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Originally Posted by mellybean
i don't fear labor or birth, or even pain, i feel very welcoming of those things. i do fear unnatural, pitocin labor however!
Meli, I hear you about your fears. I just want to toss in my $.02, see if it can soothe your nerves a bit. I was induced at 40wk2days with Hannah, due to gest diab and raising bp. I had been having lots of BH contrax and was slightly dialated when I went into the hosp. I labored on pitocin for 8 hours, drug free (besides the pit) and it really wasn't that bad. I had heard horror stories about being induced, but this wasn't nearly as bad or painful as I had been expecting. Other, experienced mothers told me that I had a very fast, smooth labor. Besides all the interventions of being induced, it wasn't very scary and I feel like I handled things (pain) very well.
I think if your body is already getting ready, then the pit just sort of gives you a little push in the right direction. Not that I'm advocating its use in anything other than a true medical need, but I just don't want you to go into it thinking that having the Pit is going to cause you immense pain and a long horrid birth. You can have a positive birthing experience, even with inducement. HTHs.
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What is with these stubborn babies of ours?

Well, as I settled into bed last night, I had my first real contraction. It honestly felt good. As if my body was saying, "yes, this is what is supposed to be going on, we can do this." So, I layed there all hopeful...then I fell asleep. Just one contrax...bah hum bug. I didn't even have cramps bad enough to wake me up last night. That doesn't mean I wasn't up though. Gee, I am tired today! And very grumpy sitting here at my desk at work. And I have just realized it stinks in here...I wonder if the heat has turned on for the first time, that is kind of what it smells like. Ewww.
Well, someone was just so kind and saved me a trip to the mail room. I have a stack of mail to go through, guess I should get moving on it.
I hope someone is making some progress today!
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I have hats! Pumpkins, trees, stripey hats.
See pics:

Those of you who ordered specific hats, please contact me to arrange shipping and $$. PM or email me.
Thanks for your patience, karin
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OMG Karin those hats are precious!!

OK, a little slow this morning IMO-who's in labor???

Having tons of BH yesterday and today and sharp pains in my groin but it's not time yet...for those that wonder "how do you know?" It's hard to explain and it won't help much as you sit and wait but you "just know" when it's time. Too bad for me this ain't it!

Off to crochet/nest/laundry...
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krnflwr...I pm'd you about the hats

Katie..sending you labor vibes

Sorry I can't remember everyone's posts but I wish you all easy labors soon for those who are due or almost due
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39.4 weeks pregnant

Court, I'm gbs positive too, and I was really bummed about it at first. I just got this whole feeling like my plans for how I wanted to labor would have to change and I'd have this stupid IV and feel like a patient, not an empowered birthing woman, and then they'd think it was so great and easy to give me IV fluid cuz I'll have the lock in place anyway and.... blah.

But I thought about it a lot, and considered not taking the antibiotics. But I decided to let time be the determining factor. I'm still going to labor at home for as long as possible--til I'm ready to push, If I can make it that far--which is what I wanted to do in the beginning and will avoid the possibility of many interventions that increase baby's risk of getting sick. Once I get to the hospital, I'll take the antibiotics. If I have time for the two doses, then I'll get them. If not, I won't worry. I also will make it very clear that I do NOT want my membranes ruptured. If my water doesn't break on its own, that baby will be born with it intact.

It's a tough thing, because the risk is so small but the sickness is serious. The reason why I decided to go with the antibiotics--time permitting--was twofold: I can't imagine my baby being taken to the NICU, and I'm not going to expose him to that risk if I can help it; but more than that even, I am birthing in a hospital, and I don't want the midwives, doctors and nurses treating my baby and I like we're in danger, and I don't want the added stress of their judgment. As unfortunate a reality as that may be, it is still the reality.

And actually, what my midwife said about refusing antibiotics was that if I really wanted to do that, the best thing to do would be waiting as long as possible to come in to the hospital. She seemed concerned about hospital staff freaking out on a mom who refused the antibiotics.
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37 weeks 1 day!

My last week of Work!!!

Just turned in my FMLA forms listing Friday as my last day of work. Hopefully I won't go into labor Friday night before I get a chance to rest up!

Met with the midwife yesterday and baby has dropped and is engaged. So this means I'm getting close.... right? But not too close; we have an Ikea run planned for Saturday.

DH finished the Portland Marathon yesterday in 3 hours 57 minutes! I am so proud of him. He said the last 6 miles he felt like he was gonna die and just wanted to quit, but he thought of me going through labor in a couple of weeks and that gave him the strength to keep going. (Or maybe he's just really competitive with me... :LOL )

Still having lots of BH contrax, and it's getting very painful to get up out of bed. Sitting up and then standing is so intense... my whole belly seizes up and my pubic bone is screaming out in pain.

Oh!! I had a baby shower on Saturday. It actually went really well. I only got one package of disposable diapers - and from someone who knows I plan to CD. She said, "I know you plan to use cloth, so I thought you'd need these." And they're in a bigger size, not newborn... So I guess she thinks I'll quit..? Anyway they are scented, so I left them in the car and plan to give them to charity. I am really sensitive to artificially scented products (detergents, perfumes, etc.)

I also got yet another vibrating bouncy chair thingy. People are just crazy for these things, aren't they? Just don't think I need one in every room. So it went back to Target and I got a fancy digital thermometer and the cutest Winnie the Pooh nightlight.

Got lots of super soft and cute clothes, and also tons of useful stuff (bathtub and Burt's Bees products, Lands End diaper bag, etc.) It was fun.

One more thing: One of DH's coworkers called me last night and said his office is planning a surprise baby shower for DH! They want me to show up, too. Isn't that sweet?! He will be soooo surprised and probably embarrassed. He's one of those guys that doesn't even like anyone to know when it's his birthday. He also didn't tell anyone at work he was running the marathon, so I'll get to announce that too.
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MamaEmerald - I think we feel the same on the GBS subject. To me the benefits of antibiotics outweigh the risks of my baby getting neonatal sepsis. I'm having a homebirth and I just can't imagine after all that having to go to the hospital and admit my baby. The m/w said when I'm in active labor or if my water breaks, then they will offer me the antibiotics. After the bag drains in, I'll just have the lock in, so it's not too horrible I guess. I can still walk around and stuff holding the bag. But I just didn't want to have to hassle with anything like that. I keep thinking it's so weird because people who test negative at 36 weeks could theoretically be positive at 40 weeks and not even know it. blah, I know it's a dead horse around here. Thanks for the hugs everybody, I needed them.

Nancy- congrats to your dh for running the marathon! That's awesome. And I'm glad your baby shower went well. The surprise shower for your dh sounds so sweet. About the vibrating bouncy chairs - we had one with Logan and just didn't use the vibrating feature cause it freaked him out a bit. But it was useful when I needed to take a quick shower and he was awake - I could put him in the chair with the little seatbelt on and he would bat at the little toys while I showered. I had the curtain half open so I could look at him. Anyways, for moments like that and going potty and stuff - it came in handy....but you're right, you certainly don't need one for every room.
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What with all my me me me blah blah blah, I forgot to comment on everyone else's news!

Courtney, sorry to hear about the GBS + test.

Piglet, you're having your baby this Friday? That is so exciting!! Hope you're getting some rest and enjoying your last few days as a mommy to one. I wonder if anyone else will have one this week....

Bluehalo, time to take the phone off the hook.

Mirthful, hope you're staying comfortable. Any day now...

OK that's the limit to my preggo brain memory! Everyone else - let's have some babies already!! I need to hear some birth stories! :LOL
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39w 2d

Still pregnant, still staying busy! I didn't manage to post last week because by the time I had a chance to check in on the boards there were already so many posts that I just found it too overwhelming! Silly of me, eh?

I'm still working full-time- I have four daycare kids now who ask me everyday, "Is the baby coming out?" One little boy has been especially sweet, wanting to rub and kiss my belly everyday. He just happens to have been born at home himself and was caught by the same midwife that I am using.

I can kind of empathize with all of you mamas with toddlers at home, only in my case I at least get a break when they all go home at 5:30!

Just had an appointment with my midwife- all of my prenatals have been at my house and scheduled during the kids' nap time- how's that for convienance? Anyhow, everything is looking good- I still feel great, eating normally, sleeping just fine, no real complaints to speak of. DH and I just feel like we're in a holding pattern- everyday we're just waiting to see if something is going to happen.

QOTW: DH and I went to see a movie this weekend, The Forgotten. A relative suggested that we see a movie together before the baby is born because it will be a while before we're able to do that again. It seemed like a good idea so we went to the theatre, but had to laugh when we realized that it had been at least 6 months since we'd been to the movies anyhow, baby or no baby...

Gotta go check on the kids- someone is waking up...
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Hi all! I haven't posted in ages, but I've been extremely busy!

I have a client due.. well, she's 41 weeks today, so all my brain energy has been focused on her, and I had an NFB party yesterday for my MOMS Club, I've been nesting like crazy. I'm trying to take it easy today, but I did bring a Rubbermaid bin up from the basement to store all my birthing stuff in, so it's all in one place.

In the last few weeks, DH and I have made some pretty big decisions! We decided to do a homebirth - we've met with the midwife once, and DH was sold immediately. We've also decided to give cloth diapering a try - yes with the THIRD child, LOL.

QOTW: No, nothing really. We went out on a very special date on our anniversary (9/20), and that was our last night out together for a while. We try to enjoy nights in, especially right after a new baby. I can never bear leaving a new baby with someone right away, and plus it's much easier to just rent a movie and make popcorn at home, then we can be here for the kids if they need us, and the baby who will definitely need ME. LOL.

I'll be 38 weeks tomorrow!
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Originally Posted by Thia
Well, as I settled into bed last night, I had my first real contraction. It honestly felt good. As if my body was saying, "yes, this is what is supposed to be going on, we can do this."!
yes, that's exactly what i feel also! my contractions do feel really good i wonder why they seem more common while lying in bed?? i mean, since bedrest is supposed to prevent them

NST and u/s went well today. my placenta is "less calcified" than my date indicates, baby is doing great (est. 6lb11oz give or take 1.2lbs in either direction), great heartrate and all that, so there are no longer any diabetes complication worries other than what her blood sugar will be when she's born and breastmilk fixes that no problem

BUT! the first question the nurse doing the NST asks me is "so when are we going to induce you?" then the dr. doing the u/s says, first thing, "so when are we going to deliver you?" that pissed me off, i said "i'll be giving birth when my body says to." he kept talking about inducing for diabetes, even with all the great test results, i finally asked "do you know something i don't?!" he said they "have to" recommend inducing me Thursday since i'm due Sunday. i said "i'll discuss it with my dr. on Thursday." he was genuinely shocked that i wouldn't want to "hurry things up"

i got to educate a nurse, for lack of a better word. the NST nurse was chatty, nice but too mainstream for me ... we were watching the another woman's contractions on the big monitor and i was like, "whoo, you GO girl!" *lol* the nurse was like, "don't get excited, you'll be in so much pain when that happens" and i said "i know, i look forward to it!" we ended up having a nice talk about how perception of pain can create a fear cycle that makes the pain worse, how great endorphins are, and so on. she said "you're going to do really, really well"

krnflwr, thank you

peace, and labor vibes
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37 weeks

Boy am I waddling! And what a big round belly!
I am trying to enjoy this last month because it is going to be such a whirlwind change when she does finally get here. I remember with my other 2 thinking that I was so prepared, but when they finally arrived, everything just seemed to change and was so different from what I expected. And I don't mean by routine, but just having a new person in our lives left me sort of half dazed, and trying to get a real feel for who this little one is and who I was to them. I am so very much looking forward to her birth as is everyone in my family, but I have also been at the point where I longed to be pregnant and feel the movements of a special person growing inside. It is so very special that I just keep giving my belly hugs!!
Sending along major positive labor vibes and healing vibes (for those c/s mamas) to all that need them
QOTW- Acutally I am nesting and hibernating as much as possible. We've been in our house for 3 years and this pg has given us the motivation to get all the stuff done we always wanted. Also, I am enjoying having a family of 4 and trying to do lots together. I don't want to be away from the kids. I am at work all day still and that is too much time away from them already!
Had my appt last week and got tested for GBS even though I told myself that I wouldn't. I don't really have a good relationship with any peditrician in the area, and the ones that our insurance covers are extremely main stream. If I test positive and don't take the antibiotics, they say the babe has to stay in the hospital for 48 hours. I'll be in again on to see them on Friday so we will see what happens. I hope this birth goes very well so that my next one can be at home with out all this mandatory
Can't wait to read some birth stories from you wonderfull mamas.
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36 weeks 5 days

Hi all! It's so nice to be home! I'm trying frantically to get a zillion things done, but at least we are here. Had my home visit today, that went really really well. Did the GBS test, was pleased that the mw had me swab myself. If I am positive I'll do the hibicleans thing, since it works as well as antibiotics and I'm allergic to some antibiotics anyway, and I passed that on to DS. I figure the less antibiotics baby is exposed to then the better. Baby is waaaay low and I still measure 33cm. BUT I asked the mw to give my a weight guess for fun...and she thinks the baby is about 8lbs already! Sooo getting our butts in gear and working on getting this baby OUT before it can hit 9 or 10lbs! The mw was actually pretty surprised I haven't had the baby yet.

QOTW: DH and I had our what will probably be our last date Sat night. I also went and got my pedicure (bday gift!) that afternoon. I feel backwards, bc the house isn't quite where I'd like it to be so my last minute plans at the moment are all based around getting everything ready!!
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39 weeks!!!!

Hey everyone! How's everyone's Monday gone so far? Any new babies?

I saw the midwife today. I was planning on not having any cervical checks but I was completely overcome by curiousity and asked her to check me. (She won't even offer,but if you ask her she's more than happy to ) I wasn't expecting anything except maybe some effacement since I haven't had any good bh to speak of. But I'm 80% and 2 cm! WOOOHOOO! I know it doesn't mean anything about when labor will start, but I've read some birth stories where women labor hard for a long time just to make it to 2. So I feel like I kinda got a headstart on things, ya know? Baby is still not engaged though. Anything besides sitting on a birth ball that will help engagement?

MW hasn't even mentioned GBS yet, and of course my preggo brain forgot to ask again. But I have issues with antibiotics so we'll probably just see what happens.

QOTW: Dh and I went to see Bela Fleck and the Flecktones last Tuesday (anyone that hasn't heard them, look them up- they're great!) so that will probably be our last date. Money is quite tight right now too so we'll just be taking it easy. Sex is out though since I don't need his help ripening the cervix . That was going to be my leverage when he was feeling uneasy about it, now he says there's no way since the mw felt the head. He really thinks he's going to poke the baby! He is well-endowed but that's still giving himself a little too much credit...

Hope everyone's feeling good (relatively speaking) and has a good week!
Sorry for no personal replies but I can't remember anything right now. to everyone that needs one!
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I am completely exhausted. Amazing what a day of desk sitting will do to you. One down, four to go...to the weekend anyways, unless baby comes sooner! (oh please oh please!).
I am looking foward to bed tonight, aside from sleep, I am really curious as to whether I will have more contrax or not. I do have a dr appt tomorrow afternoon. I don't know exactly what will go on. They don't do internals, so that won't tell me anything (even if they did, it wouldn't tell me anything right?). They will measure my belly, but the baby was in a weird position last time, so that doesn't mean anything either. The only thing I can think of is that he will want to talk the I word (induction). I will be 40 wk Friday. They don't like to let anyone go more than 41. BUT, I am pretty sure of when I concieved and know that this baby might be a little younger than they think, by about a week. BUT, I also know that baby is running out of stretching room. So, what will happen tomorrow, I don't know.
Well, labor dust going out to ya'll tonight....
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I'm getting that feeling that someone's in labor...
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Anyone else getting thoughts of just induce me!! I'm so tired and my feet are swollen I just feel like that.

I'm not going to do it unless medically necessary. I'm just feeling that way today.

Thanks for letting me vent. Just having one of those evenings.

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I know I said I would be patient, but I sure wish that person in labour was me!

" He is well-endowed but that's still giving himself a little too much credit..."

LOL, that gave me a good laugh! Thanks Ashlee! Hee-hee !

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38 Weeks Tomorrow!

Howdy, all. It's been a roller coaster emotionally - I wonder where in the world all of these emotions could possibly come from. Yesterday I was pretty depressed; laid on the couch all day and cried at night because I was so darned tired of being huge, achey, encumbered, emotional, blah blah blah. Kinda freaked out DW - oops. I attribute this to not having enough protein / iron so I had cow for lunch; hopefully that will help my spirits!

Meli - have you checked into accupuncture to get things going more naturally? I've heard great things about that being successful.

Nancy - The shower for your hubby sounds great. We received disposables too - but thankfully they were the organic enviro-friendly kind. Congrats on setting your last day for this Friday. Your posts from last week inspired me; I've set my last day for next Friday. I'd go today if I didn't have a big project I'm working on for my boss... But, if that wraps up any sooner, I'm outta here.

I'm feeling oh so huge too. I went to my chiro today; I hadn't seen her in 1.5 weeks and her jaw hit the floor. Apparently I'm not the only one that recognizes that Little Bean has been through a growth spurt. (I gained 6.5 pounds in 2 weeks!) : Back and neck are doing well - she did a minor adjustment and says to call her if I need to; I suspect things will shift when the baby drops.

I finally packed for the hospital this weekend and we finished our birthplan (Link) - open to suggestions for changes - we're trying to keep it to one page. Now all we need to do is decide on an outfit for Bean to come home in and we'll be set.
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