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Constant THO? Is this NORMAL?

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My nipples have been hard for 20 weeks. It's fricking ridiculous. When I take off my bra, they HURT LIKE HECK! This isn't fair. WHY do they have to be like this? Is it normal?
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THO = titty hard on? LOL
My nipples have been extremely sensitive for the past 3 weeks or so. I mean, they were sensitive but it's gotten worse. I guess that the increased blood volume in our bodies and our milk ducts and glands gearing up just make for some weird changes.
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I have been getting shooting pains in my nipples on and off. It usually happens when I'm out, and I really don't care who sees me grab my boobs and yell "OUCH!" because they hurt like he**!
I check to see if I'm getting colostrum yet, but none so far. I didn't get that last time until the 36th week.
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I've noticed that my nipples are firmer now that they've been in a LOOOONG time!
Y'know how some ladies describe their saggy boob-shape as "rocks in socks"? Well, my breasts are perky enough, but I have that "rocks in socks" thing going on a miniature level with my nipples (pebbles in glove-fingers? :LOL) But for the last week or so, they haven't been quite so flat & floppy. I'm rather enjoying it! But they do hurt more, especially when bumped or touched!
I'm wondering if my sensitivity & fullness has something to do with Davey weaning, though - I'm not filled with milk or anything, but it seems I've filled out more since he stopped nursing.
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My left one gets that way sometimes - hard and quite sensitive, but it also has a sore on the areola and part of the nipple itself that won't go away. Not eczema (no raised bumps, not scaley), but I'll wake up in the night, scratching the itch, then it dries up, then exposes raw skin, and the cycle continues...I've tried calendula, vit e, tea tree oil...at its various stages of grossness, but it's still there...I think that's why that one in particular has a tho more often...
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Well I had that problem in the early stages of pregnancy and now at 21 weeks, my nipples are just really really sensitive. A light touch or two from dh is all it takes to get my motor revved if you catch my drift. Quite a nice change from my last pregnancy where my nippples were so sensitive I would scream if my shirt touched them without a bra.
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LOL - love the acronym!!! This is one of those things that totally bothers me when I'm pregnant, it was especially bad in my last pregnancy (not as bad *knock on wood* this time around don't know if it's because DS is still BFing on occasion). Don't have a cure for you, but just wanted you to know that I'm right there with ya and yes it's totally normal and annoying

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