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It's October!! weekly thread (a bit early)

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October Mamas Roll Call

Yoga mama
snugglebutter 10/01
mirthfulmum 10/03 BOY! Harrison Eliot Smith
*prediction: last week of Sept, 8 hrs labour*
*Born 10/6, 12:30 pm*
TracyK 10/04
mhurst 10/04
kraftykathy 10/04 *prediction: Oct 4, short labour, girl*
Jillerina 10/04 *prediction: Oct 6, 6 hrs labour*
water 10/06
KateMary 10/06 *Ruby Ava born 09/25*
Proudly AP 10/08
MamaEmerald 10/08
nikwik 10/8 GIRL!
mayasmama 10/08 GIRL!
FutureMama 10/09 BOY! Miles Rocket
bluehalo 10/10 BOY! Noah Daniel
mellybean 10/10 GIRL! Willow
jamaicanmom 10/10
allformyboys 10/11
Lucysmama 10/12 *prediction: girl, Oct 8, 16 hrs labour*
bendmom 10/12
ashleepurdie 10/12 *prediction: boy, 12 hours easy labour**Ella Lucille born 10/6, 10:22 pm, 7.5 lbs, 21.25"*
momadance 10/13 BOY! Reed Jezmund
*prediction: Oct 23rd*
Mandi 10/14
rhemp 10/14
wannabmommie 10/15
MTBto5 10/15
krnflwr 10/16 GIRL! Emma Grace *prediction: Oct 16th, 10 hours labour*
gmvh 10/16 *Twins! Owen and Gwynnen born 9/25*
Piglet68 10/18 BOY! Sasha Adam scheduled cesarian October 8
MommyMuse 10/19
JenDoula 10/19
BeansMomma 10/20 GIRL!
Mom2Lily 10/20
CourtneyandLogan 10/21 BOY! Zander Julian
*prediction: Oct 18 or 28*
OakEmber 10/21 BOY! Oakley Kai
*prediction: Oct 6 - 10, 6 hours labour*
mtnjenny 10/22
Ekatherina 10/22
Momma2Liam 10/24 *prediction: boy, 10/31, 9 hrs and 45 min labour*
Stanleymama 10/23 BOY! *prediction: Oct 18, short easy labour*
gottaknit 10/24 *prediction: Oct 31 - Nov 4, > 9 lbs*
3boyz4us 10/24 *expected Oct 22*
Ctmom70 10/24 BOY! Alex Richard
*prediction: Oct 14, 5 hrs labour*
Kim22 10/24 BOY!
aspiring mama 10/25
sunshinegal 10/25 Fiona
AngelBee 10/25 BOY! Angelo Richard
truebluexf 10/27 *prediction: Oct 11, 8 hrs labour, boy*
Soogie 10/27 *prediction: Oct 27 or 28*
ameliabedelia 10/29 GIRL! Greta Marie
*prediction: Oct 17, 10 hrs labour*
flitters 10/30
BeauGeek 10/30
AnnR33 10/31
guinnessinu 10/31 TWINS! BOY! and BOY!
BlueMoonTime 10/31 GIRL! Alexis

Hello ladies. I've decided to start this now while I'm here on the computer, in case I forget again tomorrow morning (and to give those of you on the East Coast a head start in the morning). I have updated the list to reflect our births so far: KateMary's DD and gretchen's twins. I've also add our latest newcomer, Ekatherina, to the list (finally!).

Well, it's officially october, and seems like we're a bunch destined to see our due dates.

Question of the Week: any last minute plans for something special before the birth? date night with DH? night out with the girls? visit to the spa? something to let you savour these last precious days before adding to your family....?

On the advice of all you ladies re: dh and I squabbling, we are going to take my mother up on an offer to babysit DD so we can go on a "date". our third wedding anniversary is the 20th and we know we won't have a chance to do anything then. So that will be my last "hurrah" before baby comes.

I think I'm finally ready for baby. We're giving the car a good cleaning inside today, installing Emily's new seat and putting the infant seat in. Everything in the baby's room is done except for one thing I need to hang up. Clothes and diapers are all washed, sorted, and folded. Slings are hanging to dry as we speak! Mum finished the pouches and wraps she was making (I can't really play with them right now, however, b/c my belly is too big!). All that's left on my list is to put together a hospital bag. Wow, can I be this organized??

Let's see some babies this week!
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37 weeks and 1 day

Had a fun weekend and am now relaxing the day away. We had a porch party last night with dh's side of the fam and some friends. Then there was a light parade that went past our house in the evening. The kids got to take a swing at a pinata...tons of fun!!! And I didn't have to do hardly a thing to prep for it. I did do some cleaning today and now that the house is back in order I plan to catch up here and then read a book.

QOTW: I think dh and I will try to go out for one more date. I would like to do a little something with just him for his birthday, which is the 17nth.

I do still need to pack my hospital...think I will do that tomorrow. Once that is done, I am all set

Piglet..is your c-sec this Friday already?

Have a good week mamas!!!
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Well, I don't know if I could have asked for a more relaxing day! I had a tough night. First I woke with some cramping, was up about an hour. Then I woke with some weird intense pain on my right side. That kept me up for about another hour. Just when I was getting ready to wake dh and call the hospital, it must have let up b/c I fell asleep on the couch and it was gone when I woke 3 hours later. Crawled back into bed for another 3 hours! Then I just layed in bed for an hour with dh, my dreams, and thoughts b/c I realized that it could be a long time before doing that again if baby comes this week. Made a yummy breakfast of oj, coffee, and cinnamon buns (from the can). Surfed the net for a while, took a nice long walk, a nice long shower....ahhhhh. I wish I didn't have to go back to work tomorrow.
The walks don't seem to be bringing on any labor, but they are good for my state of mind, so if you can get out ladies in waiting, get! The change of scenery, the movement, the fresh air...I think it's what we all need.
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40 Weeks and No Baby

It's officially my due date today, but no sign of Harrison wanting to move out of his comfy little home. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to be patient, that's what parenting's all about anyway right?

I've been having a really nice weekend. My mom took Alias out for the afternoon yesterday so Dh and I went out for a nice walk, lunch and a matinee (I love going to see movies in the afternoon but it's a very rare treat). And today my mom has gone to visit my grandpa so the three of us (Dh, Alias and I) spent the earlier part of the day at the beach. Oh how I wish I had more energy to have been more of a playmate at the beach, oh well. As Dh kept reminding me that the whole point of this excursion is for the three of us to have one last outing together before we become four, and it was so nice to sit back and really relish these last few moments. And now Dh and Alias went to the pool for a swim and I have the whole place to myself. I'm going to ignore the toys scatered around the apartment and pretend like the vacuuming dosen't need to be done and I'm going to go sit my big ol' pregnant bum down on the couch with a big glass of juice and watch a movie.
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39 weeks

qotw: every time we go see a movie (my husband works at a theater so we get to see movies for free!) we think it's going to be our last date before baby comes! just saw "The Forgotten" today, wow it's got a damn good story.

i feel really weird, i had been feeling more energy every day and nesting a lot, the last 2 days i feel like i'm slowing down, down, down ... i'm sleepy all day, sleeping better at night, and basically feel like molasses. i wonder if my body is just telling me to rest up for the upcoming marathon

i keep wanting to crochet for some reason, sleepy nesting i guess i only know how to make ne thing: granny squares! if i start a baby blanket it'd be a potholder by xmas perhaps *lol* my hands are way too stiff to crochet anyway. and they took Vioxx off the market, which is what i had been taking before i was pregnant! not every day, but once a week when it got really bad. although quite a few moms have told me their arthritis stayed better after pregnancy *knock wood!*

my new mantra is "start your journey Willow"

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Melly, that's so funny you brought up crocheting! I haven't done it since the start of this pregnancy (i made a bib) Last night I picked it up and crochet a soaker. It's so cute, but I don't know how to do leg cuffs. I'll post a pick on our yahoo group.

Piglet, a nice date sounds perfect...Hopefully we'll swing one befor Reed comes along.

Wow, we're starting early this week. We'll have 15 pages befor the weeks done

Had a nice chill weekend. Did the laundry and let it all hang in the sun and nice breeze. Man our sheets smell so nice. Off to bathe Miles, and myself!

Oh we went to the fair on Sat. my pelvic area was THROBBING after walking around there. And we were only there for 2.5 hours
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Piglet, FYI you have Gretchen's twins listed as being born on 10/25, not 9/25 in your list.

QOTW: I haven't really thought about doing anything. DH and I have both been spending lots of time with dd and we do stuff together as a family all the time, but I can't think of any last hurrahs. We don't know anyone to be a babysitter up here, so we can't really go out. My mom is coming up to stay with dd when I go into labor, but they live 2 hours away, so it isn't practical to use her just for a date.

We took a tour of the hospital today. It is alright, just a small community hospital so it seems that everyone gets a lot of attention from the nurses. There are things I like and things I don't, but overall it isn't bad. From what the nurse said, just about everyone rooms-in and the babies don't spend hardly any time in the nursery. While we were there, the nursery was empty although the nurse did say there were 3 woman in the postpartum rooms, so I guess they all had their babies with them.

Oh, and the other good thing is I am almost positive that babe had turned head down. I can feel her hiccuping down low, and I am pretty sure she is facing the left. Facing left is optimal birthing position, right??
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Mirthfulmum - Happy Due Date to you!

Amelia -Baby's back to your left is optimal.

I was getting pretty sure last night was "the night" - I almost had dh filling up the tub. My contractions were about 10 minutes apart, and getting pretty darn uncomfortable. My lower back was throbbing, and I had 2 loose bowel movements. But, (and maybe this was really moronic) I decided to lay down and see if I could sleep. I feel asleep after an hour or so of laying there, and when I woke up, my contractions had stopped. I wish I would have stayed awake and moving, maybe I would have my baby now! I had them all day today, too....but they just aren't going anywhere. I swam for an hour, and took a hike, and nothing. Just this backache and BHs and I lost another glob of mucous tonight. This is making me kinda tired and very irritable. I'm still not "due" for 8 days, so I really should relax, but this pre-labor is rough on me. I am trying not to do anything to rush things along, but I'm getting kinda burned out over here. The thought of going to another prenatal is so depressing right now. I would appreciate any labor vibes anyone wants to send me!

I talked to my half-sister and she said this is how she was, too.....she had LONG pre-labor and walked around 3-4cms dilated for a couple weeks. Then, her OB broke her water accidentally doing a vaginal exam, and she had her daughter 2 hours later! (Same with #2) I have read you labor most like your sisters....maybe that's how I will go?
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39 weeks

Ugh, my family is driving me crazy already. Everyone calling "just to check in" ... but anxious and wanting details and some even asking "haven't you had that baby *yet*?!" ... I'm not even freaking due yet. Geesh! My mom asked if I was dialated ... never mind the fact that I haven't had an internal exam yet, and I can't reach myself. Sorry, can you tell I'm crabby about this? Heaven forbid I "go overdue". I think I'll hibernate until the baby's born so I don't have to talk to anyone else.

Anyway ... (sorry for the vent there ) ... Same ole, same ole here too ... lots of BHs, crampiness, etc ... but no real action. Seems to be most prevalent from 5pm till I go to sleep. It's was exciting at first, but now that it's a regular thing w/o any "real" action, I just try to be think positively about my body doing it's work it's own way, etc. etc.

I'm excited to meet this baby, but honestly, I don't feel in any hurry. I'm enjoying this last little bit of time with Ethan (although, my goodness, what a handful he's been lately!) and trying to stay on top of stuff around the house, etc., so that when the baby *does* decide to make his grand entrance, I don't feel like I have to run around and clean like maniac.

I got to hold my new nephew today ... he's 8 weeks old and was a preemie, and is now just about 8 pounds. It's crazy to think that I could be birthing a baby that size pretty soon! It was fun to watch Ethan meet him, and check out all his new-baby-sweetness

QOTW: I would like to try to have one last date w/ DH sometime this week maybe ... probably just dinner out somewhere. It's nice just to have something fun to look forward to when you're so distracted by imminent due dates, you know? We're getting preggy pictures taken tomorrow afternoon, and that's been my "look forward to date" for a while now.
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39 wks

Originally Posted by Lucysmama
I would appreciate any labor vibes anyone wants to send me!
I've had this feeling all night that someone is going into labor, and have been itching to get online and find out how you all are doing. Lucysmama, sounds like it might be you. I'm sending you lots of good labor vibes!

Originally Posted by Lucysmama
I have read you labor most like your sisters....maybe that's how I will go?
Anyone else have any sister stories to compare with?
My sis had a c-section the first time, and a very long labor w/ #2...that ended in her hemmoraging and loosing lots of blood...says she saw the "white light" and all... very scary for all of us. So I'm hoping not to emulate either of her experiences, frankly.
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Karin - nuthin' going on over here....must be someone else laboring!
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36 wks
Every time I check this board now I expect a new arrival soon....Mirthfulmum hang in there!!

QOTW-Oh yes, I have some definite plans! My B-day is Oct 5 so I'm going to hire myself a doula (meeting with her this week), get a pedicure (I've done this a week or 2 b4 my due date with the previous babes) and buy myself some ess oils to make some of the great stuff posted for labor.

My Dh has been against the doula since he thinks "he helps me enough" and it's a waste of $-he's a tighta$$ and I told him he can decide when he pushes a baby out-so too bad. I've heard such wonderful things about this woman that I just have to have her since this may indeed be my last babe-I want it to be the best possible experience.

I can't see my feet so the pedicure is a must!!

Will be checking in to see who's next-sending you all positive birthing vibes!

Oh and my predicition for me...Oct 25-28-6 hrs labor
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37 wks 3 days...

Hello ladies! I have some time here in the middle of the night to post so...
QOTW: I think I'm going to get a pedicure / manicure. How much should one tip for a pedicure? I've only had one before and that was like 4 years ago. I'd love to go on a date w/ dh but we really don't have a babysitter right now, so... I guess when we all went to see Shark Tale on Saturday will have to count as one. Oh and I took a bath for the first time in 2 years tonight, complete with candle light. It was nice, but our tub is a little small, I really couldn't submerge my belly.

I've been cleaning like crazy today with more plans to clean the rest of the week. I also bought organizing bins and stuff for Logan's room and got that mess picked up. I went for a long brisk walk on top of all that, so my hip / pelvic area is so stiff and sore.

Amelia - yay on the baby being head down! That's great. You know my midwife said facing left was really good. In her experience she said they come out really fast if they're right anterior...but either way as long as they're anterior it's good. Mine keeps flipping back and forth, I think.

Oh and apparently I am GBS positive...the m/w made a mistake looking at my chart or something, so yay I've got that to deal with now. I was really tearful about it at first, but I'm feeling a little better. I'm so conflicted as to what to do...though I really think I'm just going to go the antibiotics route. I just keep thinking how could I be positive now, when I was negative last time?

Hugs to all you mamas getting close, it sounds so exciting! I don't feel close at all.

Piglet - I can't believe you're gonna have your baby on Friday! You shoud post a belly pic! I hope your itchiness has subsided and that things get better with your dh. It really is no wonder that you guys have been squabling with all you've been through recently. I think I'd go crazy if dh was home all the time. Especially now that I'm nesting, I'm like, "why are you just sitting there! There's work to be done!" - on the weekends.
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38 weeks...

Lucysmama sending you much much good birthing vibes......and to mirthfulmom too....it must be so stressing to pass ur due date....
i have done with the baby loundry too and cleaning of the house which was terrible...: and now thinking about knitting.... but since i took a leave from my univeristy (doing research) i think i should do some research at home..: but have no wish to....
very anxiuos for this baby to come out not to feel giulty to be away from school for a long time....but have no signs at all..
i think we are not going on any dates with dh before this baby will be born...since he has to finish up his article this month......
have visited my 70-year-old mw today and felt very happy about the visit... she bought for me many useful things and didnt accept to take a penny.......but there are things that bother me: im not doing much exercise....(almost not at all), no perineal massage ....didnt gain weight this month.......not a single kilo!!!! mw seemed very positive about this...even that there was almost no increase in baby's size.....(measured by ordinary centimeter)....she said not to worry at all...but dh worried...and made me eat liver that i hated!!! ....is there somebody else having problems with food or its just me???? :
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Ann, that's funny, I had the feeling someone was going into labor too last night. I wonder who is is.

Anyway, lots of and vibes to you Katie. I hope it is soon.

Court, sorry about the GBS positive. I am sure you will do the right thing. I am being tested for it on Wed, and am really nervous. Saying lots of : that I test neg.

but dh worried...and made me eat liver that i hated!!!
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I'm having trouble sleeping so thought I'd check in to see if there were any babies born yet...

It seems our group are the slow cookers. Guess that means we got a lot of really strong, healthy and plump babies joining our group soon.

Court - I'm sorry to read about your GBS test.
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So no babies this weekend? Even w/ all the Mt. St. Helen's activity.

qotw: Well this weekend was my time for that. I had a fun Saturday haning out with my sister. Our hubbies had daddy day's so we could just hang out all day and not worry about having to take care of our boys. I went with my sister to get her haircut at this cute lil shop downtown. Then we went out for lunch and chatted and drank coffee. It was so nice. We haven't had a chance to do that in ages. Then we just strolled around looked at some of the shops. Then we went to a mall and stopped in at Victoria's Secret. Picked up a few things. It was so great just to have some long alone time with my sis we don't get that becuase we are always bringing our boys along. Thankfully the 2 guys are like brothers. They are both our first (my sister's last too) and are only 5 1/2 months apart. Totally unplanned that way it just happened.

Sunday we went to his place called The Elegant Farmer. Some of you cheeseheads might know about this place. My sister and her family came, our good freind and her family came, and my Aunt & Uncle. It was a great time except for when I saw my Aunt the first thing she said was "You're Fat!" I said that's very nice. I know she was just teasing and being sweet but come on don't say that to a big bloated preggy lady! So that had me peeved but I still enjoyed my time apple picking and pumpkin picking with everyone. The kids had a blast! Liam loves tractors and they take you on a tractor ride to the apple trees. It was so nice and realaxing. Except for the fact that DH said he watch Liam so I could just realx and well he did a good job but sometimes got too involved with chatting that he wasn't watching Liam. Drives me nuts when he does this! I yell hey where's Liam to get his attention and I know where Liam is but I want DH to wake up and pay closer attention. Then he is getting peeved because we are sitting on these hay bales eating our lunch and Liam is just up and running. DH is getting peeved he won't stay still for more than a minute to two. I just sit and don't say a thing. I'm thinking well hello!! he's a toddler they all don't sit still and eat. They are very distractable! So needless to say DH was in a pissy mood for the rest of the day until we came home and napped then he was better.

So that was my special time before the baby gets here. It was nice to have it!

Sounds like everyone else has nice things planned.

Sending lots of Labor Vibes of to all!

I'm : too that i'll be GBS Neg. I get the results of that and my ultrasound on friday. Needless to say I'm super anxious.

Ekatherina- What a wonderful m/w you have she seems so nice! The whole food thing I'm dealing with too! That is so icky DH made you eat liver. Espically being preganant and sensitive we are too things now!!

Piglet- How exciting your lil one is going to be here Friday!! YEAH!! Hope the itching is getting better.

Amelia- You just remineded me I have to get a tour! I haven't been to this hospital yet! Oops!

Ann- Good for you for getting a doula!!! I used one last time and am going to this time. Sure our hubbies are good supporters but the Doula is just so much more and is there for both of you! I know some hubbies feel like they will take over but any good one will not! Sorry I just feel very passionate about using doulas since they are so wonderful!

Sorry for the long post!!! Just feeling chatty today!
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37weks, 1 day

QOTW: well, dh and i don't hurt at all for time together...we have always made it a point to get out often just the the two of us...just went out a couple fridays ago with my sis and her dh...the boys stayed at mom's overnight since it had been almost a month since she had seen them...we always go out for supper the night before we go in for the c-section...the boys will stay over night somewhere the night before so we don't have to deliver them the day of delivery, plus we have to be at the hospital at 6:00am. i'm going to let them miss part or all the day of school on the friday of delivery....just have to see how things go...my mom ususally keps the boys while i'm at the hospital, but she just had rotator cuff surgery on fri, so there goes that. my sister will help out for sure, but don't know who else yet.

good luck to all those with pre-labor...hope it amounts to something for you soon....

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oh Court im so sorry you tested GBS pos... but i would advice please dont rush into taking antibiotics...and Carrie i will pray for you too that you test neg...:...please read this site it is very good and it helped me to argue with my mw (old one whom i changed now) about not doing GBS test at all....but anyway you can use it to argue about IV antibiotics at least....except maybe for extreme cases...i dont know long labor, water broke.....
Well...yep i know eating liver and not liking it very hard indeed... and just now dh made a deliciuos meat supper (only to make me eat i know) but i couldnt put a piece of meat in my nouth.......i dont know what is that about me and meat....i just can't see it these days...and dh wants me to eat it everyday for the iron levels...(i have normal hematochrit by the way) anyway....its really hard....i want to eat sweets but im convinced its so bad for me and the baby...and also makes dh very upset...and i hate to see him being upset like that... but what can I do with this "can't see healthy food" mood ???? ....sorry for being so depressing....
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Court ... that sucks about the GBS i keep going back and forth on the antibiotics, my thinking is if i can prevent Willow from getting extra tests or an IV, it's worth me getting antibiotics. so we'll be discussing it further when we get to the hospital (time permitting of course).

i was having pretty substantial contractions all night, felt owie but great no other signs really.

today is an NST and the last level 2 u/s ... if my placenta is overly calcified for its age (not uncommon for diabetes even with good control) i know they're going to schedule induction last u/s it was calcifying at a faster rate. at this point i fear induction so much, i wonder if my fear could actually block me from going into labor? (was re-reading Birth From Within which talks about women being blocked by fear.) i don't fear labor or birth, or even pain, i feel very welcoming of those things. i do fear unnatural, pitocin labor however!

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