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March Mamas / Oct 4 - 10

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Will someone volunteer to post the mama list and be the keeper this week?

I'm 17 weeks and going strong. Doing much better now - minimal morning sickness from time to time - and enjoying the daily kicks I'm feeling. I love feeling a little person inside me. Can't wait until it's stronger, and all day!

How is everyone else?
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I PM'd Molly about the two of us switching off either weekly or monthly, so I'll take it this week, I guess.

Rebecca (Ravenmoon) 3/1 Girl
Christine (Cholderby) 3/2 Boy
Kylie (luvmy3boyz) 3/2 Girl
LeShea 3/3 Girl
Alicyn (mommy2b) 3/5
OaklandMama 3/5
bubbles 3/6
JoyfulMomma 3/6
MsDoula 3/8
Shannon (MamaSpruce) 3/8
Eva (Finnsma) 3/8 Girl
Susan (srmina) 3/9
Fiercelove 3/9
Michelle (Mtm) 3/10
Dawn&Gianna 3/11
Cyndi (CyndiN) 3/11
Citygirl 3/12
Kimberly (kimisaur) 3/12
Ang (Crayon) 3/13
Jo (Jocmtl) 3/13 Boy
Serina (Somewhere to grow) 3/13
Melissa (Ladyelmo1) 3/16
Maya (muse) 3/16
Rachel (rad) 3/16
Shannon (RaisinGirl) 3/17
Rebecca (MamaGaia) 3/20
Heidi (Weebitty2) 3/20
Rebecca (GeoGirl) 3/20
Kash (Patchfire) 3/21
Molly (Mimim) 3/21
puddinnpeanut 3/21
Trish (Ellis Herr) 3/21
Shannon (Isfahan) 3/22
Jennie (Jenniebug) 3/23
Kim (EllieB) 3/23
Simplehome 3/23
Dee (Morningtillmoonmama) 3/24
Lise (TOmomma) 3/25
Gina (stringbean) 3/26
Ryann (anazmommy) 3/26
Giggs 3/28
Sprinklepocket 3/28

Sometime in March:
polihaupt Boy
Pam (EMZ) Girl
Carla (carlasher)

I've removed the few that I know unfortunately left us early - if anyone recalls anyone else having to leave us, PM me.

Now, me. I'm feeling pretty good. Midwife appointment tomorrow, and I'm concerned that I'm still not eating enough, so hopefully we'll discuss that. I don't have morning sickness, just some major food aversions. At the moment, I essentially can't stomach chicken or pork. I was doing all right with beef until I had a cheap fast-food hamburger out of desperation a few weeks ago, and now I haven't had beef either. :/

I'm still not feeling movement *every* day, but enough that I'm sure that's what it is. Today I've actually felt it during the day (vs. the evening)! So much fun. I wish I wasn't so tired still, but I suspect that relates to my not-eating-enough.

I've been taking my vitamins and trying to keep my water/fluid intake up... any suggestions on bland, inoffensive, yet nutritious foods? :LOL
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I just wanted to express my sorrow to weebitty and family~

I have been getting better.Been sick for quite some time.I cleaned up my diet and have been eating more raw foods and drinking more water so that is helping.I feel the baby a lot.My uterus is actually about an inch maybe 2 above my bellybutton.My dh didn't beleive me that the baby was squeezing my ribs one day until he felt for himself.I am getting used to the idea of having another girl and am feeling excited.

How is everyone doing on their trades?
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Originally Posted by Patchfire
any suggestions on bland, inoffensive, yet nutritious foods?
How about pizza, made by you? Fun and nutritious. Add good stuff to the top to make it even better. Limit the sauce if it makes you nauseous. I also like rice & beans (good protein combination), cereal & milk (not fabulous, but milk has protein), oatmeal with raisins and cinnamon (not instant), and pasta.
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WHew! I'm just glad the boards are functioning better now!

I'm dong much better - both physically and emotionally. My partner and I seem to be working things out and I'm feeling MUCH happier. I don't feel the baby much - sometimes I think I do, but this time I'm so busy I don't have time to lie around and wait for it to hoof me.

MAJOR beef cravings, as long as it's pretty rare. Not like me at all. I can barely stomach chicken which I usually eat all the time. Vegetables? Have to force them down. sigh. Unlike the chocolate.... And my hips and back hurt lots. I think it's those loosening joints.

And I'm working on my swap!!
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Could you add me to the list? I'm due March 21.

Blood work came back and it seems we're at risk for Down's Syndrome (the chance is 1 in 140). We'll have a Level II ultrasound in two weeks, which will give us a better indication of what is or is not going on in there (I do not want amniocentesis). If we do have a Down's syndrome baby, I will not want an abortion. My husband will have mixed feelings -- he's afraid of what kind of an impact a very high-needs child/adult will have on our lives, I guess. However, I see this as a baby to love, and since we plan on homeschooling and we only have one other child, I don't really see Down's Syndrome as something horrible. Anyway, the chances aren't that great anyway -- 1 in 140 are pretty good chances for a healthy baby.

My weight keeps going up up up. I'm 16 1/2 weeks and I've gained 15 pounds so far. I really don't want to gain over 40 total, so I guess I had better actually make an effort to watch what I eat. Luckily, I'm tall (5' 10''), so the weight doesn't show on me as much as it might on someone else. But still...oh, well, we'll just see how it goes.

Oh -- OT, but good news nonetheless. The IRS told us we owed them $25,000 from 2002....we argued that no, we filed correctly, we don't owe them a thing, thanks. They responded a couple of days ago saying that we did indeed owe them -- but this time the amount was $6.00 instead of $25,000 (we won't argue this time, we'll just send them the $6).

Hope all is well with the rest of you folks,
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Originally Posted by Ellis Herr
They responded a couple of days ago saying that we did indeed owe them -- but this time the amount was $6.00 instead of $25,000 (we won't argue this time, we'll just send them the $6).
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Before dh and I were married, there was one year when we BOTH claimed ds as a dependent (hadn't talked about it, neither of us find filing taxes a very interesting subject). At any rate he thought he was making lots of $ (for a 22 y.o.) so he'd get the better break and get more back. I thought I'm the mom, I'm with him, he DEPENDS on me more...
So that year was great and we got lots of cash back, but the next year we got caught! and had to pay some $2000.

Back to the present, I don't have an appt. with my MW for another 3 weeks...so no news from that realm. And I haven't felt the baby move yet, BUT the other night, getting ready for bed, I was admiring my veiny, big breasts (B cup is HUGE for me) and, recalling that when I was 7 mo. preg. with ds I started SQUIRTING, I sqeezed a little and expressed whatever's brewing in there!!! I'm only 15.5 weeks...has this happened to anyone else yet?
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Ooh, oatmeal. That does sound good...

I had an appt. with the midwife today... everything is fine, measuring right at 16 cm (@ 16w1d). I regained the weight I lost plus four pounds more, which I am finding rather reassuring, given my concerns about my food intake.

I am working on my swap too! It is not quite as crafty, but I do think it's creative.

Trish, I hope you get some clear, definitive answers from the Level II. I admit that part of the reason - at least in my mind - that we don't do testing is that my reaction and dh's would be v. different to finding out we had a Down's baby. Dh doesn't want to do the testing because it all involves needles of some kind (nevermind that I would be one getting poked, it still bothers him!).

Totally OT, but we're about to have to go to one car. Dh's former car (and he with it) were in a wreck in February, and totaled the car. We bought a $200 car off my aunt & uncle, hoping it would last until we could afford a 'new' car... well, we forgot to get it registered, and when we went to get the emissions tested, it flunked. We can't justify sinking another $200 into this car just to get it to January, so we're going to be 'creative' in transportation for the next couple of months. The upside is that we don't have to pay any insurance on a second car until then. We're hoping he can take the express bus into work & back, which just means I'd have to get him to the bus center & pick him up in the evenings. We shall see.
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It took 17 weeks to feel really, totally better, but I do, finally. I feel terrific. No more nausea, and I am loving food in a major way. I'm eating quinoa stew with loads of veggies and cheese right now. I feel so good that I can finally eat real food, nutritious food. No more english muffins, no more bagels with butter. Okay, maybe sometimes, but the good stuff too . I'm a little worried about the sheer force of my appetite--I can really eat a LOT.

I had one 24-hour period of really feeling the baby move, to the extent that dh AND dd both felt it from the outside. Which is amazing. Now, for the past few days, I have hardly felt it at all. Can't wait till it's daily!
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Thanks for your well-wishes regarding the level II. My husband is "really scared" about it. I am not. I do know that he will be INCREDIBLY fearful and stressed if it turns out that a Downs' Syndrome baby is on the way (even though I'LL be the one at home taking care of him or her). I will probably be a bit apprehensive (who wouldn't be?), but for some reason I don't think I'd mind all that much.

Well, it's only a 1 in 140 chance anyway, so the odds are with us. I probably won't even think about it again until we have the ultrasound.
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Trish - hope all goes well in your ultrasound. Just remember that ultrasound is an educated guess, at best - not a science. My good friends had multiple ultrasounds that "diagnosed" and "verified" a baby with Down's Syndrome. They, too, elected against amnio. Their healthy baby was born without any genetic problems, and she's a smartie pants 3-year-old today.

stringbean - I wish I had something coming out right now! My almost 2-year-old nurses about once a day - on painful, dry breasts. I can hardly bear it. I sense that she's ready to wean, and I'm absolutely fine with that!

Originally Posted by CityGirl
I feel so good that I can finally eat real food, nutritious food...I'm a little worried about the sheer force of my appetite--I can really eat a LOT.
CityGirl, I'm with you on the appetite - whoa! I don't feel like I'm eating a lot, but when I write it down, it takes a lot of space! I'm cooking simple beef stew in the crockpot right now, and I plant to make cheesy potato bake to go with it. Can't wait!
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I'm not on the list anymore? I was before.

Kylie, edd 3/2/05

Update...I'm feeling MUCH MUCH MUCH better as well....it seems once I got rid of the strep the morning sickness decided to leave as well. I'm hoping for a small gain this time around (after a 14 lb loss).

My husband's grandmother passed away last week and we did a 14 hour (each way) car trip with the boys to get to Denver for the funeral. I must say they handled it very well, we had very few fights and NO melt downs. They even sat quietly during the memorial service which really suprised us, it was very long....Nathan slept through the whole thing.

I'm still excited about having a girl!!!! First girl after three boys, I'm still dreaming!
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Eek! Sorry, Kylie. I don't remember accidentally deleting you, but I must've.

Also, I'm going to try and put in the gender for those of you who are starting to find out! We will see how well that works. If I miss you in my first initial go-through, PM me, please.
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That's okay It just confirms my blending ability of wall flowerness (*snicker* j/k).

(I still can't believe I'm having a girl!!!!!)
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Aargh, I'm a little disappointed. My midwife just called to cancel our appointment for this morning because she's with a laboring mother. Not that I blame her of course, but its been 4 weeks and I was so looking forward to this one! I've been doing no testing or US, so I was looking forward to the chance of a heartbeat on a fetalscope, which I guess is in the realm of possibility now.

I'm 18+ weeks and finally starting to show! I think I've only gained about 7-10 lbs but the belly is rounder for sure. Yeah! I keep thinking maybe, possibly movements. But its so faint and I don't know...

I'm feeling really good, but headaches have been a challenge the past couple of weeks. I seem to get them at the drop of a hat if I don't have a very full lunch or a hearty afternoon snack.

Glad everyone else is doing well. Congrats on the girl, Kylie!!! I'm glad you're not too worried, Trish, 1/140 ISN'T bad odds and a special child is still a blessing. Wishing for the best for you too, and everyone!

Oh, a friend of mine had a 9 lb homebirth after about 15 hours total, first babe. I got pics on e-mail and that was fun. She's a cutie! Too far away to visit anytime soon, but it was inspiring news.

Smiles, Shannon
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Hey Preggos! Glad to hear bellies are popping out all over the place! Doing really well here. Feeling baby move all the time and LOVING it! Definitely my fav part of pregnancy! A good friend of mine had her third baby this afternoon, a little boy after 2 girls. I'm just SO excited for them! I can hardly wait till Feb/March! It's going by so fast it'll be here before I know it!

Tomorrow is our 'big' u/s. I am so excited/nervous I can hardly stand it! I'm really hoping Loki is as flashy has his/her siblings were! I'm so excited to find out if it's a boy or a girl! I still am convinced it's a girl and will be thrilled if I'm right, again. But then, I absolutely adore my baby boy and would be thrilled to have another boy as well. So it's a win-win situation. My appointment is at 10. Unfortunately the place they're sending us to for it is almost 2 hours away! But oh well, the kids are going to a friend's for the morning so they can have fun and not be stuck in the car and at the dr's office.

I've gotta run. I hope everyone is doing well!

Take care!
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Wow, I don't know when I last wrote here; we had our computer stolen a few weeks ago and this one is old and slooow, so don't know how much I'll get to writing.

I'm 17 weeks now and look about 6 months. I've been feeling tiny movements for a few weeks now, but I can't wait till Dh and Ds can feel them. I'm totally over awful morning sickness and even have some energy back; woohoo! Now I'm at the cravings stage; say a food name and I will suddenly NEED it...so citygirl, I NEED that quinoa stew recipe!!

We still don't know if this babe will be born here in the UK, or back in the SF By area; Dh is applying for jobs in both places and we will have to decide in the next month because after that I'm not going anywhere. So with midwives we're keeping all options open.

The NHS midwives here are pretty amazing in their support of natural and home birth, and it's completely free, but there's a lot less time and emotional connection than I would like, and also you can't guarantee who will be on call when you go into labor (we're having a homebirth), so I would hire a doula too. In CA we found a fantastic midwife who i'd love to work with but of course it's pricy. Time will tell, but my pregnancy hormones are going into the "nesting" stage and not wanting to up and move particularly.
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It's A Boy!!!

We had the ultrasound this morning and saw the money shot three times. I'd say we can be fairly certain that it is indeed a boy. The technician got some great shots, including one of him sucking his thumb and one that's a full on portrait. He was quite active, which may have had something to do with the coffee I drank this morning. All of the organs are there, the placenta is in a good place and there are ten fingers and ten toes. There appear to be no horns on his head or a third eye or a tail. He looks a little like cross between a skeleton and Gollum.
I very much appreciated the validation that I got from the technician that my bladder was indeed quite full. They said to drink a boatload of water beforehand, so I did. And this was verified on camera as my very full bladder was actually bigger than my uterus (which is really saying something these days). Not only was I nervous about the scan (I wasn't going to have an U/S but then I caved. I am so weak willed), but I really REALLY had to go to the bathroom and then, of course, the transducer was being pressed on my bladder.... Good times.
I have been saying that its a boy this whole time. We even have boy clothes already (gifts, because I wasn't THAT sure).
DH thought it was a girl. I limited myself to only one "I told you so".
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It's a GIRL!

Yay! I was right! It's a girl! Both the tech and the doctor agreed. lol ANd what a little cutie she is! Measured at 9 oz and looks "perfectly fantastic." The doc who came in to review everything and take a look himself was hilarious! I wasn't as nice as you cholderby with the "I told you so's." :LOL Karl has been so adament it's a boy I just had to rub it in a bit. We're both very excited and relieved that our little sweetie looks healthy and is growing right on schedule!
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