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Will someone please explain ...

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... the Christian view of "satan"?

In the Jewish view he's just another "angel," kind of like a prosecuting attorney. Not a bad guy necessarily, but always quick to point out your faults and see the worst in you.

My understanding of the Christian view is that he's like this mega-entity who's opposite to G-d, like the dark side of the force or something like that.

Any explanations would be appreciated ...

- Amy
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I just happened to start loking int othis, as their are many different thoughts on Satan, even amonst Christians.

When I was taking the discussions for the LDS church, I was told that Satan used to be an angel who wanted to be 'higher than the most high' Bigger than God....he fell, blah, blah, blah...but also, just like Jesus, he is, was, or literal brother.

Now, I have been doing some more reading and found this out:

Satan, who name was Lucifer(this name was used only once in the Holy bible) used to be one of the most revered(sp?) among God's angels, he was Jesus' right hand man. His name(Lucifer) means Morning Star, or Bright One, so it seems that Lucifer used to be a great angel.

But then I read that Satan has always been bad. He is the father of lies and hate. Of course now that you ask I don't have the websites, but did a search and found this one:


** I haven't thoroughly read through this site, so if you find anyn flaws, they aren't mine
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Here is something I thought was really cool...

We shouldn't be afraid of death or the 'end', because Christians already KNOW how it will end, and we WIN!
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I'm LDS, and we believe in Lucifer as a fallen angel, or more like THE fallen angel. We believe in a big gathering of all the spirit children of God the Father, before the earth was created, where He presented His plan for us--to have an earth created where we could go down to it and gain physical bodies, progress and learn spiritually, choose our own spiritual course, and then after death regain our bodies through resurrection to become like the Father.

Jesus presented this plan as the plan of God the Father and Lucifer presented an alternate Plan in direct opposition to God the Father. One third of the host of heaven followed Lucifer, and those spirits were cast out of heaven, never to receive physical bodies. So we believe that because we are here on the earth, we were with the two thirds majority group, and more than anything Satan wants us to not have our physical bodies. Although we believe in the ultimate triumph of God and Christ and good over evil/Lucifer, we also believe that he engages in one-on-one battle with individuals on earth, each of them for their soul. And each person on the earth gets to choose.

I know that's long, but to understand our view of Lucifer, I thought it would make sense to have an understanding of where we believe he came from.
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I believe that Satan was known as Lucifer and was a bright and shining angel of God who was well loved by God. It is thought he might have been the third Archangel along with Michael and Gabriel. He then fell victim to the sin of pride and believed he was better than God. He was cast out of Heaven along with one third of GOd's angels who followed him. He is not equal to God, so I am not sure I can say he is the opposite of God. But where God and Christ speak of the light and the truth and love, Satan practices hatred, deceit and lives in darkness. Many people in my denomination profess to not believe in Satan, but I do.
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I do consider myself Christian but do not believe in Satan as commonly taught. I know the story of Lucifer and over the years it has been explained as he left God and started an "evil gang" or he is actually a special Angel who still overlooks "hell" for God.

I also do not believe in hell as many Christian do. I believe in gnostic Christian treachings (for the most part), which explains that the only place you will find "hell" is here on Earth. I will happily explain more but later, cause DS is crying...
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Yes, we see Lucifer (a fallen angel) as the opposite of God.
This is a thought that really stops me short, since all creations are from God, who has no equal (or opposite). I grew up Catholic, and my (lack of) understanding from what I was taught in parochial school, led me to create this picture of God and Satan duking it out and humans caught in the crossfire. Wrong, yes. But that was the picture I somehow had managed to develop. I knew in my heart this was more like something from Superfriends or the horror films of the 70s, but it just persisted. Maybe it was so many biblical illustrations.

No you didn't ask, but my understanding of Satan is (1) he is indeed a fallen angel because of his pride; and (2) his only power is to "whisper" thoughts of sin (pride/doubt/anger/envy/etc) into our minds. No "real" power--no material power--only the power we choose to give him when we choose the wrong way.

I really love John Milton and Dante, but their Satans were so...superbad.
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