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double slinging my twins

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I just got a new twins sling from www.slingsandmore.com

It took me a while to figure it out - I think it looks better with the tails not tied in the front but I like not having the fabric dangling around the back of my legs.

Also - forgive the appearance - haven't had time to shower or anything today so I know I look a mess - but I'm excited about the sling.

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Your babies are adorable. Thanks for sharing this. What's the weight limit on the sling per baby?
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So cute. Your babies look so cozy. I tried double slinging but found even my little guys really felt too heavy after a short period of time so gave up. I usually sling one and just take turns. Occasionally i sling one and carry the other if both are fussy. How often and for what length of time do you sling both?
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Way to go twinmama!! You look like a pro! I hope I am able to do that when my girls get that big!

Megan and Maribeth are too cute!
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How exciting! I'm making slings to plan to try to sling my babes, so I'm hoping to have a picture like that in a few months! :LOL Is that a ring sling, then? How does it work? She didn't have a picture on her site yet, so I'm just curious. You and the kiddos look wonderful!
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She's still working on it - it will be on her site later. The first one she made was a custom order and another online sent me the photo of her friend (The one with the twins) with the twins sling and passed along the info. I asked about the weight limit and was told she it could handle whatever I could handle carrying.

I don't do both together for very long at a time. I did used to put them together in my OTSBH but they got too big to both fit in there. Mostly right now - I'm using that for getting from our place to our van when we have to go out somewhere. I have to go up a whole flight of stairs (we're in a basement apt) and then around the building to get to our van. Hard to do carrying a diaper bag, 2 babies in infant carriers and holding onto a 2 year old. Plus Megan is getting close to the weight limit on the infant seat.

Here are some better photos of how it's made - it's also possible to wear one baby in it - either by doubling the fabric and using as a regular ring sling or by just letting the other side hang.


It's a nice option to have -
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Hey I just last night got my girls in a fairly good sling position. Still working on a couple things...if anyone has any advice. Josie and Lena are almost 4 months. I have one on each side of me in their own separate sling. I can move one or both towards back too instead of sides. This made it easier for me to get up to the sink last night to wash dishes and put my milk in bottles for today.

One problem I have is that the fabric crosses in front of my chest and usually shifts towards neck to where it is about strangling me! : I have to keep adjusting it but it keeps making it's way towards my neck.

Secondly the fabric from each sling hangs down in middle by my legs. This gets in way but I just tie it up and it's not too bad. Went for walk like this and wrapped extra fabric around each babe. Josephine liked it more towards my back and fell asleep in no time. Angelena was checking everything out. After sucking on my arm for awhile and then trying to eat the sling I figured I better get them out and nurse.

When they were first born I slung them together in one. Then they got too big for me to do that comfortably. So had been slinging separately since then. This is great when dh slings one while I sling one. But when dh is gone I'm glad I am now able to sling both together again!!!
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Im writing an article about slinging twins and would love to share your pictures on it... Ill even give you credit. Please let me know

How do you like that sling? Does it distribute the weight well or does the heavier one sink and the lighter one get smooshed? I had that exact design in my head, but it looks like someone else beat me to actually makeing and selling them. How long can you go with them in the sling? Does it cut into your shoulder? How old are they?

Sorry for all the questions!

Thanks in advance,
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sorry - I just saw this - haven't been here forever!

No problem with you using the photo. My girls are 10.5 months old now - I don't remember how old they were in the photo - maybe 8 months?

I usually put the lighter one in first - then the heavier one. That seems to work better - I do find it distributes weight well. It helps to have the fabric pulled over the shoulders otherwise it will end up around my neck and feeling like it's going to strangle me. Also with that - I have to be careful not to lift my arms up or the fabric could slide up around the neck.

I can't sling for very long right now though - Maybe 30 min tops now- they are getting really heavy! Usually I use the twins sling for to/from the van or quick errands. I find that in the house - that even if I do need to sling both of them - I just can't do it for very long either - but it's a good option to have. Usually I'll just carry one around with me at a time or when dh is home - we'll each take one.

When they were very small - I could put them both into my OTSBH both tummy to tummy with me and slung them together that way but then they got to heavy for that.
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