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Simplifying means downsizing ...

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We're actually trying to sell a lot of our stuff, to get money and to simplify.

So yesterday I went through our CD collection and kept only that without which I cannot live: All my Beatles, together and apart; all my Grateful Dead; all my Dylan; all my Steely Dan; most (but not all!) of my Neil Young; and a few assorted single specialties that I can't give up ... my Yes, "Close to the Edge," Jefferson Airplane, Pink Floyd.

Those that I am giving away (100-some-odd) include, interestingly enough as an afterthought, all the women musicians ... Kate Bush, Bonnie Raitt, Enya, Joan Osborne, Suzanne Vega, Toni Childs ...

I guess I loved those CDs, but since we don't have room for this in our lives anymore, these are the ones I can easily do without.

And yes, I've dated myself by this list, I know. I am in the 40-range.

But seriously, which do you have that you can live without ... and is there a genre that you once loved that you've lost?
And which will go with you to your deathbed?

- Amy
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Amy, I can relate. I'm not moved by Seattle grunge anymore, for example. And art school bands like Throwing Muses don't hit me the same way either. But I do like bands like Rage Against the Machine and P.O.D.--even System of a Down.

So many artists from the 60's transcend trends for me--Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, the Beatles, etc.

U2 and REM.


All types of world music--Khaled, Gipsy Kings, etc.

Classical music & jazz.
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Dave Matthews Band! Natalie Merchant! Sarah McLachlan! I love guitar rich "classic" rock (but not neccisarily just 'classics', but just saying rock by itself can bring up anything from Santana to Metallica). I suppose that my favorites could change, afterall I'm only 24, but I adore these artists now and don't think those will change much
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amyrpk-dating myself too: Van Morrison and Joni Mitchell, Grateful Dead and Beatles.
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