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Jonah came into bed with us in the middle of the night last night, and I woke up to find him on his hands and knees with his butt in the air, bonk bonk bonking his head on the headboard in his sleep At least his crib has padding along the sides!
On a happier note, after he pitched a fit about being put in his highchair, he sat and sipped water from his (regular) cup and ate five Cheerios, and the last one was a whole one! Not a single gag. He's finally figured out how to crunch them in his teeth - I guess all the practice he's getting biting *us* is paying off!
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Bec ... to you and Emily. Glad to hear everything went well and Emily is on the mend.. I hope you both get some much deserved rest.

Stacy ... poor Bran. Henry is also cutting teeth left and right. He was drooling up a storm today so I might see something pop through tomorrow.

Liz ... I hear ya on the napping. Henry took 1 nap of about an hour today. That was it.

Henry did the funniest thing today. Due to his lack of napping, he was very tired by the time dinner rolled around. So, as I was approaching his mouth with a spoonful of yogurt, he closed his eyes and went to sleep in his high chair, mid-meal. I got some very cute pics that I'll try to post tonight or tomorrow. When I was taking his bib off and getting ready to pick him up to take him upstairs, he opened his eyes, looked right at me, said "da-da" very matter-of-factly, and went right back to sleep. It was all I could do not to bust out laughing.

Otherwise, we had a great day. Hope everyone is well!
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bec~~ to emily and your whole family! I'm so glad everything went well.

Sage and i were looking at Branden's picture, and she smiled really big and made her "lovey" face....I think she has her first crush, LOL! so then I clicked on Henry's link, and she did the same thing!!! OH lord, she *IS* my daughter, LOL!! boycrazy like her mama!! LOL!!

and she has figured out the walker finally...she can now manuever in forward and reverse. DH set up a guantlet in the dining room for her, lol, with toys placed in strategic areas for her to try to grab. its very cute watching her go from toy to toy, reaching for it, and saying, "ah...ah...ah."
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So Christy-
Do you feel any different now that your a married woman??

Very cute stories.
I used to have a blanket draped over my headboard so he wouldnt keep smacking his head off it.
Beautiful picture!

Angelica took an amazing 2 1/2 hr nap today!
I dont know why and I even touched her hand enough so she would want to move them cause I needed to see her move so I knew she was okay.

May I just say-
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you may say that!! wtf is going on? arg! its sooo slow!

i do feel different...like legitamate, lol!
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I know it is really really slow and it is driving me

and so is my babe He won't nap, he won't sleep at night- he wants to nurse all night long, there are no teeth that I can see, he isn't sick, and is happy and playing during the day so I can't figure it out. He nurses plenty during the day, and nothing has changed with my diet or his. *sigh*

I'm so tired and aggravated
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Liz~ we have the same child! Jesi won't nap - if she does fall asleep it is only for 20 minutes or so. She is happy during the day, but wakes up every couple of hours at night. Iw as up 5 times with her last night. All the nursing she is doing is causing me to have supply issues - meaning I'm back to leaking with let down every time she nurses, which totally frustrates me! Part of Jesi's is teeth though, I can see those top teeth - well sometimes I can anyway, other times the gums swell up again and the teeth disappear. I wish they would just come through already!
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Liz can you let him play in his crib or something while you catch a nap? I've done that before with sage in her packNplay and me on the couch. It works wonders! I hope you can sleep soon. sage has been waking up alot more lately. its not fun when you are exhausted and your baby decides to get up and play at 3 am at least today she waited until 6:30, but she didn't go to bed until 1 or so with i dont know how many wakings in between... anyway, i feel your pain
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about the sleep. I think I'm just used to it now. Henry is always up about 5 times a night. He used to just nurse back to sleep in a few minutes, but now he tosses and turns and flip flops and sits up and crawls and makes a a big fuss. He seems to be having problems settling. I think its teeth and pre-walking "jimmy legs." I see a 6th tooth peeking on top (his 6th tooth total, not his 6th tooth on top :LOL), but I'm not sure its through the gums yet. He won't let me in it feel it.

I'm so tired its pathetic, but I just have learned to function on minimal sleep. He's been doing an average of 5 or so wakings a night since about 5 months (from about 2-5 months he slept a blissful 6 hour stretch from midnight to 6am -- I long for those days {sigh}).

My angel is napping right now though (knock on wood), and hopefully he'll sleep for an hour at least. I need to do laundry big time. I'm wearing maternity underwear again b/c they're the only ones that are clean. :
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Thanks for your replies I am just tired and cranky I guess. He slept for about 20 minutes this morning and now is WILD crawling all over the house. The dogs are really annoyed too- they are steering clear of him. He has been attacking them every chance that he gets- squealing and pulling on them. Mac( my scottie) has allergies and has chewed himself to bits- I got him an appt with the vet for tomorrow.

If I leave the room he starts screaming- I went to the bathroom a couple of minutes ago and he was wailing like he was hurt. I came out in a hurry and he was just sitting on the floor screaming his head off. I picked him up and he was fine. As long as he is close to me, touching me, attacking me, or nursing me he is okay. :

I know that it isn't his fault- I may have to leave him with DH for a while tonight and go somewhere. I don't know where- I don't really have anywhere to go or anyone to go with, but I think I need to get out for a while.

Thanks for listening.
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Liz~~Sage does the same thing...she has been flipping out if I'm not right there in arm's reach. i have to trick her to put her down, like put a burp towel on her head and play peekaboo, then run away when her eyes are covered...i know it's mean, but sometimes i really have to pee!!! and since we are moving and I am doing all the packing, i cant really hold her and wrap stuff in newspaper and tape up boxes, etc. Once she's put down, she will stop crying after about 1 to 5 minutes when she realizes she is surrounded by toys, or when I'm not in the room for her to whine at me. this is a rough time for everyone right now i guess.
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Hey ladies,
This is my first time posting on the Nov/Dec 03 thread. I am fairly new here at MDC (just a couple months now) and much like the other new mommies to this thread have been intimidated by the sheer size of this thread. lol. Hoping to get in on the beginning of this month so that I can keep up with it.

My DD, Sarrah, was born 12/28/03. She is my first babe and Dh & I are loving every minute of it. She's not walking yet. Just cruises around the room using walls, couches, tables to get from one place to the next. I honestly think she could walk on her own if she trusted herself. She's so steady on her feet. Currently she has 6 teeth. Numbers 7 & 8 are playing peek-a-boo.

Anyway, just wanted to say hello and am excited about keeping up with everyone.
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Baby Hopes ~ Don't be intimidated, we don't bite much I'm just kidding Welcome to our little slice of MDC!

I'm glad Jessica isn't the only one who doesn't want to be put down. Actually I can put her down, I just can't step more than 2 inches away from her. I have to sit and focus all my attention on her, I can't even sit next to her and read, watch tv, work on a blanket, nothing, I have to give her my undivided attention. That's all well and good, but like Christy said, sometimes I've gotta pee! Not only that, but I've got laundry to do, dishes, 2 other children, dinner to cook, a biz to run..... I try to do as much as I can when she is sleeping - if only she would sleep longer than 20 minutes at a time, and more than once a day! The only time I can be away from her is after Mikayla gets home from school. Once big sis is there, mommy doesn't need to be seen, unless she's hungry that is
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Welsome Baby Hopes! Looking forward to getting to know you
First off, and to everyone not getting enough sleep. I'm actually pretty happy to report that Branden's sleeping very well these past 2 nights, I think our bout with "teething he!!" is over (until the next set anyways ). The eczema is trying to creep back so I'm using the cream like crazy and have gone back to very basic solids for awhile to see if that helps at all. It's hard when he's grabbing for everything we eat, he doesn't care what it is either. If it's food, it's edible, it's all good to him!
Just wanted to check in and see how everyone's doing...what's with all these babies not wanting to sleep nowadays??? I hope it gets better soon, for everyone.
Oh and btw, Branden's playing the "can't let mommy out of my sight" game too. When I do leave, he SNAPS!!!
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baby hopes! dont be shy, this is a total bunch, LOL!!!!!

would someone please come take this halloween candy out of my house! :

speaking of halloween, is anyone dressing up their babies? I may have asked this before, a long time ago....but refresh me, b/c i don't remember, LOL!!! lack of sleep will do that to a person! LOL!!

Sage is going to be a butterfly. I got the wings at the dollar store, and she will be wearing footie pj's that match the wings that say "cute" all over them Im not sure if Im going to try to make antenna for her to wear or not since she hates having anything on her head. her total halloween costume will cost a grand total of $4.00 (the pj's were a gift from BIL's GF, i think she may have paid $3 for them... she shops like me, always from the clearance racks, lol). anyway, i love it and i was wondering what everyone else was/is doing. i wanted to dress her as a pea in a pod or a chili pepper, but those costumes were way too much $$$, and they covered the feet like a sack, and my baby won't tolerate that, lol.
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Go out for one day!!!!!! I have a whole page of posts to read now and I cant cause the babe just woke up!
Hugs to those not getting sleep
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Branden's gonna be a "horsey" for Halloween! And yup, you guessed it, I have the picture to prove it :LOL
Halloween costume

I bought the costume last year, after Halloween for $4 Canadian! I plan to do the same this year...got my daughter a really nice elephant one last year too for $6.00!

Christy-the butterfly costume sounds great and soooo cute! Show us a pic when you get one!

Branden tried to crawl up the stairs today, gotta go dig out that gate

Have a good night all
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Yeah, dd climbs up stairs now, too--luckily, the rest of the house is still more interesting to her (as long as ds doesn't go upstairs). Her "talking" is now extremely expressive. I cannot really describe it, but think of how Barney talks, and then replace the actual words with random syllables!

I have 2 costume outfits for babies (not mine, but you know). A cat and a dinosaur. The cat is pink, the 'saur is blue/green. I think she's more a dinosaur than a cat (think path of destruction).

Ramadan's in less than 2 weeks, so I am going to make special sweets with ds. I think tomorrow will be the big cooking/baking day. Today will be the big grocery store day. Nuts, honey spices, choc chips. Now, how to deep fry with these crazies in my house??

And my dh took a step closer to starting his new job--he's enrolled in a class he needs. This is really good. He'll have to travel with the job, but when he's not on the road, he'll be home a lot. I think I'll love the combination--either he's gone, or he's pretty much home. Right now, he works extremely long days, plus weekends--so, even though he's home, he's tired and cranky (and now sick). Weird that I am looking forward to 2-week periods of absence...but I think we're ready for a big change.
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I used to work with a Muslim lady, and we talked a lot about Ramadan... It was fascinating... She made the best falafel, too! You brought back memories for me!

Not going to dress Iris up, but Sage is going to be a dragon slayer and Quinn is a doctor.

Iris signed "horse" yesterday while we were at riding lessons for the older kids!

I am so tired... Iris woke every 2 hours like clockwork last night wanting to nurse. It was one of those nights that I felt all touched out, you know? She and her dad are still in bed now, the stinker has taken to sleeping in later than anyone else in the house.
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We had a better night last night I actually got a couple of hours of sleep :LOL Man do I feel better!

Ramadan sounds fascinating- what kind of food are you cooking, Jooj1?

DS just got a flu shot We went to get one before they are all out. Are y'all getting one for your babe? He is acting normally- smiling and crawling, chasing the dogs. Glad he isn't reacting to the shot.

I think I want him to be a bumblebee for Halloween- need to go to Goodwill and check out what they have.
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