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Oh gosh, spotting after mirena can last for up to 6 months. But by a year, many women don't have periods at all.
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I have the mirena have had it for seven months. It's ok I don't feel quite like myself not sure if its due to the iud or just being tired because I'm a full time sahm ,I feel i get irritated so easy never did before. I cant say ive gained any weight. I do get a lot of back pain which i believe is one of the side affects get very light periods in a yr I will see how I feel and if I'm still feeling the same out it will come. Hopefully then I will feel like myself
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I am interested to find out if you got Paragard and how you like it? I also was on Lo Loestrin Fe but just recently got off because of mood swings and feeling anxious. Thanks!

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Hello All!


I would first like to thank everyone who has contributed their experiences to this thread, it has been SO helpful.


I am 21 years old, have never had a child, and have struggled with several types of BC in the past.  I've determined that my body does not do well with the extra hormones (hate the mood swings, lack of sex drive, and since I'm a professional ballet dancer, the extra weight gain and swollen, tender breasts are a HUGE problem!).  I was on Ocella (generic of Yaz) for a few years with a few extra pounds I couldn't seem to shake, and have recently stopped taking Lo Loestrin Fe after 2 months (my boobs grew 2 cup sizes and hurt like HECK, I cry for no reason, and my sex drive is completely gone).  I'm too paranoid for condoms alone and my period isn't regular enough to track my cycle.


I was thinking of getting an IUD, and after reading most of this thread (still haven't made it all the way through yet, but planning to!), I have completely ruled out the Mirena.  No more hormones for me!  So now I'm left with Paragard.  It seems like it may be the best option, but with the heavy periods and the fact that I dance in pink tights for a living, it might not be a very good fit. Also, the risk of infertility and/or unplanned pregnancy with Paragard in place terrifies me, since my boyfriend and I want to have children at some point, but NOT right now! I don't want to kill my chances of having children someday :(  HELP! 


That got a bit wordy, but does any one have any advice as to what they think I should do?  I have an appt with my OBGYN Thursday (7/18) to talk about Paragard, but I'm afraid she will try to convince me to get the Mirena or try a different pill, when I know that I am DONE with those awful hormones! I just want some suggestions from real women who have actual used these things!!!  Thank you for any advice you might have!!!

Hi, I am interested if you decided to get Paragard? I just got off of Lo Loestrin Fe because of side effects like moodiness and feeling anxious. Thanks!

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I've had my mirena in now for about 6-7 months and i'm considering having it removed. I was losing weight when I had it inserted and building muscle, but since it's insertion i've gained 5-6 pounds which I can't lose, but worse of all it's ALL fat, no muscle, which is ridiculous considering I do olympic weightlifting as a sport. I had it put it because I was having quite a lot of PMT prior... but i'm seriously thinking it's time to give it the flick. I've also had to be on the mini pill to stop break through bleeding as well... so don't think it's for me.

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Originally Posted by julie128 View Post

I have a Paragard (non-homonal IUD), which I used to be quite happy with. However, I have been bleeding off and on for going on two weeks now, no cramping. My new doc put me on the mini pill to stop the bleeding, but it might take the full four weeks to stop. Has anyone used both types of IUD? Would taking out the Paragard and putting in the Mirena help? Did you like one better than the other? Thanks
I have used both. I had a mirena for about a year but had it taken out bc of constant pelvic pain and infection. Decided to try paraguard and I've had it for two weeks and have not stopped bleeding. I spotted for months on mirena but this is not spotting this is a full period, heavy bleeding cramps and all. I don't know if I should wait it out or get it taken out. Any advice?
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I have had the paraguard for 6 yrs & loved it. Love the no hormones, love that I know to the day when my cycle will start & I am used to the heavy periods that typically only last for 4 days. Until this month. I have had a cycle for most of the month. Not sure why after all these years why this is happening to me now. Has this happen to anyone else?
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I have had the paraguard for about 6 months. I got it at about 5wks pp. I HATE IT! I've had nothing but trouble. It was painful to have inserted. I immediately had a VERY heavy period and have continued to have extremely heavy periods and spotting constantly. I've also been on meds for pH issues 4 times since I got it. My bf can feel it and complains about it. I have not been right since I got it and I'm seriously considering having it removed at my annual in a couple of weeks. Not sure what to try next. On top of that, insurance didn't cover most of it so I'm still paying for it. Chose the paraguard over Mirena because of the hormones because I was BFing but this has been a nightmare! greensad.gif
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I had mirena for 5yrs and my experience was good until the day I had it removed and replaced with paragard. I wasn't really for another child so I got an new IUD. Ever since then, I have so many problem with my stomach. I don't know if the problem derived from the removal of the mirena because the day I had the procedure done, I was in so much pain. Or the problems derived from the paragard. I have derived ulcer in my stomach in these two year period. I'm having longer period circle, more than five days. I have decided to get the paragard removed no more birth control for me. I did the shot before and it was giving me heart burns.
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Hi everyone,


I'm replying to this topic just to get some more info out there about switching from Mirena to Paragard.  When I swapped mine out, I couldn't find much information about it.  


In short, it's been way easier than I thought it would be.  I expected a few months of cramps, irregular bleeding, horrendous periods, etc, and got absolutely none of that.  


The switch itself was practically painless; "sounding" my uterus was more painful than either the removal or insertion.  No bleeding, no cramping, and I was totally fine within minutes of the procedure.  


Tried sex the next night, and it was uncomfortable whenever he came in contact with my cervix.  A few days later sex was completely fine/comfortable.


First period came on the full moon instead of the new moon.  It was a very normal period, just like it used to be in the days before I went on hormonal bc:  average PMS with one big ol' cramp, followed by a five-day period.  It was pretty darn light compared to all the horror stories, just minipads most days, two days of regular tampons every 12 hours or so. 


Two weeks later, when ovulating, I had the most incredible libido.  Seriously, I couldn't fall asleep one night because I was thinking about sex so much.  I think I wore my man out that week ;-)


Second period came exactly 28 days after the first one, full moon again.  Same as before, slightly heavier flow on day 3, but no cramps when PMSing.  


I was going to wait three cycles before posting, but I'm excited to let everyone know that switching from the Mirena to the Paragard has been a breeze for me!  I switched over because of dietary concerns--I think the hormones were aggravating my IBS.  So far I haven't noticed any changes in my digestion, but at least hormones aren't part of my "what's wrong with me" equation anymore.  And I'm baby-proof for ten years--awesome. 


Good luck!

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I loved my Paragard for the year I had it. My periods were heavier and cramps were worse but it was completely manageable. Unfortunately I had an ectopic pregnancy with the IUD that ruptured and I had to have surgery. Thankfully I got to keep my tube and ovary. This is a rare complication but I think everyone should be aware that it can happen. Pretty upsetting, because I really did like the IUD, but I will never feel comfortable relying on it again.

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