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count me as super slow here too! it's driving me nuts!!
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Slow here again too. I have four windows open so I'm not just sitting here waiting for stuff to load.
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Very slow here.

I agree with the person who said that it started after the new homepage went up. the ads on the right hand side never caused a problem before. The homepage comes up faster than the forum pages.

As slow as it normally is on the weekends it's going to be impossible to try and get on tomorrow.
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I'm in Australia and it is painstakingly long here too!
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painfully slow here what's going on?? im on mdc withdrawal because i can't sit here waiting all day for each page to pop up, kwim?? i miss my mdc!!
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Very slow again today
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same here
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veeeeeeeeeeeeeerryyyyyyyyyyyyy annoyingly slow! honestly - its making me not want to bother!!!
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Yep, count me in with the slowness pain.
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AAAARGH! So slow!! This is driving me nut, nutty, NUTS!!!!!
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Ok THis is what I did to see if it was my computer or what. I have both IE and Netscape on my machine. On Netscape it loads MUCH faster no matter the background color. About 30 secs to a min faster. So Cynthia I think it might be something with IE?

My version of IE is as follows

Let me know if you want more information!
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It is a bit slow for me today but under 30 seconds at the slowest time.

I use Netscape. Anyone with Netscape having extreme slow loading?
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I have disabled some of the more intensive features - please don't get upset : - forumjump, search, and thread previews are disabled right now. Let's give it some time and see if it speeds loading.
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:LOL forum jump was the only thing making the site usable. Takes forever for the index page to load to go to the forum you want ah well, I have to sew anyway, lol.
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Cynthia ~ Netscape is working MUCH faster for me, just so you know
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it seems even slower now - and it's pretty universal browser-wise, although netscape is 3-5 seconds faster than IE, Opera and Neoplanet ..
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Ok, its taking me 2+ minuties for each page to load. I had to reset my browser options just so I wouldn't time out.

Hope you guys can figure it out soon...
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This is even worse today...I will admit it I have hardly been on all weekend! I cannot stand this! its stilll agonizingly slow on a Hi speed connection and a P4!!!!!

Ack! I wonder if there is anything that can be done to fix this? is there anyway to go back to the old page to test and see if there is a corelation? I am not all that web savvy but DH is fairly adept and he mentioned something about to many scripts running? possibly bogging things down?

I dunno....but its frustrating so I think I am gonna take the day off of MDC..LOL
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DSL and Netscape here, and things are still pretty darn slow...
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Thank heavens it's not just me! lol!

Everything else seems to be working fine for me, but I actually have *attempted* to come here three times today before I was even able to get to this thread. Guess I'll try again in a couple of days.
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