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Ideas for easy home made Halloween costumes?

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I just tried my son's costume on and it is way too big! I would love to sew something myself, but do not have time or patience to deal with complicated patterns. Do you have any ideas for easy ones or maybe know some links?
My son is 13 months. Please!
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My girls wanted to be pumpkins, so I bought some orange, black, and green felt. I cut two circles and sewed them together, leaving an opening at the top and bottom. I hemmed the fabric at the openings. The head hole was too small so I made a small cut down the middle and added a button. I'm planning on gluing on the face and leaves. So far it looks very cute and it is oh so easy to do!
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rockerbabysmom: any pictures?
DD#1 wanted to be a lady bug. I would like to make her a costume instead of buying one. I'm thinking black turtleneck, black tights and some kind of cap with antenna. I'm still trying to figure out the wings. I can always get red silk/fabric and put big black dots on it. But I'm thinking the wings should have some weight to it. Maybe felt? I'm just out loud here. Any suggestions?
DD#1 wanted DD#2 to be a cow. So I'm thinking, white unionsuit with black felt patches.
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I'll have pictures eventually. I don't have a digi cam so I'll have to wait to get film developed.
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Well, my daughter is too young to make requests (14 months) and I made an executive decision for her to be a cat since we have two cats and one of her first words was "kitty." She is going to wear black sweatpants and black turtleneck and then I'm going to make a tube of black fabric with wire in it for the tail, which I will either tie around the waist with a belt of some sort or maybe even sew onto the back of the pants. Then I'm going to attach some black fabric ears to a headband. Paint some whiskers on her face and voila.

My mom keeps telling me about how she finds cute Halloween costumes for cheap, meaning about $20. That's fine, but I think this is going to be cute, too, and it's going to cost about $8 and includes pants and a shirt she can wear again.

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my 16 month old dd is gonna be a bear, maybe a GD dancing bear. i am almost done knitting her a brown sweater and then i am gonna make her a little hat with ears and sew her a pair of fake fur pants. if she is a dancing bear i will cut out a color from purple felt. FYI i did not knit the sweater just for halloween! i was already making it and just decided to use it as part of her costume.
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I made a simple hooded cape with red on one side, cram backing. It was really easy.
Then I dressed bean in a cute outfit, put her cape on and gave her a basket...viola...red riding hood!
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Jenny's going as a butterfly this year. some poster board, glue and paint decorations on it, elastic loops to hold the wings in place. Presto! Plus, she gets to help decorate the wings, making it extra special.

One year my mom and I made a turtle costume out of a cardboard box. She cut out shapes in the cardboard, I decorated them with crayons, then she tied them together with yarn to make the turtle's shell.
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DS is going to be a cheetah - I have fleece from joann's left over from diaper covers, so I don't have to buy anything. I already have fleece longies I made quite a while ago, so I only have to make him a shirt from the fleece, and paint his nose.
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Ds #2 is going to be a cowboy baby. I just took a pair of old jeans, sewed some fringe on the sides,a little plaid shirt and bandana - and voila!

With ds#1 for his first Halloween he was a little devil. I just used a pair of red one peice thermal underwear, and cut out one of dh's black button up shirts to use as a cape. The collar was the shoulder part, and then I cut the back to look like a ragged cape -then pinned it to the long johns. Finally, I added a little horny headband and a black eyeliner goatie and moustashe. It was hilarious!
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The best source for costume ieas that I've found is Child's Play Quick and Easy Costumes by Leslie Hamilton. It has directions for making all sorts of costumes from fabric and recycled materials, like cardboard boxes, brown paper bags, egg cartons, and aluminum foil. Most of the costumes require no sewing but a few of the more elaborate ones require one or two straight seams.

I've made DD and her friends all sorts of fun dress up clothes out of this book with great success and little effort.
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Well, before my oldest decided that he wanted to be Batman and his younger brother would be Robin, I was gonna have them be Thing 1 & Thing 2 (from Cat In The Hat).
I was just gonna get red sweatshirts & sweatpants and then cut white circles out of felt and put the numbers on and then use temporary fabric glue to attach 'em to the sweatshirts.
Blue wigs would top it off.
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Here are some pictures of a couple of easy ones I have made. They are in the my kids album.
For the dragon one I just dyed a the hooded outfit green and then took some felt and cut out the spines (2 of each color). Then you can either hot glue or baste. The hot glue doesn't come off, so baste if you want to use the outfit again.
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love your creativity momas!
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I had to come up with an impromptu costume for dh and myself one year. We went as a spider and a bee.
For the spider costume I used a black velvet shirt and black leggings (any black shirt and pants would probably work). Took two pairs of black tights (opaque!)stuffed them and put a wire in them for the spiderlegs. I made a U-shape with the wires, stuck each end into a leg and bent them to form spider legs (I used 2 coat hangers but a lighter weight wire would've been better). Then I attached one pair of tights to each of my sides. I just used a black elastic backbrace I had but you could use a black sash or wide belt. Put the crotches of the tights under the brace (sash or belt) with a leg hanging out over the top and the bottom of the brace on each side. Add a red diamond shape to the costume if you want to make it a black widow.

Bee costume - black sweatshirt and pants (or leotard and tights). Wrap yellow electrical tape around the top part. Buy little cheapo wings and antenna heaband. Or you can make your own pretty easy. Make wings with wire hanger and white pantyhose. Use glitterglue for marks on wings if you want. for antenna just get a plastic headband, pipecleaners, and styrofoam balls for the tips. The best part about this costume is that it's completely reusable, just take the tape off. It's very warm and comfortable too since it's basically just a sweatsuit.

When I was little my friend and I made a great two person costume but this idea could be revised for just a one person.
We were Conjoined Twin Alien Robots. We took a big box and cut a hole on each side for armholes and a hole for each of our heads to pop out the top. We got in and put an arm around each other to get in close and put the other arm out the hole (so we each had an arm sticking out). We took the box and glued bottle tops for knobs and some other gadgetry looking stuff. Spray painted the whole thing and drew on dials and whatnot. We wore green tights (use silver/grey if you want to be a plain robot and not alien). We also stuck egg carton cups under the tights so we looked like we had warty growths all over our legs (don't ask me why, it just seemed to us that aliens might have warty green legs ). Then we took tinfoil and made helmets that tucked into the boxes so our heads and necks were completely covered.
This costume is fun because you have to cooperate in order to walk correctly. It's almost like walking in a three legged race. The kids will have fun practicing their walk all the way up until Halloween!
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my best friend's son had a cape for years -- It was very very simple. He ran around and called himself "Stupendous Man" LOL
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custome ideas...

For Katies first halloween she was a pumpkin and her stroller was a veggie cart- I put other stuffed veggie toys in it with her, her dog got a yarn maine and was the horse and dh and i were farmers. The stroller got some cardboard boxes tied to it withe woooden grain drawn in with a sharpie and since katie was only a few weeks old she was a very cute sleeping pumpkin. Felt outfit.
This year she is walking ( i am bummed becuase I was goingt o make her a crawling slug or a flipping mermaid) then she started to walk( when she was not so good at walking I thought she would make a good frankenstien) but now she walks really well- and she is my shing star- her, me and daddy are going to be the constilation Orian's belt - cardboard cut outs with glitter for each of us shaped like stars, since dd is shorter just us walking will look like teh constilation
I like concept customes, I think it is funny- one year I was static cling - i pinned socks to me and ratted my hair standing up, another year I was juice I blew up some purple balloons and carried a squasher around
People usually don't get it, but it is fun to see kids come up with ideas or concepts, they could be an idea- like the spirit of harvest and go around picking people dressed up with food and leaves attached to them, one year I helped one kid at camp be water thats H2O, with craft balls we made teh molecular model of water- his head being teh neceous... funny kids at camp...
Kelly S
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