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Bridget's Woolen Soakers

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I adore Bridget's soakers (http://www.bridgetssoakers.com). I hesitate to even say it because i want to keep you all away. But i can no longer keep my mouth closed.

We have 4 Bridget's soakers (with one more on the way!), some with knit-in designs, some with embroidery. I'm waiting for my first fair isle, and I'm sure I won't be disappointed. Her work is flawless, the designs are adorable. The yarns she uses are soft and pliable, but very trim. She's now offering hand-painted yarns so I need to start saving my pennies for my 6th.

These soakers are surprisingly not as delicate as they seem at first glance. I don't hesitate to use a Bridget soaker as an overnighter.

We also have a Bear Bottom, though it's generally found on a bunny (as seen on Bridget's site here: http://woollensoakers.easystorecreat...In_Stock_Items !) or a baby doll. My 17 month daughter loves diapering her baby.

Though she's located in New Zealand, shipping is speedy and no more expensive than shipping within the US. Bridget is charming and accommodating and will work with you to come up with any design.
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I ordered a custom soaker from Bridget, and I was overall satisfied with the customer service, the soaker and the experience.

First, Brigdet stayed in constant contact with me about the size and design of the soaker. She emailed me photos throughout the entire process to make sure I was satisfied. This was above and beyond the call of duty. It was excellent to see the soaker from start to finish.

Second, the shipping was speedy. The customer service was phenomenal. The soaker was soft, beautiful, held up well and well worth every penny.

Overall an excellent experience with a WAHM.
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I just got 3 custom soakers from Bridgit and I cant stop petting them. They are the absolute prettiest soakers I have ever seen. I honestly didnt know wool could be this soft either. I am seriously in love. I could not believe how quickly I got them too. If you need wool, seriously run to her site as fast as you can
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I can't rave enough about Bridget - I've gotten 6 custom soakers from her so far and just ordered to pair of her now Bridgie Pants. Everything she's made for me has been beautiful, so soft and just as I asked for. The orders come amazingly fast too - she sends pics as she progresses (usually takes about a week for her to finish) and the shipping is so quick considering it's overseas.

I once had a soaker from her that didn't fit DS exactly like I liked and she told me just to keep that one and made me a new one! She rocks!

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I have one pair of longies from Bridget and another one the way. She is amazing! So talented!
I described my ideas to her & she created the most meaningful clothing/diapering item my DD has ever had! (We have used them overnight, too!) "Katie's Garden" represents our trees and garden that we planted last year.
She also sent me pics of every step, asked lots of questions, really made sure that I was satisfied with everything. I am THRILLED with them!!! Can't wait to order more!!!
(Hope I'm allowed to include pics- I want others to see the incredible detail that went into these)
front back Katie modelling them
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We have a soaker and longies from Bridget. Divine, simply divine. You are missing out if you don't have something made by Bridget!! She is a joy to work with on customs and she goes the extra mile to finish your item quickly and ship it immediately!
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I LOVE my bridget's soakers. She is now sold only through Wildflowerdiapers.com and Shannon has a great selection. I have three soakers now and I want more! The details are amazing, the yarn is so soft. These are what first got me hooked on wool. Definitly worth buying.
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