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need help growing cilantro

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This is my second year to grow cilantro, and again, it is not doing well. Everyting else I plant does relatively well. Last year my sister helped herself and took some and after that, I did not have any more. This year, a little better luck, but not much. The leaves are small and thin. I snapped off the flowers, hoping to encourage growth, but it did not help much. Any suggestions? I do not know what it needs - wet or dry, hot or cool. I assume hot and maybe dry as I associate it with Mexico. Thanks.
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This is the first year I've grown it & it's doing well. Our temps here have been in the 90's lately & even the occasional 100+. The spot where I have mine is mulched down really well so stays pretty moist & it gets only midday sun.
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well, i too live north of philadelphia!
i have never had any problems with cilantro. i grow it in my front garden with the flowers and other herbs, and ignore it like the rest! one year i planted it with the tomatoes and it did so well i ended up with not only enough cilantro and corriander to last me all year, but loads to give away. do you grow it from seed? for some reason the stuff i start from seed seems to do better than with any transplanted cilantro.
it has been so hot and dry here these past few weeks, we are actually watering the garden this year.
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Serenetabbie, I am near Perkasie - is that anywhere near you? No, I did not grow from seed; I bought at the nursery already growing. Is it too late to start seeds now? Most likely, unless we have a really late frost. Now I know for next year. Thanks.
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I am a bit north on 309 from Perkasie, near to Allentown.
You really could start those seeds now if you just wanted cilantro. It's been so hot, I'm sure you could get a small bit to come in
It does pretty well in a pot on a windowsill too. Mine has already bolted and gone to seed outside. Maybe mine does good because I use the seeds from the plant that has already adapted to our soil? Hmmmm......
Sorry to reply so late...we were off camping
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