guards or friends b/c I was too close or something. I also remember going up an elevator and getting off balance and not being able to stand up b/c it felt like the whole world was moving around (kind of like a soft rolling earthquake). No one else seemed to take notice of the fact the earth was moving and I couldn't stand up straight! LOL. I'll stop rambling now!

Would love to hear more stories!
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Speedknitter! I've had that dream before!! It was when I was pg with our ds. I was so scared we were going to crash: divebombing down out of the sky, pulling up just in time, just missing powerlines, squeaking between buildings, just missing hills, and then somehow miraculously landing on a street or highway. Then the pilot drove us to the airport. How funny! I'm glad to see someone else has/d this dream. I've never had a fear of flying and I've only had it once, so who knows where this one came from for me...!
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welcome beth.

wan2be -- sorry to hear about your sleeping problem. i had the same thing happening to me several weeks ago. dd would wake up around 3am and i'd stay awake for 1-2 hours. we brought dd to bed with us and the problem has lessened significantly. though dh keeps joking about where is he going to sleep when the new baby comes. :LOL

i've been having a lot of bizarre dreams. fewer since i started sleeping better. but last night i had a dream i was on a bus to headed to canada. my whole family was on the bus (my dad, mom, sister, brother, husband, and dd). also on the bus was my former boss. we were crossing the border coming home and i realized i didn't have dd's birth certificate or any id for myself. i don't know what happened after that though. but i woke up stressed.
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Yay, Beth has come out of lurkdom. I saw your name at the bottom of the screen (the who's in this forum place) a couple of times and figured you must be the other mama. Glad you've officially joined the group.

Dreams: Many, many, many weird dreams this pregnancy. I think I already mentioned the one where I had a boy that everyone insisted was a girl and named "Gladys" without getting my opinion first. Then, there are the strange series of having-sex-with-men-I-would-never-have-sex-with-dreams (high school teachers, smarmy characters from old tv shows, classmates from high school... reallllly random). I wish if I was having sex dreams, they'd at least be about people I found attractive!

My latest and greatest weird dream was one of those college exam flashback dreams. I was sitting with the class (taking physics- eek!) in this huge lecture hall (from my law school- huh?). The prof, who though he was really cool, decided to play a really loud movie during the exam. I couldn't concentrate at all, so I left the room and took the test in the hallway. I ended up running out of time and being pretty sure I failed the test. Not all that unusual, huh? Well, here's the kicker. The test was written on this HUGE (eggplant-sized) zucchini. I'm pretty sure everybody had a zucchini. But somehow, when I left the room, I forgot that we weren't supposed to write our answers on the zucchini. So I tried to smoosh everything on there and it was just awful. Plus, my pen (a ballpoint) didn't always write well on the test zucchini because it was kind-of wet and, well, vegetably. It was all terribly upsetting. When time was up and I realized my mistake, I tried desparately to come up with a way to convince the prof to let me transfer my answers to paper (also hoping I could cheat and get some more information down). Ummmm... random!

Bonus points for anyone who read that whole dream. Triple bonus points if you have any earthly clue what it means!
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wow, crat19 that is freaky our dreams are so similar. I can't connect it to anything and I've never really had a bad experience flying and am not afraid of flying either.

I'm still having sleeping problems too, but I've found that if I just give into it and get up and read or watch TV for a little while then I can fall back asleep. I try not to disturb dh, but the doggies are always good for a cuddle in the middle of the night..they are so sweet.
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stream, your zuccini dream cracked me up. that is hysterical.

must be something about zuccinis in the air- a few weeks ago a little kitten came into our garden looking for help. when i told dd what i was thinking of naming him, she said very decidedly and without hesitation, "no. his name is Zuccini." of course, now he is very clearly her kitten. her kitten named zuccini.

:, beth.

warning, TMI ahead. i cant believe that outa all the dreams i've been having i cant think of a good one to share. the only one that pops right to mind, i cant say much about, except that i was a man. dont know what the heck that's supposed to mean. especially when i am at the height of my femaleness, right? ok, enough said.

the recurring dream i had when i was pregnant with dd was that she came out my womb with the abilities of a four or five year old. and on one hand i was all proud, like, yes, my child is a prodigy. but then all of a sudden grief would strike me, feeling whoa, wait a minute, i cant remember her babyhood. i dont even remember her birth. i want a real BABY!

but by far the best dream ever was when i was getting really impatient and big near dd's due date, and i just wanted to meet her so badly i felt i'd explode when i dreamed that: my baby was still in my belly, but i could see him/her very clearly- every detail of the face just by looking down at my belly. and baby and i were exchanging meaningful looks and tender eye contact, and we were communicating. even though everyone else who looked at my belly just saw my big ole belly.
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Hi everyone,
thanks for the warm welcome (and the instructions on how to get a sig line. I LOVE the available smilies! I might have to change my sig often just to have fun using them! They just need a hockey playing one... !)

Speedknitter, your question about how we decided who would carry our child made me laugh... you have no idea how many times we get asked this! in fact it's usually the first question i get after i tell someone that Jesse's pregnant (even before, when is she due and do you want a girl or a boy) It was actually a very easy decision for us. Jes really wanted to be pregnant and I was really happy for her to have our first child! there really wasn't any conflict. When we have our second I'll most likely carry.

Anyway, I hope you are all having great days not feeling sick! I'm in teachers college this year and have Thursdays and Fridays off so am currently 'reading' one of my course books by listening to it on tape (the hard copy was checked out at the library and i'm too cheap to pay for my own copy since we'll only need it for 3 classes) and doing housework. somehow the internet seems more fun
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Hi everyone!
Thanks for giving such a warm welcome to my wonderful wife! she's very sweet!

I have finally updated the belly shots (see link below), and there is a BIT of a side belly there

the dreams are great...after reading about them I finally had my first pg related dreamas that I can remember. Both were anxiety dreams about labour!

In the first one, I was approaching my due date, but didn't feel ready... I hadn't done yoga, I hadn't gone to any classes, and I hadn't even read any good books. So I snuck into this huge public library late at night, and turned on the light, and filling the whole room were lots & lots of women, some pg and some not, doing yoga, all being led by MY midwife! I felt very much like I had done something wrong, both in interrupting and in being completely unprepared!

I also had a rather scary dream...I was labouring at home with Beth & my midwife's support, and all was going well, and then I went to push and what came out but a foot rather than the head! The midwife looked very concerned & said we would have to go to the hospital....

Meanwhile, I've still got LOTS of time to get ready! Our first mw appointment is on Monday, and I can't wait! I'm looking forward to being less tired, soon...as I'm not getting much work done and our strike is getting closer...

I'm off to visit my sister this weekend, so have a great weekend everyone

(ETA: Seren, I'm so glad to hear your nephew is okay )
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Welcome Beth! It's nice to have partners involved in this too!

Jesse, you have a cute little tummy!

Seren, I'm so glad your nephew is home! I hope he's doing great with nursing and that his mama realizes how much he needs to be close to her at all times right now. Co-sleeping isn't for everyone, but many babies really do need it.

All the dreams are interesting to read about. Especially the plane crash ones and the ones where you're at the end of pregnancy and totally unprepared. I had the unprepared ones last time, and I'm sure we will again... especially since we're birthing at home and there'll be supplies to buy and a pool to rent and set up, etc. I'll just have to be organized. *Snort* That's realistic.

We've been agonizing over what kind of car to get for a while. When I was pg with DD, we bought a Saturn SL2, which is barely big enough for one rear-facing carseat (what WERE we thinking? ). It's been pretty obvious for a while that we'd need to buy something different before the next baby. Since we use Britax carseats, which are huge, our choices are quite limited. Most vehicles don't have enough space in the backseat for a rear-facing Britax Marathon in the outboard positions, and also don't have enough room for THREE carseats (we're still undecided about having more than two kids). So it was looking like it was time for a minivan. I can't tell you how much this pains me... I learned to drive in a minivan and I hated it. We've always driven little, fuel-efficient cars with stick shifts. Minivans don't come with manual transmissions. *sigh* Well, we went looking at used cars Thursday and found that they charge a ton for used minivans (almost $10k for a '97 Caravan with 130k miles! : ) so we decided to look at new, despite our insistence on buying used. We ended up with a 2005 Dodge Caravan SXT, and it's so nice. It's got LATCH, so putting DD's carseat in is a SNAP. It's comfy, I can actually see on the road with all the SUVs, and it's got a great sound system. Our payments on it are about $0.50 more than our Saturn payments, so it fits into our budget well enough. I just feel like I've sold my soul to the devil :LOL After all the nasty things I've thought about minivans and some of the people who drive them, I went and bought one. I think we'll be driving it for years to come, though. I just hope it's as good to us as our little cars have been. I did feel bad trading in our little red car though... it was our first new car and it was SO good in the winter. But things change, such is life.

Yes, I'm up at 2:30, wide awake and chatty. I love pregnancy! My DH on the other hand... he's not so hot on it tonight. :LOL
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I'm having a boy! I'm having a boy!!!!

We're not telling non-e-friends or family until he's born, though. I just HAD to tell someone!!! I was totally shocked that we found out today. I'm having a BOOOOOOOYYYYY!!!!! Yipeeeeee!!!!!
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Gosh, I totally missed this thread. Thanks for all the thoughts on my nephew. He's doing so well. NUrsing isn't going great. I'm going to buy some medicine for my sister to help with her milk production, but it's expensive, so I'm only going to do it if she is absolutely commited to reestablishing her supply.

Welcome Beth! It's great to see you here!

I had my first midwife appointment last Friday. It was pretty horrible. I did get to see my favorite midwife. There was only one in the practice when I had my ds, but they have a new one now. SHe's very skinny and isn't very nice about my weight. Anyways, I couldn't get my pap done (gee, too bad) because the paperwork has changed and the receptionist was out of town. My midwife, Anita, didn't want to mess it up and me have to have another. She stuck me three times trying to get blood, but I was too dehydrated. Now I have a huge bruise in my arm. And it hurts. And we couldn't hear the baby heartbeat. We heard it a bit, but I am quite overweight so it's harder. And my heartbeat is very fast, over 100, and it was loud, so that made it harder to hear baby. So I go back the 18, to try to do all of that again.

And since I didn't have a period after the miscarriage and wasn't charting since I didn't think I would get pregnant using condoms (although I did once before, too) we really don't know when I'm due. Not until the ultrasound around 20 weeks, which in our estimate is in 8 weeks. SO FAR AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!

Dreams, not many this time. With my last pregnancy I had the most horrible dream. It was right after I found out i was pregnant, so about 6 weeks. I had a dream that dh had died. It was so real that I woke up crying. I was turned away from him and wasn't touching his body, we were each cuddled up with a child, and I thought it was real. I was seriously shocked when I rolled over and he was still there. Oh, it was awful!!!!!
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Gina-- Congrats! Very exciting! Remind me-- did you have CVS testing or something? It seems so early to find out. Woo-hoo!!

Seren-- Glad nephew is doing a little better. And what a creepy dream... glad you haven't had any of that variety this time around. I remember dreaming that my dad had died when I was in high school (he's still alive, btw), and waking up and not even being sad-- just taking it as a reality, it was that real. Strange.

Crapola day at work today. Some bad writing is on the wall-- without getting into details, I have a 30 day ultimatum. If I can't meet the target they've set, my "employment will be terminated." Super!
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