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Anyone else having a hard time sleeping?

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Any solutions?
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Are you having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep?
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The best solution I've found is to NOT get stressed out about it, accept the fact that you are going to be up for a little while, read a book or something and I usually end up falling back asleep within 1/2 hour or so. If I "try" to go back to sleep it usually takes MUCH longer!
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I am! I am! Mostly because I keep waking up to go pee...and often, but not always, when I wake up I can't get back to sleep. I often read....which usually helps eventually, but I'm finding it hard to be up 1-2 hours per night every night!

So I can sympathize, Simone

I hope that when I start doing yoga I learn some good relaxation techniques. Sometimes I wake up hungry too (which is really crazy for me) so having a snack by the bed helps too (though crackers are messy and kinda noisy-sorry beth!)
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OMG no. i could sleep 24 hrs a day 7 days a week right now. with my first two pg i had horrible insomnia. i could stay up for 24 hrs for days straight. when i was pg with my first it was great because i worked night shift 3 days a week, and it really helped that i was never tired LOL. this time all i want to do is sleep. i wish i had kids that liked to nap and sleep in LOL.

my two solutions for falling asleep before were 1. watching TV, always makes me tired and puts me to sleep and 2. surf the internet for stupid stuff, after awhile your eyes are so tired and you are so bored that sleep seems like a really good idea!!!!
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Ugh, I have it too. I usually go to sleep fine, but when I wake up (either to nurse DS or pee), I often lie awake for hours..... : It's miserable and I can commiserate with how you feel!!
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Thanks for the ideas mama's, keep em coming DH hoggs the computer at night but maybe I'll try and find some not too stimulating reading. Any sugestions?

I went for a 3 hr hike with dd1 in jogging stroller and slept great last night. For some reason I really seem to need to stay active this pg or all my pg symptoms go into overdrive. Wierd huh?
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I'm having trouble sleeping, too. We have a ReplayTV (kind of like Tivo), so I record shows I like (I only like few shows) and then I watch them at night when I'm awake and everyone else is asleep. Then I get sleepy and go to bed.

Here are some book suggestions:

Gulag Archipelago
I recently got this book for my husband because I heard it's really good. Turns out it won the Nobel Prize in literature. I am NOT a big reader, but one day, I picked it up to thumb through it, and it is really good! It's a true story about how tons of people were falsely imprisioned in Russia. Sounded boring to me, but it is really interesting.

Dr. Phil's Family First: Your Step-by-Step Plan for Creating a Phenomenal Family
This one is pretty good. I am just now starting it. I think this is good for families who even "have it together" because we all have something to learn.

That's all I can suggest right now, if you're looking for a good book.
Oh, hee hee, I just realized you asked for "not too stimulating reading".... Hmmm, sorry, I think my suggestions are interesting books (for me, anyway). Hey maybe it doesnt have to be non-stimulating. Maybe stimulating would be good too. I dont know.
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big time sleep problems here too. i had/have insomnia even before i was pregnant so now that i finally have some energy back its hard to sleep again. its frustrating but i try to read a book or take a hot bath at night if i cant sleep.
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I sleep from about 11 to 3, then 18 month dd wakes to nurse for an hour or so...then I gotta peee...then I'm starving, gotta eat something....then I sleep from about 6 to 8. Yawwwwnnnn
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