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broken tailbone-labor difficulties?

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I'm a doula and have a client who broke her tailbone a year or two ago. She has a friend (who also broke her tailbone) who said labor was so painful b/c of it, she thought she would die. Her midwives do not recommend an epidural so she can stay off her back. They also said it is likely her tailbone may break again. I am just wondering if any of you have info on whether a past injury such as this will make a large difference in her labor, and what kind of difference, how best to prepare and deal with this, etc. I do not really have any experience or info re: this and as she wants a drug free delievery (but also does not want more than normal pain), I want to know how I can best help her. Thanks in advance.
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I'm pretty sure my tailbone was broken about a year and a half before my last pregnancy. I never got it checked out at the time because I don't think they can do anything for it anyway. My midwife suggested a chiropractor, which I was sceptical of, but went anyway (I wasn't going to let scepticism of chiropractics ruin my chances of a homebirth!). Anyway, I went regularly and everything was fine, no more back pain, drug free, short (for me) labour at home, no problems birthing.
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the problem with a previously broken tailbone is that it may have healed or fused in an unusual position so that it could be at risk of re fracture (extremely painful and takes months to heal) or subject to unusual pressure during labour and birth (causing pain during and for a while after)

the good thing about pregnancy is that the joints are more mobile and this could be a good time to have the tailbone position and mobility assessed and treated

if yr client was here in Australia I'd recommend a womens health physiotherapist but I don't know what sort of skills PTs in the US are liable to have in this area so maybe a chiropractor or osteopath would be appropriate

if the tailbone fused when it healed i.e. there is no joint left to mobilise, then there may be nothing can be done during pregnancy

labour and birth off the back would be very wise indeed!

I will have a hunt for any more helpful info and get back to you
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some anecdotal experience, my MIL had both her babies (9lbs11oz and 10lbs 13oz) intervention free with a previously broken tailbone. My understanding is that she feels that she did have more pain because of it, but she had a better experience with her first she feels because she had better carers - she had a very progressive woman OB who practiced with a physio and they were both at the birth. She had moved by the time she had a second and had a different OB and hospital and it sounds like if she hadn't already had one good birth and known she could do it that she would have had a horrible time.
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Thanks for the info everyone. I'd be grateful to hear from anyone else if you have experience w. this. I didn't even think of a chiropractor for some reason, that sounds like a good idea.
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there are few threads here with tailbone stories and lots of personal anecdotes at www.coccyx.org

from talking to midwife friends - previously broken tailbone does not have to mean pain and drama
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My friend broke her tailbone during her first birth, and was worried it would happen again, but she had an exceptionally short and easy labor. The baby was very small.
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