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Adding water to HE washers...

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How much? Do you add it to the rinse cycle (I assume so) Hot water, cold water... help me ladies
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What I do is run the sanitary cycle with a stain treatment add on. The stain treatment means it starts with cold water so I can add cold water and then it heats it up. The reason I add cold is I have a hose attached behind the washer and hanging on the wall so all I have to do is bend it over into the soap tray to add water. This is MUCH easier to do than schlepping pitchers of water from the sink to the washer over and over. And your DH will probably enjoy having a project to do, if he's anything like mine! :LOL

Anyway, so I add water at the start of that wash cycle until I see that the diapers have enough water that they're sloshing around in it. Don't let the water level get all the way up to the door, that can cause diapers to get into that rubber seal thingy and just sit there instead of getting clean.

After the washing is done, I run a gentle cycle on warm to keep getting the soap out. The gentle cycle adds more water so you don't have to. I sometimes do that twice. Then I run several rinse cycles on cold and I add water at the start of each of them and watch to see if there are suds or not. Once there aren't any suds, I know it's my last rinse cycle.

SIGH - all this PITA routine is why my front loaders are being picked up by Sears and replaced with top loaders on the 18th! I can't wait! I'm actually a little sad - I'll miss my really cool looking washer and dryer and easy to use digital controls and the fact that it's much gentler on our clothes and uses so much less water for everything OTHER than diapers. Oh well, maybe I'll rebuy a front loader once I'm done diapering babies.
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I have the "basic" Sears FL.
I took a 2.5 gallon water container (sold on the water isle at supermarkets) and cut a large hole in the top.
At the beginning of the wash cycle I go fill it up with warm or hot water and bring it back downstairs to the washer (in the basement).

when i hear the first rinse start I go downstairs and open up the detergent slot and position the water jug so that the spout is right over it and let it darin in by itself while I do something else like fold laundry. Sometimes if I'm in a hurry I'll actually stand there and pour it so it goes faaster. then I close the slot. I may even do this twice depending on how many bubbles I see when the washer starts back up

What I'm dying to know is how to hook up an extra hose like some of the mammas here have...........

Anyone have instructions!!!????
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Can we back up just a minute for an HE newbie... I JUST started my first load of diapers in my brand, spanking new HE washer... guess I should have come here first. I thought having a front loading HE would actually make diapers easier, is that not true??? Could someone take a minute to explain to me what the problem is going to be and what I need to do to fix it... I'm running it right now on sanitary and it's about half way finished... am I going to have a humongous mess when I open the door??? Now I'm worried, ladies!
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Originally Posted by Mama Bee
I thought having a front loading HE would actually make diapers easier, is that not true???
My front loader gets everything clean with no problems on one "heavy" cycle with no extra rinses. Other people seem to have major problems with them leaving residue behind, though. Wait to see if you have a problem before getting scared!
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Don't worry.

We love our FL. It gets dipes super clean because they (the clothes) beat against each other while washing insted of just agitating in diry water.

They are great because they use so little water too.

In the begining it's just finding the right balance. I suggest you find out your water softness if you don't already know.

In FL machines you need soooo little soap it's not funny (even when washing clothes). if you have soft water you need very little soap, if you have hard water you can use a little bit more.

We have semi hard water, so thats why I add water to the rinse because it's so hard to get the prefect balance. If I didn't, no harm done, but I may need to strip the dipes every so often because the soap will build up because the rinse cycles don't use a lot of water....

Whew, that rambled on....hope it helped.

I love mine.. I stayed with my mom for a month, she has a top loader and all of my clothes looked more dingy than normal. Whe i got home I washed them in my FL and they were sparkling new again!!!!!!!!!!!

Ps-ours has a window so I can see exactly whats what. If your dosen't, then just stop it in a rinse cycle, open the door and check out if you still have bubbles. Then you either adjust your soap amt. or ad water and keep running rinses until no more bubbles!!!

this will be second nature in a few weeks........
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With us its easiest to actually do it a different way(we have the whirlpool duets)

I put everything on soak and let it soak for a few minutes and let the diapers absorb the water, then turn it off soak and onto wash and then the diapers are already full of water so they dont soak up what's in the regular wash giving the same affect as adding water, because as I understand it you add water to the wash because if you dont the diapers absorb all the water leaving no water to wash with.

just my 0.02
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I don't have a problem with my dipes getting clean in my HE front load washer....I run an express wash on cold/cold then a normal wash on hot/cold with an extra rinse, extra spin. I add baking soda to neutralize the overwhelming toddler pee smell, and use a half-measure of Allen's Naturally with each load, and that's it.

If I'm having super-smelly hemp or trying to break in new inserts/prefolds I may run them on sanitary but I've never had residue or staining problems.
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Thanks gals! How much baking soda should I add? I have just 2 AIOs with sewn in soakers that are smelly, and I did a baking soda soak last night, then washed them with everything else and voila! they are not smelly! So, to add it regularly for washing, how much would I use?
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