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Paragard is awesome!

I am 20 years old and a college student. Im currently on my second period after getting my Copper IUD inserted. I basically got it done because i was sick of having to take a bc pill each day. The day after I got it inserted, I did some real research and psyched myself out and thought I made a huge mistake after reading many horror stories.

HOWEVER, i abesolutely love it!! My first period came a month after inserted with yes, an expected heavier flow, however still lasted the same number of days. Cramping was pretty minimal. No spotting or cramping after my period. Although, I got my period a week early for my 2nd one I am experiencing no cramping. I get a thick discharge (no odor) at certain parts of my cycle but consider it normal. Ive had sex since, and i totally forgot about my IUD until after the sex!! my sex drive if anything has increased because the hormones in my old bc pills dried me up, now its all slip and slide!

I abesolutely reccomend this method!!!
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Mirena vs. paraguard

I have now had both IUD's. I'm 26 and have never had children, but have tried the pill, ring and now IUD's as birth control methods. I've been with my husband now for about 6 years and the IUD has been the best thing for me. The Mirena was a horrible experience. This was the first one I had and figured everything would be fine, but not kidding you, I gained 20 lbs. in about 2 months and nothing I did would help me take the weight off. I trained for and walked in the 3day (60 miles in three days) and nothing. No weight loss. If anything I gained then too. I was depressed and sad all the time. My husband finally told me after I switched to the paraguard that he found me unattractive and didn't want to have sex with me because I was so big. Sad. Not I'm on the paraguard. That switch was really easy. Had heavy bleeding during my periods for about 6 months. Worst cramps I had had in a while, but now I'm in my 7th month and things seem to have returned to normal. I've lost about 15 lbs. in the last 2 months and feel pretty good and confident. The Mirena gave me lesser bleeding but didn't shorten it any. I'm not all people, but that was my experience. My sister also has the paraguard and it works fine for her. Seeing the Mirena commerical on TV makes me so mad. Everyone including the doctor was trying to convince me that nothing was wrong. Trust your gut if something is wrong. To me the less hormones, the better. I feel I've only gained weight since I began taking some sort of hormone. I just want to live normally.

Oh the yeast for both was kinda out of control. I'm taking 20 billion bacillus acidophillus pills now and and it's helping. Hopefully that whole issue will be gone soon. Also, when I took the Mirena everything was out of whack, crazy yeast, super oily hair, pimples out the wazzu. Try not to go there if you don't have to.

Hope this helped. Sorry to rant a bit, but it affected everything, including work.

Have a great day.

Originally Posted by IamCoupongirl View Post
Sigh. Nope, I haven't had both IUD's, but I'm interested to hear from anyone who has.

I've had the Paragard since February, and I'm sick of heavy, 10-day periods! And, um, does anybody else have more than the usual amount of CM? Ever since I got the Paragard, I feel like my vagina has a head cold.

P.S. What did your new doc say about the bleeding? Oh, hey, I just realized we live in the same county.
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I am glad I read some of these posts! I have the Paraguard and have had it for about 18 months. BUT I almost got the Mirena and reading this has made me soooo glad that I chose the Paraguard!!!! My doc kinda pushed the Mirena on me. And I told her that I haven't done well with hormones BC methods in the past but my OB ASSURED me that the dosage is so low in the Mirena that I "wouldn't notice." After reading this stuff I think I probably would have! Glad to know that I made the right choice!

Anyway..........for those interested in experiences with the Paraguard: I like it best of all the BC options out there. The worst part about it for me is the heavy bleeding. For the first few months it was so bad I almost had the doc take it out. It seemed like I was bleeding constantly and some days I changed a super tampon every hour! However, now I only bleed very heavy on the first day of AF and then it's okay after that. I also spot in between occasionally. For me having an BC method that's easy, hormone free, reversible and almost 100% effective with only the heavy bleeding side effect is worth it.
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I have the Mirena IUD and I have had it for 4 years. My experience with it has not been all bad. When I went to get it there was some discomfort but no major pain. My periods stopped almost instantly which was great. The first 2, 2 1/2 years was great I had no problems at all. But the past 1 1/2 years I have been having a bad problem with acne and weight gain. I have always been little I mean i only weighted 110 when i had first child and 115 when I had my second child and after it was all said and done i weighed 125. I now weigh over 150. I gained over 25 pounds in 6 mouths because of the Mirena. I have an appointment to go have the Mirena taking out and the paragard put in.
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Second for the awesomeness of Paraguard!

I have only had Paraguard, but I've had three: my first from age 19 1/2 until 29. I got it swapped after ten years, although the nurse helping me said I probably didn't need it. She had one in for 15 years, and said the 10 year limit was just arbitrary. Second Paraguard in until I started TTC at 30, and a third inserted 8 weeks PP. That was about a year ago.

In all that time, nearly 13 years, the only side effect was long strings, which I got trimmed twice. It gave my husband some discomfort, but was easily fixed. So 13 years without a thought of birth control.

Some women may have it different, but it's been wonderful for me. And man have I put it to the test! Pregnant at 18, and pregnant within a few months of removal at 30. So very successful method with virtually no side effects and very affordable. I paid out of pocket for my first, around $300.

Can't speak highly enough!
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Have you had any problems with weight gain or anything while on the paragard? I have been looking all over the internet trying to find info on the paragard because I don't won't to switch from iud thats giving me problem to another one that will give me the same problems. I have seen people say they love it and lost weight and others say they gain 30 lbs and had lots of other problems. So any advice
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No weight gain on paragard - I've had mine for 2 months and I LOVE it. Hormones made me so unlike myself - it was awful...a few months of ortho-tricyclen LO and then ortho-cyclen...it was just not good. Sick, missing classes, dry vagina, nausea, dizziness, moody and snappy and irritable, and not wanting sex EVER. I'm so grateful that my fiance (now husband) wanted me off hormones even if it meant having a baby right away or using condoms til we wanted one...so I chose another alternative, Paragard. Planed Parenthood got me mine. Painful insertion, HEAVY periods, but I wouldn't trade it for anything ('cept a baby when the time comes ).
I'm hoping the bleeding during cycles will calm down - as it is right now, I'm filling up my menstrual cup (Keeper Mooncup) in a half hour to an hour during the first 2 days of my period. PP cloth pads are a good thing

Seriously, worth it.
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Removal Mirena. side affects

I've been on the Mirena for 9 months. Bad experience. I still have my monthly friend. However, it's very light. All my life my skin has been clear no acne hardly until I had the Mirena inserted. I've had weight gain too. Not very much, but someone that's petitle like I am 7 pounds is alot to have. I will soon have Mirena remove and insert the paraguard. Hopefully, I'll be back to my normal self.
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Just switched from Mirena to Paragard

I had the Mirena for 4 years and was happy with it for the first 3 then I gained around 15 pounds that I could not take off and my skin was worse than when I was a teenager. I did not have a period on Mirena just spotting which was very irregular but barely even required a pantyliner so that wasn't a concern. My weight and acne were progressively getting worse so I went to my OB/GYN and she suggested I immediately switch to Paragard. I switched today and the insertion was painful. I had a lot of cramping. I am hoping that tomorrow will be a better day but I can say I would much rather have the cramping than the weight gain and acne.
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I've had the Mirena IUD for a year now and had several different side effects I didn't know was even linked until a few days ago. The OBGYN I went to while pregnant recommended the Mirena when I asked about getting an IUD after giving birth. Reading the information they gave me it seemed like a good choice, they side effects they listed were few/low factor and I felt prepared. For the first few weeks I was fine, then I started to get this sharp pain that felt like a cramp. I didn't really think much of them until they started to take my breath away from the intense pain. I have a high tolerance, but this was ridiculous. I was having this pain sometimes a few times a day. It would disappear for a few days or sometimes weeks then start right up again. I went to my primary with questions for I was due for a psychical anyway, when mentioning it she was very vague. Something to do with menstruation, and that it happens to some women, it's normal. (I later looked it up and found most likely it was due from ovarian cyst during the middle of your cycle, which is common in women who have the Mirena. My family has a history of them, probably why I had so many) In the meantime during all of this my hair started become really dry. It looked awful and I started to slowly shed. I really can't re call exactly all the dates the other side effects started to appear...they just started to blend in with my every day busy/stressful of being a young mother. What I started to feel I just assumed was normal, until it reached a certain point. Over the next couple of months I started to get really nervous more and more, I guess you can call it anxiety. I also developed insomnia, mood swings, lack of sex drive, memory loss/fuzzy mind, depression, and hardcore craving. All the above symptoms first became nothing really, but slowly got worse and worse as the months passed. Now my hair is thinning, and I'm constantly shedding, before my period is due and while having it I'm pretty much insane, I crave foods for days until I finally give in( and no they aren't the healthy kind), always forgetting the most simplest thing (like asking where is the ketchup bottle while it's in my hand), and have horrible daily mood swings that leave me exhausted. The worst part in all of this is I had no idea that my Mirena might be the cause. I accidentally stumbled upon a website where I saw a few stories of other woman's side effects who have Mirena. The more I digged the more everything made sense. It just frustrates me, here I was thinking I was losing my mind, calling therapists to find out what's going on... and I didn't even know. Not a clue that maybe it was because of something my Doctor said was safe, that never told me of the other risks.
There is one thing to know, to have the knowledge to what to look for and know it's the Mirena causing it. But some women go longer then myself not having a clue. There is a petition online now, for Mirena to tell all the facts, for Doctors too. The number of women who are sharing they're stories shocked me. I have them to thank for my wake up call.
Anyways, I'm thinking about the getting Paragard. I believe it's not hormonal but copper. I haven't done much research on it yet, but hopefully it's safe.

I don't want to scare away women about considering the Mirena for I know several people who love it with no/little problems. I'm just advising you toresearch the heck out of everthing, especially new things such as Mirena.
Hoped my story helped!
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Paragard vs. Mirena

I am 20 years old and since I started taking birth control when I was fifteen I have tried several different birth control methods, from Ortho Tri-cyclin Lo to other Oral contraceptives to Depo Provera (the shot) back to birth control pills to the Nuva Ring back to Depo. Somewhere on the last round of birth control pills, I started having migraines that I have to take a preventative for. The medication, called Topamax, interferes with most types of birth control, so my only options aside from abstinence or condoms are Depo or I recently discovered I could have an IUD. With the Depo, I have gained about 15 pounds that I cannot lose though I work out 3-5 times each week and am breaking out as bad as I ever have in my life. I am also heavier right now than I ever have been in my life. I love never having a period, but I hate what it has done to my sex drive and my body. I already suffer from depression and am on anti-depressants, so that probably lowers my sex drive in and of itself, but with the Depo, I feel like I have almost no desire at all. The Nuva Ring was ok I suppose (except for the period) until the doctor told me one day "Oh, didn't you say you're on Topamax? That actually might not work for you...you may want to switch...today."

I haven't had any children, but I DEFINITELY DO want to later in life after I'm married, finished with college, etc. I read in an article from Elle magazine that the FDA is changing the warnings on the IUDs to stop saying that you should have had children before you get one and also that doctors have been ignoring that advice for years. Should I really not get one simply because I don't have children yet? It seems as though they are incredibly reliable and I have a horrible memory, so pills are quite out of the question anyways aside from the medication that interferes.

I had HORRIBLE periods before I started any form of birth control and my cramping and such was still pretty bad after I got on the pill. Now that I haven't had a period in 10 months, I'm not sure how I would deal with Mirena or Paragard, but I do know that I don't want to deal with hormones any more, so I suppose Mirena is out of the question. I have seen that some women haven't had problems at all out of the Paragard while to others it hasn't treated them well at all. I'm going to the doctor to talk about my options on Tuesday. I will update afterwards.

I would like to agree with those before me who have said how helpful it is to have a forum like this to read what real women have to say about the different kinds of IUDs. I really value this and appreciate it. I would also appreciate any advice anyone has for me.
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Originally Posted by ashey23 View Post
I am 20 years old and a college student. Im currently on my second period after getting my Copper IUD inserted. I basically got it done because i was sick of having to take a bc pill each day. The day after I got it inserted, I did some real research and psyched myself out and thought I made a huge mistake after reading many horror stories.

HOWEVER, i abesolutely love it!! My first period came a month after inserted with yes, an expected heavier flow, however still lasted the same number of days. Cramping was pretty minimal. No spotting or cramping after my period. Although, I got my period a week early for my 2nd one I am experiencing no cramping. I get a thick discharge (no odor) at certain parts of my cycle but consider it normal. Ive had sex since, and i totally forgot about my IUD until after the sex!! my sex drive if anything has increased because the hormones in my old bc pills dried me up, now its all slip and slide!

I abesolutely reccomend this method!!!
Your information was incredibly helpful! I am also 20 and a college student and am becoming more and more convinced that paragard is the right choice for me!
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Paragard vs Mirena

I got Mirena put in at my 6 wk. checkup after I had my second child. I had heavy abnormal bleeding for about a year and a half after I got it. I also had cramping. I finally stopped bleeding heavy a few months ago and actually only spotted when I was on my period. I was having cramps so I went to my doctor last week and he realized that my body had rejected it so he took it out. I just went back to the doctor today and he was supposed to put Mirena back in but when he was done inserting it he told me he put ParaGard in. I am kinda upset now because I had told the nurse that I didn't want the copper one I just wanted the Mirena again. My doctor didn't even talk to me about ParaGard. I never even heard about it until the nurse asked me if I wanted the copper one, (which I told her no, I want the Mirena). I have been having BAD cramps and heavy bleeding since I got it in a few hours ago. I am very worried now that I am reading about all the people who have Paragard and have heavy bleeding all the time. I think I am going to call the doctors office tomorrow and tell them what he did and get it removed. I just cant believe a Doctor would do something like this.
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I have only had mirena, but a friend of mine had both.. it was a weird situation.. she had a daughter then got the mirena, and loved it (I think she had it like 4 years or so her daughter is 6 I think). Her dp wanted another child, so she had the mirena removed (took her a year!! to conceive).. had her son and went to get another mirena (since she was pretty happy with it the first time).. nope, no go.. lots of cramps and intermittent pain.. she had to have it removed and went with the copper one, which worked fine.. and this situation really leaves me wondering what was the difference? Age perhaps? different hormone levels? Why would something work fine one time and not the next?

I had the mirena.. I liked it just fine when I had it. After it was removed, I had wacky cycles (although I got pregnant my second cycle after removal, so no complaints there).. My charts still look a bit wonky though (miscarriage 7-4, but I have miscarried before, so don't think it is related), but I may have always been a late ovulator- I never charted before. It was convenient to not have periods with the mirena, but not sure if I want to do that for the long run. kwim? In the future, I may chart to avoid (now that I am learning more about that- although I would probably have to rely on condoms during breastfeeding, and dp is not very dependable with those ).. so I may look into paragard.
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i have had the paraguard IUD

I didnt like it..I had it for about 6 months or so back in 2001. I had worse cramping with my period and my flow was extremely heavy. The super plus tampons I bled through them in 2 hours that is how heavy my flow was. I had to get it removed. I also believe I felt it occasionally which was uncomfortable. I have been thinking about getting the mirena put in, but really cant decide if I want to. I dont want the same side effects as I have with the paraguard. When it is inserted yeah it is uncomfortable but manageable..if you can handle child birth you can handle getting the IUD put in..=) I had the paraguard after I had my first child.
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I have never had children, so it will be interesting to see how this works. Also, I have been on Depo and I got my last shot July 21st (NEVER go on depo) so there is no telling when I will start having periods again and it could be several months which the doctor said could work to my advantage. I am having the Paragard inserted tomorrow, but they had me use misoprostol tonight to (sorry if this is TMI) soften my cervix. I am hoping that will make it less painful, since I will not be bleeding and haven't had any children. Also, I have to be at work 2 hours and 45 minutes after my appointment, but the lady at the clinic said that wasn't a problem. I hope she was right!
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No Paragard :(

I had an appointment at 12:15 yesterday to have paragard put in. They had me use misoprostol the night before to soften my cervix because I have never had children. I think perhaps it is because I have never had children, but the procedure (which was not completed) was the most pain I have ever been in in my life. I have migraine headaches, have broken a bone, have two tattoos, and a bellybutton piercing, but none of that compares to the pain that I felt yesterday. If that is really what labor feels like....well, I just hope that none of you that say that had an epidural. I want to have children one day, but I told the nurse yesterday that I'm definitely going to be asking the drugs after experiencing that type of pain. They couldn't get the tube with the paragard in it past my cervix because my cervix was too tight (even after I used the misoprostol), but they said that even if they had been able to, my uterus is too small and they wouldn't have even been able to fit Paragard or Mirena inside of it. I am incredibly disappointed because I felt like this was my last hope and Paragard was something I really wanted to do... I have gained 20 pounds since December on Depo Provera, but I am on Topamax for migraines, so I can't take most types of birth control. I am going to call my neurologist on Monday to see if there is a different migraine preventative I can take that will work with birth control. In the mean time, I suppose I will just remain upset about it. Also, it's been almost 24 hours since the failed procedure, but I am still cramping and very uncomfortable and they didn't even put the thing in me! I wonder how long this will last or if it's normal...
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Thinking about going on Paragard

I started taking birthcontrol when I was 17, before then I was regular to the point of I knew exactly what day my period would start and how many tampons to keep in my purse for the week.
The first form of birthcontrol I went on was Depo Provera, my bf (at the time) accompanied me to the PlannedParenthood and I got the shot. My nurse let me know some of the side effects that I didn't already know of like weight gain. Before I went on the pill I was 115 pounds, fit, and with a great metabolism. So I wasn't to worried about it. Well I was on it for 9 months and I had gained over 60 pounds from it. I finally got off of the shot and tried the pill afterwards, a low hormone pill and have been on that since. But even years later I am now 21 and my period had never returned to normal. After Depo my cycle would be once every few months. After a year or two on regular pills it disappered completely for 6 months! Obviously I was very scared by this and consulted doctors but none of them knew what was wrong... My now longterm boyfriend is now deployed coming back in 5 weeks. Since he left I have been off of BC completely no extra hormones running around ravageing my body and I have lost a lot of weight and my skin is fantastic I still have just started my period (first one since he left 4mos ago). We dont want to have children until we are done with our degrees and I was looking at IUDs and Implants. The only thing that I can think of that wont affect me as badly is the Paragard. Is there anyone else out there with my situation? (as far as their cycle?) That can tell me how it worked out for them.

The way I figure, it would be great for my body to have regular MC every month again, and mine were never heavy at all so I don't see that being a problem and I never have cramps and have a high tolerance for pains like that. Hopeing to hear something positive soon!
I have an appointment for it next week! Wish me luck!

~:Can't wait to see my Hunny again!!!:~
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Seriously, The IUD may be the best way to go. I've had the Copper T Paragard (think thats how u spell it) For the last 5 years, and was actually thinking of getting it taken out, until just recently, Ive been doing a lot of my own research, prior to asking my doctor what she'd recommend for an alternate birth control. Ive noticed that a lot of women's main complaints are the mood swings, anxiety/depression episodes. I remembered before getting pregnant i was on Ortho Tri Pill for a couple of months i actually got pregnant, i guess i was being inconsisten Dont get me wrong my son is the love of my life and im happy to have him!! After he was born my husband and I werent planning for more kids just yet so i decided to get the IUD. Yes it was Painful, compared to birth...heck no. The only negative thing i have to say about it, several months a year, I do bleed in between periods. Its a headache yes, but compared to women who are experiencing very intense mood swings possibly followed by anxiety/depression, its kinda not a big of a deal. I was scheduling to have it removed due to the bleeding in between periods. Other than that its been pretty good. My periods are lighter, no mood swings (thank god)
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So I have had PARAGAURD for almost two months now. I am 21 and not married and don't have any children... but have been in a steady relationship for about two years now. I am in college and wanted to be as safe as possible so I did my research and decided to go with Paragaurd over Mirena since it doesn't effect me hormonally.

Insertion was a bit painful but I had taken ib profen so I think that helped. My first period after insertion was ELEVEN days long! ( over twice as long as my period was before insertion.) UGH. Also, the cramping was terrible. I never used to get much cramping at all, but last month was AWFUL had to have my ib profen on hand the whole time.

Then... No spotting or pain for 28 days! Worry free!

I am just starting my period this month... I hate to say that the familiar cramping is creeping back, just hope it doesn't get as bad as it did last month! I hope my periods will get shorter and less painful in time. All together I would say that it is worth it to be worry free; I'm forgetful when taking the pill and am too paranoid to rely on condoms. Yay paragaurd! It hasn't effected my mood one bit!
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