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I am 28 yrs old with to children youngest is 7. I just had the Paragard inserted yesterday afternoon. It really wasn't that bad! I had my children C-sections but went through 12 hrs of labor with 1st before they decided C-S would be best. I honestly felt more pressure than cramps during the paragard insertion. When she 1st measured my cervix I felt a cramp. Then she re-measured a couple times to make sure and that was just pressure. I flinched when she inserted the IUD but it really wasn't that painful. Take a friend if that helps. I did!!! I talked the entire time to keep my mind off it. After the procedure I felt a lil pressure the rest of the afternoon but no cramping. I took 800mg of ibu before going and took 400mg before bed. I put my back out the day before insertion so i'm taking the ibu now for back pain. But I still do not feel cramping or anything. I can tell my body is adjusting to it cause i feel a lil off but nothing terrible. I just hope this works because I'm not able to take the pill. The Dr had issues with opening my cervix so I did bleed a bit during the procedure but now it's been very very light spotting. I was on day 7 of my cycle for insertion, so I hope everything goes well when I get my period. I will post again in a few months. Everyones body reacts differetly so you really won't know until you try :) You can always take it out. Just remeber to go to a gyno you trust!  I also started taking Floragen3 (probiotic) a month ago when I was on the pill.  I kept having major discharge the week before my period.  I was tested for BV and yeast and everything was negative.  When I go off the pill the discharge stops.  The Floragen3 helps tremendously last month so I will continue taking it.  I've heard infections are common with IUD's so I hope this helps!!!  Will keep everyone posted on how it goes from here!

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ive been looking up information about mirena and heard horrible things about it so thats out of the question. but from what ive heard about paragard other then then heavy periods, its a good form a birth control. has anyone had any other side effects from paragard?? like weight gain? ive tried so many birth controls and the #1 thing i worried about and happened was gaining  a lot of water weight. which i dont want to happen. i concidered getting my tubes tied but im only 24 years old so i dont think that would be a good idea. i have a 2 year old son but have been pregnant 4 times already. i need help asap! thanks.



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To jenincolorado

I have had difficult sexual experienses also since I have had the paragard iud. A few weeks ago sex was really painful and I really  believe that it was the iud. However, the last experience was so normal that I was prompt to check for the strings and could not feel them. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow to make sure that the device is still there!!!

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People seem to have a love/hate relationship with the Mirena. I loved it. I admit, not getting a period (or much CM) was weird, but I got used to it pretty quickly. It's nice not to have to worry about AF when traveling or whatever. To be honest, I could never feel the strings -- only DH could! Kind of silly. Sometimes they would disappear and reappear, which I chalked up to changing cervical position and consistency. I had it inserted in October 2006 and out last month so we can TTC. In the last couple of years I did sometimes get PMS-like symptoms like a PP mentioned. It freaked me out a bit, but supposedly with Mirena you can still O, but nothing can implant. So you have sort of a cycle, even if you don't get your period.

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I am looking into a new birth control because I am very forgetful when it comes to taking the pill everyday.  I am thinking of taking one of these IUD's but am not sure if they are worth it.  My body has always been really good at not having side effects or anything unusual or painful happen.  So is there any advice on if I should take one of these IUD's?  Also, I am new to this and was wondering what "BF"ing is?........

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BFing is breastfeeding. Some women have great experiences with IUDs, others lousy ones. I haven't tried an IUD, personally, even though I'm somewhat interested in Paraguard, because I'm nervous about the possibility of spending a large sum of money, hating it, and having to get it removed long before the cost is justified. There are women on the board who love their IUDs, though, and it doesn't always cost that much if you have good insurance.


If you are not sure about an IUD, can't take the pill reliably, and don't mind staying on hormonal birth control, you might consider trying Nuvaring (or the patch, although I've heard there was a higher incidence of blood clots on it). I had no problems while on it, just a little nausea the first few days I was ever using it, and found it super easy to use correctly since I only had to mess with inserting a ring, taking it out three weeks later, and then inserting another one a week after that, instead of managing to have my pills with me everyday and remember to take them at the correct time. Of course, your mileage may vary, and there are women on the board who hated Nuvaring, but one big advantage over IUDs is that if you try it for a couple of months and hate it, you aren't out much.

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IUDs can be cost effective, depending on your situation. My insurance coverage at the time was really good, so I only had to pay about $25 -- for almost five years of BC! If finances are an issue, I know Planned Parenthood carries them now, so they have a sliding scale and are quite easy to work with.


I also was on and enjoyed the patch, but I had trouble finding enough places to stick it. lol.gif I don't know if it's changed over the years, but you can stick it on your arm (not a fan) or in the general pelvic region, front or back. I found that if I stuck it to my rear end, my pants would rub against it every time I sat down and stood up and eventually it got loose. So that left the front, and there's only so much real estate there! I basically just moved each one a little to the left or right each week, so I always had a pattern of squares on my lower (lower) belly. But that was where it stayed put and was only visible to someone who might need to know whether I was on BC. Sheepish.gif



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Thank you! I thought I was the only one who had the extreme mood swings and lack of "sex" drive. I even went as far to go see a therapist it was getting so bad. My doctor also said that the Mirena couldn't possibly be causing my symptoms, but I know my body better than anyone and knew it wasn't right. I had the Mirena for nearly a year and constantly felt as if my stomach was bloated, I had terrible discharge, no sex drive, the list goes on and on! Here it is nearly 7 weeks later and I just got my first "period." It is HORRIBLE!!! But, I believe that hormones just aren't for me. That is why I am going to get the Paragard. It's what I wanted from the beginning and it's what I should've gotten. I have had two boys naturally and I literally felt a slight cramp when the Mirena was inserted. No pain or anything afterward. And when I had it removed I didn't feel ANYTHING. I hope placement and insertion goes just as smoothly with the Paragard. I look forward to getting it VERY soon!joy.gif

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I have used Paragard twice. The first time I had it in for 18 months before I decided it was time to have a baby. My cycles never got heavier or abnormal in any way and I didn't experience any side effects. The second time I had it I got extremely heavy periods after breastfeeding ended and I started menstruating again. Eventually, they got less heavy, but increased in length to where I was bleeding for 10 days during menstruation and another 3 or so days of spotting mid-cycle. When I had had it in for about 2 years, my gynecologist gave me a one month supply of a low dose birth control pill as therapy, which brought my cycles in line after a couple of months, lasting about 9 months. Then, they were back to the 10 day periods again. My doctor had an ultrasound done to make sure that nothing else was causing the lengthy bleeding, and I was assured that my uterus is beautiful by the tech (her words, not mine). I finally switched to Mirena this week. I had been avoiding hormones, as they make me a little crazy, but I have hopes that this low dose will not affect me. So far the only thing I am noticing is a little spotting each day.


While Paragard did not work for me the second time around, I think that it is silly for anyone to blame the Paragard for each and every problem in one's life. I have a sister-in-law who blamed it for her irregular cycles, depression and a host of other problems. She bought in to discussion boards that have no statistics behind them that blame the minute amount of copper in them for depression. She finally demanded that it be taken out without even having an ultrasound to see if there were other problems, only to find out a few months later that the real cause of her problems was PCOS. On another note, I have several friends who have the Mirena and love it. I have never met anyone with Mirena who don't like it, although I know two people who don't like Paragard. Some things to keep in mind always are that a) bodies change over time b) different people react differently to different methods of birth control c) 99% of people who arrived at this and other discussion boards regarding IUDs did so because they were having problems they attributed to their IUDs and wanted to see if others were also having problems, and/or wanted to complain. For every person who had a problem of magnitude and posted it here, there are probably 95 people out there who like life with their IUD more than life without it.

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After becoming really tired of taking pills and using the ring I tried Mirena and I experienced a mix of good and bad side effects.  I took it out and then 5 months later got the paraguard. The good side effects: 1. after the first month of having it my periods were 3 days and then by the fourth month they went to almost 1 day of very light bleeding. 2. I never had spotting between periods. The bad side effects: 1. Very often between periods (but not during them) I experienced intense pain, as if I had pins and needles in my cervical area. 2. I had a bad fishy smell in my nether regions that I haven't experienced while using Paraguard, 3. I had intense break-outs.  After I removed the Mirena I waited a while for my body to right itself and then I got the Paraguard and I am extremely happy with it. Before, when my doctor and I were discussing birth control options, she discouraged me from getting the Paraguard, even though what I really was seeking was a non-hormonal birth control method other than condoms. She said the Paraguard would give me very heavy periods that were longer than usual and that I would have more pain. She was wrong on every level and I'm sorry that I went through almost 6 months of using Mirena while I could have just gotten what I wanted in the first place and been much happier. While using the Paraguard I had somewhat intense cramping during my first period, for which I took 2 Aleve in the morning and had no problem at all. Also, my periods were just as heavy, but not much more, as they were when I wasn't using birth control. What interests me about all of this is before this experience, I pretty much always trusted my doctor about pretty much everything and I didn't try much to second guess what she was telling me. I'm not relaying the entire story here, but my advice is to find a very experienced doctor or nurse practitioner to help you "shop around" for something that works well for you. Not all birth control methods affect every woman exactly the same, so when a doctor lists off all the side effects you should keep in mind that they only really know what are the common side effects, not all of them. Also, do your own research, as in, read stuff about the different methods from multiple different sources.

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omg... i thought it was jus me i thought i had something wrong i keep thinking i have a yeast infection or bacterial infection cus the discharge comes out of no where being on the paraguard!!! it even hurts when i have sex.... im not a big fan of this iud or maybe its jus not for me!!!

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i knw its  not for everyone but im not likeing the paraguard my sex drive is way down its painful when i have sex it feels like needles are stabbing medown there and i have a heavy discharge  every now and then and it makes me wonder do i have a yeast or bacterial infection!!!! everyones different

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I had Mirena put in and it caused me to have bad pains in my ovaries, so i got ovarian cysts now, i am getting the mirena taken out and thinking about having paragard put in, oh and have my period for 2 weeks on the mirena....

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IUDs cannot be felt when in the right place. If you are experiencing pain during sex, see your doctor.

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I am about to have my 2nd full cycle since being implanted with the Paragard.

I felt a pinch before I was even out of the stir ups but didn't say anything to the DR, figuring it would take a bit of getting used to having this inside me.

I have pains that come a go almost as if I am in labor, starting about a week before my period and it takes my breath away. I feel a constant pinch inside me everyday. I hate this thing. I have gone back to the doctor to have the position checked, but was told that it looks fine.

I have been told I have a slight tilt to my uterus, but nothing abnormal.

I was prescribed a sonogram, but due to a insurance ending from my husbands old job and no insurance yet through the new job, I have not had it done yet.


I'm about to have it taken out, if the pain doesn't subside. I have a high tolerance for pain but this has become ridiculous!

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My experience with Mirena was exactly the same as Blueeyes0510. It was very nice not having periods or having to remember to take BC everyday. I've had it for 17 months now and am going to be switching it out for Paraguard next week. I've had mood swings, have gained about 20 lbs and I feel bloated ALL the time. I have constant breakouts too. At first I felt it was worth it but I'm about tired of the side effects now, I'd like to get back to normal if I can. I've also tried the nuvaring a few years ago but it irritated the HELL out of me and had to take it out a week later. Although I don't look forward to having periods again I am looking forward to the paraguard and hopefully getting rid of my FAT clothes!  ; )

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I know this is a forum for mothers (I'm not one - yet) but I thought my experiences with Paragard might be of some use.


I'm 21, in college, and never been pregnant. I went online looking for a more suitable form of bc (hbc makes me extremely extremely moody), when I stumbled upon Paragard. I researched it quite a bit, and the testimonials had me more frightened than feeling good about it, but I decided to give it a shot.


The insertion process was not quite what I was expecting. Pain-wise, the clamp they use to steady your cervix hurt the most for me. But when they inserted the paragard, it was the most strange and uncomfortable thing I've ever felt. It didn't hurt, not like sharp pain, but it wasn't exactly pleasant. It was worse than any menstrual cramping I've ever had, and didn't stop for about 10 minutes. Deep breathing seemed to help some, but I did feel a little faint afterward. It wasn't too bad though, I was able to drive myself home (and wore a dress and heels the rest of the day, too.)


I spotted for a few days, then all was well. My first period after insertion was about a week and a half late, and boy let me tell you, I was a bit worried. I've never been late in my life. But, I was told a change in sexual activity, as well as more stress than normal was most likely to blame.


Usually, my periods are 7-9 days, moderate flow at the heaviest, and minimal cramping (but lots of fatigue.) I started my first post-insertion cycle a few days ago, and the doctors aren't kidding - I've been crampy for three days, and today have changed my tampon 3 times in 7 hours, with it being completely soaked each time. (sorry if that's too much info!)


I'm thinking things will settle back down a bit in a few months (maybe a year) but if not, this is still one of the best decisions I've ever made.


Do the research, talk to your doctor, and make your own decision. Don't let anyone talk you into or out of getting this done, it really does need to be your choice.

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I have the Paragard IUD. I found out about it during a doctor's visit with my OB/GYN. I was interested in getting it because it lasted 10 years and has no hormones. I've tried other birth control methods like the pill, the Nuva Ring and Depo Vera. The pill made me nauseous if I missed a day and tried to double up. Didn't like the insertion or removal process of the Nuva Ring. I gained weight with the Depo Provera. Because the Mirena IUD contains hormones, it wasn't for me. Anyway, my period flow has always been heavy. And it's pretty much the same with the Paragard. I spot from time to time. I don't like it. But, I'd rather be spotting than have another baby. I'm a single parent and my daughter is 11 years old. And right now, I just can't see myself starting all over again.

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I haven't read through all the posts so I don't know if this has been addressed yet or not. I have had the paragard for 2.5 years. I love the non-hormonal bc in theory, and after a year of extremely heavy periods I noticed a sharp decrease in cramping and bleeding, though it did seem to take forever for my period to start and then stop. Sex could occasionally be rather uncomfortable, especially during my non-ovulating times when my libido was lower. The amount of discharge on the paragard was really high, like my cervix was continually irritated. And the midwife who inserted the iud cut the strings too short, resulting in my husband often getting jabbed. But the major kicker came this past week when I found out I'm PREGNANT. With the paragard perfectly in place, as shown by 4 ultrasounds. We were planning on TTC in about 5 months, so this is okay and pretty exciting, but also completely shocking. Even more shocking, there seems to be two embryos. So pregnant with twins on the paragard. Major bc failure!  Thankfully, the iud came out without any problems and now I'm waiting to see if the pregnancy continues. There's a chance of failure with any bc, but I was really quite confident with my paragard. Too confident I guess. My situation is not the norm, but it happens often enough to be less-than-shocking to the midwives and ob/gyn I've seen this week. Really, I had no idea. Less than one percent chance of pregnancy I think not!

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i have had my paragard for almost 3 yrs. i to have heavy periods, spotting for a week or two before my period, and discomfort when having sex. Now i believe that the cause of these problems are from the IUD. I never experienced any of those problem before the I got the IUD. however, i will keep my paragard because im not ready to have any more children. lol.


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