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Morning Sickness

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I have terrible monring sickness. Actually it lasts all day. I can't keep anything down except for tea (if I'm lucky). I never had m/s this bad with my other 2 preganancies. I am miserable. Anyone else have bad m/s? Any ideas on how to ease the nausea?

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Nutritional yeast mixed into plain yogurt. Or just eat the nutritional yeast. You need the B vitamins.
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Diclectin. Used widely in EVERY other western country except the US. I won't go on my tirade, but if you want more info email me.

I had hyperemesis gravidarum (losing more than 10% body weight, for me it was 25 pounds in 6 weeks) and diclectin was the only thing that helped me stop vomiting. Totally safe. Used since 1960s in US until 1980 when there was a lawsuit by parents with birth defects, which banned the 'drug.' Later it was shown that the incidence of birth defects for those using the drug was exactly the same as for those not using it.

Anyway, it's 12.5mg doxylamine (Unisom 1/2 tab) and 25 mg Vitamin B6. You can take up to 9 doses a day and it WORKS. I chose to do that instead of take something that was new and still on patent for fear that it was not time-tested. Anyway, in Canada, where I'm from, many many pregnant women take it and it helps tremendously. It doesn't stop you from feeling sick, but it curbs the vomiting and makes you a bit more steady, if you know what I mean.

Thankfully, I haven't thrown up yet with this pregnancy. I'm eating power bars through the night, waking up green, and keep shoving food into my mouth whenever I can tolerate it. Also, I've been sipping gatorade all morning. I know it's not the healthiest diet, but it's way better than IVs and losing 25 pounds. (My first pg I went from 140 to 115.)

Good luck -- I found this board when I was in MS hell with my first... I'm hoping for better luck this time!
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Well, I am miserable with morning sickness - oh did I say morning? I mean every second of the day and night sickness. I did some research yesterday and found that some foods can help - grapes and dairy products seem to help me a lot, and I know this may sound odd, but Rice Chex and 2% milk have saved me recently. I read that you feel sicker when you are hungry because saliva can irritate an empty stomach...gross I know. For me, I think the most difficult thing is that I work full time and have to be here at 7:30 am. I just did a due date calender that puts me at May 30, 2005...but I already joined the June 2005 due date club so I don't know if I should join both or what.....??? Hmmmm......what is your due date AmiBeth? Just wondering how long we have to deal with this!!!!
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Hmmm, I tried grapes yesterday & they made me sick. A friend of mine said oranges were her relief. So far nothing has worked for me, my midwife recommended sticking to carbs for now. I'm due May 4th. I hope you find something that works for you. I don't see why you couldn't join both groups.

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