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nipple confusion in toddler?

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I've been having this problem with my nipples for quite a while now... flaky skin, pain, etc. I've been to two doctors and been in constant communication with LLL, thrush has definitely been ruled out and dermatitis was diagnosed (with no known cause). We've all been trying to figure out what's going on. My son (13 months old) has a very "tight" latch, and has been teething like crazy for quite a while, so I attributed the latch to that.

But it suddenly occurred to me... the problems seem to have started roughly when we started using the valve in his sippy cup (before he knew how it worked, we left it out, and it dribbled). Dh and I can't remember exactly when we started using the valve, but I guess what I'm saying is that I think his latch is getting screwed up by how he clamps down on the hard spout of his sippy cup.

Has anyone else seen this? I just did some web surfing, looking for a sippy sip without a spout (I was hoping for maybe just a valve right in the edge of the lid)--no luck. I guess I can run around tomorrow to Target, Kmart, etc., buy some stuff, and test my theory.

If I'm right and he does have nipple confusion from the stupid cup, I'm not really sure how to straighten things out. That's why I want to find a cup with a very different lid from the one we've got.

Any ideas?


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anyone? anyone?
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I have found some "disposable" sippy cups from walmart...they do drip just a little, but work much better than the ones that are truely spill less....My dd has recently started to use those. Also have you tried the Avent sippy cups? they have a soft spout....you don't have to suck so hard on them either (trust me I tried both) you can always take the "stopper" out of the avent ones too


Just wanted to add that the disposable ones are dishwasher safe and last awhile, so you don't have to throw them away. I like them because if I lose one it's not like it was a huge investment. I think I got like 6 of them for under $3...I can't for the life of me remember the brand though, but if you look in the baby section you should be able to find them
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This thread certainly caught my eye. My toddler has begun to suck a lot harder than he used to. I was wondering if this was because his appetite has increased. At times I have offered a drink of water or even food when he gets a li'l too much to bear. And then we nurse. I did notice with the nursling before him that that one began nursing "like he was drinking from a straw" when he had preferred a liquid refreshment with a straw Thankfully with both of them I explain(ed) that they should not suck so hard, it's bothering/hurting Mommy, to nurse like a baby, etc. I noticed it takes awhile (days) for them to catch on and sometimes they forget. As for the irritation from the contact dermatitis, some food can be left in their mouths from whatever they have been eating last. I have recently taught my last born to also rinse his mouth from a small glass of water (and he tries to gargle, lol) into the bathtub. He finds this immensely amusing and complies easily.

My guess is that you are right about the way your toddler handles his sippy cup. I would also look at the soft spout cups or ditch the valve for awhile. Or how about a different drinking cup like a sports bottle. Would that work?

ps my sippy cup spouts are covered with little teeth marks. I alternate ideas for their drinking vessels. Even if I have to be at the ready with a towel, lol.
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