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Nursing preferences

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I know this is totally a "depends on the babies" thing, but am still curious what your experiences have been. Have you primarily nursed them together, or separately? What pros and cons did you see with each method? Especially those of you who had a toddler when your babies were born?

I'm thinking I'll probably try nursing them at the same time, simply to make the time more efficient. DS will have a hard enough time adjusting as it is, without me feeding them 24/7. But then I've heard that sometimes it was easier to nurse them separately, and provides such a neat one-on-one time.

So, what are your thoughts?
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Almost exclusively separately. Mine were preemies - in the NICU for almost 6 weeks and came home at 4 lbs and 5 lbs, jaundiced and barely drinking bottles. It took several months to get them to even nurse well separately and nursing them took both hands.

I didn't start nursing together at all until they were almost 4 months old and even then usually one would end up with a bad latch and I would be in PAIN afterwards.

By 5/6 months - they could nurse together using the EZ-2 nurse pillow - but usually preferred to nurse separately. Plus with a toddler and 2 preschoolers - nursing ONE baby - I could still read a book or be able to get up while nursing to deal with things. Nursing two - I'm totally stuck in the chair with 2 babies. Can't just jump up if another child needs me for anything. Now at 8 months - they can sitthey can nurse in a V-hold without the pillow and - so I"m not as stuck if they are both nursing so I'm nursing them together more now - than I was even a month ago.

oh the other thing is if you are going to nurse on demand - (vs strict feeding schedules) then you will be likely be nursing them separately quite a bit. (again depends on the babies - but mine have very different nursing styles and aren't always wanting to nurse at the same time anyway)
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Nursed seperately at first till they got the hang of it and also cause they were waking up at different times.

Now almost always nurse together unless one is sleeping. But mine pretty much wake at same time (usually). Now if I have them both in the nursing position, one may not be hungry after a few swallows and just hangs out or falls asleep.

I use v hold now. Used double football with a boppy when they were smaller.

oh and i nurse sep when laying down too. Haven't found a good laying down position for both at this age yet. Hoping when they get more control though we can get that down too.
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I tried to nurse them together as much as possible. I couldn't have lived without my nursing pillow from EZ2Nurse at www.doubleblessings.com .

Have you checked out Karen Gromada's website? She has pictures of people nursing muliples in dozens of positions. www.karengromada.com
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Originally Posted by Nemmer
I'm thinking I'll probably try nursing them at the same time, simply to make the time more efficient. DS will have a hard enough time adjusting as it is, without me feeding them 24/7.
This is exactly why I did it. I also loved looking at them holding hands while nursing. Enough to make your heart melt. I'll see if I can find a pic to post.
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Dd and ds are weaned now, but I tried to only nurse them together at nighttime (to save me time). During the day I loved the special bonding with each one and liked letting them nurse the way they wanted to. For example, dd liked very quiet, still nursing even as a toddler. It was her mama time and she drank it up (no pun intended ). Ds was my active nurser, bobbing on and off, wanting to switch sides to get a better view of something. He bugged dd to no end, and dd got in his way cause she would never agree to move to suit his whims! I loved cuddling up and enjoying them each as individuals, not as a unit - some days it was my only time with them like this.
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when they were younger we mostly nursed together. sometimes i nursed them separately. one of the babies nursed about twice as much as the other so obviously she did a lot of nursing alone. the other baby didn't nurse alone so much.

my babies are 15 months now and i largely avoid nursing them together because they drive each other flipping crazy pulling hair, pulling ears, poking the breast to break the other's suction, and other assorted things.
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here is a picture of my girls nursing together at 4 days. it was taken from behind me by my dh. i had a c-section with them so we were still in the hospital.
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