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Toddler Beds For Two yr olds

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Sigh- yup that time has come for us. My two yr twin boys Ryan and Darian are climbing out of their cribs as they wish. I have set up one bed but as of yet they have no intrest in sleeping in it. This weekend I'm thinking of setting up the other bed and taking down their cribs. I'm not looking foward to it at all. Ya know bed time is my time, time to me that I don't get much of with the twins and a four yr old too. So night times I really look foward too.
Any toddlers here they are in beds, how did you get them to stay there, not getting up playing toys. Bugging the other who is tried and wants to sleep. How long did it take for them to get use to the idea of big boys beds? Pointers for me is a must, lol
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My twins never had cribs. But they shared a full-sized bed from 12mos. They slept sideways, since they were short and s parent could lay between them. We layed down with them, read stories, and if they didn't stay in bed when we left, we came back and held them until they slept. That ranged from holding hands, patting, hugging to absolute physical restraint. It was exhausting. But we did and still do believe that bedtime should be non-negotiable.
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My boys had 2 little toddler beds pushed up together side by side. They picked out special big boy bed blankets for their new beds. Every night I sat on the foot of the beds & read their good night story (same story every night), then we sang twinkle twinkle little star & I stayed there until they dozed or got really drowsy. My grandma also got them one of those little nightlight things that looks like fish swimming on the walls. Once they fell asleep they were fine all night. We also had a sleeping room & a play room so there were no toys in the sleeping room for them to get up & play with.
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What age were they when they started in toddler beds? Pushing the beds side to side I never thought about that, might be more comforting for them. Were they in seperate cribs before?
The toys out of the room, oh I'd love to do that but no other rooms avaliable here.
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Mine went to the toddler beds probably about 2 years, I can't really remember exactly. When they were tiny they shared a crib & then as they got older they slept in side by side cribs. I guess that's why I did the toddler beds that way.
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My 19-month-olds have their own twin beds. We decided to skip the toddler size and got twin beds that will convert to a bunkbed. I wanted to be able to still lie with them comfortably (we were cosleeping until 18 months). There are guard rails on the sides of the beds that leave only about an 18-inch opening on one side to get on and off. So, even though they can get in and out of bed alone, I think they do feel somewhat contained up there. They never get out of bed in the middle of the night, even when they wake up. They do get out of bed after their naps, but that's okay. I guess I am just used to them being able to get out of bed at will since they've been doing it since they started crawling. Before long I bet the novelty will wear off and your twins will return to their old bedtime routine.
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We decided toddler beds are a huge waste of money (for us) and got bunkable twin beds. We sprang for nice ones (solid maple) because I want them to hold up really well over the years and eventually be furniture that dh and I will still want to have around (e.g., in a guest room) after the kids are gone. Also, the non-toxic aspect was important to me (i.e., no laminates). They look great as twin beds - not all bunkable twins do, in case you go that route. This way we can even leave them as twin beds forever if we want.

We switched them into "big boy and big girl" beds in late August (so they were 2 yrs. 3 mos. old). I actually find them FAR safer than toddler beds... those skimpy built in rails on *some* toddler beds (the ones we had available to us in stores around here) wouldn't hold dd and ds if they tried and they only go like halfway down the beds. Plus, I couldn't find any that were solid wood - no plastics, laminates, toxic off-gassing, etc.

We bought the greatest bed rails... made by Regalo they leave only a small space on either end - definitely not enough to fall out of. They also tilt down to make bed changes easy. They are soft mesh so dd and ds, who until recently still could be found pressed up against the safety rails, won't get hurt by hard plastic or wood or anything.


For us, the final decision was that we don't have a large house but DO have lots of relatives who love to come and visit. With just one "real" guest bedroom with a queen bed in it, we wanted the additional flexibility of being able to put 2 people in the kids' room while dd and ds sleep in our room slumber-party style in sleeping bags on the floor.

The switch to big kids beds (again, in their own room - but adjacent to ours about 10 feet away... small houses are great in this way!!) went smoothly for bedtime and less so for naps. At first they didn't get out of bed at all, but within 2 or 3 weeks, soon they were bouncing in and out like two kangaroos at naptime, even when I knew they were exhausted. We cracked down (gently of course) and now they go right down for naps as well.
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our girls started sleeping in toddler beds at around 20 months. let me tell you, the first week or so had us wishing they had never learned to climb out of their cribs in the first place (we were so proud!). they took turns each getting out of bed and coming to the door to call us for about two hours each night. within 10 days or so, though, they began to grow accustomed to the new arrangement, and got up less (they are still waking a couple of times a night..they just want a kiss and a cuddle to get back to sleep, but theyre 4!).

we never put the beds together, though.... why didnt we think of that? good grief!
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